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Sports: Go Black Stars, Go Ghana!!!!!

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"Ghana last won the AFCON 33 years ago, whilst Côte d'Ivoire won their only title 23 years ago." Jojo Asante

Paulina says: I must apologise for being MIA folksss --sorry!! *As you can imagine, real life has a way of taking over and demanding that we all grow-up (yuck) and take what adults call --responsibility, (can you imagine) example, earn money and pay bills (double yuck) -you know, things of that nature!!

Also, I'm sure that like me, --you too, have had your very own **kpa kpa Kpa** movement to overcome!!! Thus, even here in London --I have had to, 'steal from Paul to pay Peter' and errmmm, "elaborate myself and adjust certain things" and what-have-youss, leaving me very little time to blog; --but I've heard you, read the messages, received the emails -and I'm going to try (a little bit harder -laughter).....

[Paulina the job at hand........concentrate!!!!] Ok so what happened to our people in that game against Equatorial Guinea??? What kind of out-of-control, shameful, disgraceful behaviour were the host nation of Equatorial Guinea serving Ghanaian fans -and is tonight's long-awaited, much anticipated  match between [us] Ghana and Ivory Coast --safe??? Hmmmm!!!!

We know 30 plus Ghanaian supporters were injured --but I was disappointed to not hear from any member of Ghana's present government condemning the horrendous/dangerous behaviour of the Equatorial Guinea fans!!!  I am soooo tired of this present government ---why?

Anyway I want to take this opportunity to thank our boysss -our wonderful national team ---Black Stars.... for reaching the finals (clap for them)..... Ghana Rising blog wishes you God's speed, ------ because after Papa God, you are our [Ghana's] only hope, our ray-of-light, our joy oOoo!!!

Not oil, not gold, not cocoa --or whatever..... but you Black Stars --are all we have left after what feels like years in the wilderness of lost hope. The nation of Ghana [and beyond] is behind you 100%........and is looking forward to a magnificent Win and victory over our fellow Akan brothers over the boarder. Bring the cup home oOOOoo...  xXXxx

The Kpa Kpa Kpa Movement...... The Struggle is real OooOooOoo....

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Paulina says: Where to start? When pioneer and all-round-innovator, Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei
coined the phrase, 'Kpa Kpa Kpa' --Ghanaians everywhere were at long last able to eloquently put into words what the past two years of 'dumsor dumsor' poli-tricks had/has done to the oil rich nation of Ghana, its nationals, its reputation, its infrastructure or lack thereof, -the shame, the disappointment, the suffering --basically the out-and-out hopelessness of this here worsening situation!!!

Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei --I'm a big fan by the way, rightfully describe what I can only errmm decipher is a 'survival' type way where you DON'T STEAL -but you somehow find a way to feed your family in Ghana's worsening economy by errmmm, "elaborating yourself and adjusting certain things"  -Asem!!! 

Of course many would argue Kpa Kpa Kapaa has been in Ghana [Africa] since time immemorial but lets keep it real, -nobody had the know-how to call it the much loved 'Kpa Kpa Kpa'!!! 

Kpa Kpa Kpa is now *beyond* a movement, -and has given birth to a new type of academic lifestyle thingy --see #Kpakpakpa on Twitter ---and music including Guru's - Kpa Kpa Kpa Movement (Viral Video) below.....

***Do remember to watch the above video via Youtube -thanks

***On a more serious note ---folks, I want to ask the people of Ghana and beyond to respect Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei -and his family. I want everyone who has made money from the Kpa Kpa Kpa Movement to be a blessing to Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei and his family!!

Money, work, housing etc etc --please give Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei his rightful dues/royalties et al -thank you, because, and its a big because---- we all know the struggle is real in our sweet homeland Ghana!!!!!!! Thank you.

***Do try and watch the following interview with Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei and the Joy FM team via:

Do read more about Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei -and his latest errrmmm movement via the following link.

God bless you Mr Mohammed Ayeetey Okwabei.. You have brought much joy to the people of Ghana and beyond. Ghana Rising Blog would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible personality, positivity and prays that you and your family get all your hearts desires (and more) in Jesus name -Amen. Blessings, may they over take you -IJN Amen.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Next Big Thing: Joshua Siaw (Business/ Finance/Law)

Joshua Siaw

Title: Leading Global Law Firm Appoints African Rising Star Joshua Siaw As Youngest Ever Partner
Dated: 1-12-2014

Global law firm White & Case LLP (W&C) has appointed one of Africa’s rising stars, Ghanaian-national Joshua Siaw, as global Partner in its banking and finance practice with immediate effect. Formerly Director of W&C’s Africa practice in London, the promotion makes Siaw, 30, the youngest ever global Partner at the elite international law firm and, the youngest Partner amongst all of the leading international law firms in the City of London.

Chris Utting, Executive partner of White & Case, in a press statement says Siaw is an exceptional example of a new generation of lawyers who are helping to shape Africa’s future.

Siaw is one of Africa’s most influential young business leaders. In 2014, he was named a Young Business Leader of the Year by the African Union and identified by Euromoney as one of Africa’s rising stars– the publication’s list of individuals and power brokers who are transforming the financial, investment and business landscape in Africa. The Africa Report also recognized Siaw as “one of three individuals shaping Africa’s economic future”.

Siaw is well known across Africa for his extraordinary business and political connections. In his new position, he will be responsible for expanding W&C’s business in Africa, positioning it as a law firm of choice for both government and the private sector.

This will build on W&C’s solid track record of doing business in Africa. The firm has more than 40 years’ experience operating on the continent and in 1995 was the first international law firm to establish an office in South Africa post-Apartheid. The Firm has advised on some of the most groundbreaking cross-border transactions on the continent and on almost all of the sovereign bonds to be issued across Sub-Saharan Africa over the last 10 years.

Siaw’s ambition is to help drive intra-Africa trade saying this is one of the key answers to the continent’s challenges. He cites the growing strength of African financial institutions and the increase in the number of African governments setting up sovereign wealth funds to diversify their economies as examples of trends to watch.

He is excited about the future of Africa and highlights the recent discoveries of natural resources across the continent as testament to the long term potential and prospects for growth in Africa.

“When you look at sub-Saharan Africa today the discovery of natural resources such as oil and gas is changing the face of economies and presenting new opportunities for increased foreign direct investment on the continent. This is what makes the region, and indeed the whole continent, the most exciting place to be,” he says during a recent chat with this writer. Source: Forbes

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Paulina says: What an inspiration!!! Braaa Joshua Siaw --Business/ Finance/Law is a triple threat!!! An impressive young man, Joshua Siaw is another name to add to the growing band of young men and women of Ghanaian origin who are moving & shaking in the competitive world of Business/finance/Law --- 

Note, La Ghana Rising Blog is watching and we are very inspired!!

Folks do make time to check out the following eye-opening interview with Joshua Siaw via BBC Africa at: ---Joshua Siaw we are very proud of you. Thanks x