Sunday, 30 October 2011

African Girls by Castro featuring footballer Asamoah Gyan now has over 1million hits on YouTube…and???

African Girls by Castro featuring uber footballer and Ghana Rising fave, Asamoah Gyan aka Baby Jet -now has over 1 million hits..and Youtubers are celebrating -as they believe it’s the first Ghanaian hit to be viewed by more than 1 million viewers, sometime they believe must be celebrated!!! Thus I writing in response to this reasoning -and would like to draw their attention to one Veeda, a former nurse turned musician turned actress who’s Bribi Yaaye Me featuring Disastrous & Nixon has been viewed as you read this -over 3 million times and rising.

But for me this is not about celebrating this milestone mega viewing …..but enlightening all those haters of Ghana, I’m guessing most are unemployed -because who else can sit on Youtube morning-noon-and-night -watching one film clip after another -biggin-up artist from their respective countries -and disrespecting artists from other countries -and no, people from Ghana are not exempt from this tackiness.

I would like for them to take a few minutes to reflect, all those celebrated musicians from their wonderful African countries -including my own Ghanaian artists -who are hit several times a day on La YouTube, -do they think these musicians are making any money from it? And as Ghanaians like to be paid (and don’t I know it) -no one gives a &*%$% about whether our artists have less viewings or not.

You can have a popular tune, loved by all, the must played song on every play list -but if aren’t making any money from it then %$*&%??? -Do you get ME?? If you have over 1.5 million hits on YouTube and your broke, -your broke -do you get ME!!.

Also there are people from various African countries that believe that only Nigerians speak pidgin English, so if a Ghanaian or a Sierra Leonean artists is singing in a sort of broken English then they must be copying Nigerian artists!! Honest to goodness I don’t normally let this type of palaver get to me…but after reading some of the comments under various Ghanaian artists hits on Youtube I’m sort of incensed. Most English colonised African countries have groups of people who speak a sort of broken English be it, .....-when will some people allow themselves to be educated??

**I hope Veeda makes some money from this…its just so unfair!!!

Shea butter and gold......the 'Next Big Thing'

My little man, king Alexander Jojo's class spent last term covering all aspects of Roman culture and was given a project over the half term holidays -to find out more about how the Romans dressed, thus we visited one of our fave museums, The British Museum to check out their Roman section -and it was very interesting.. Afterwards we visited the British Museum’s Africa section, something we do often, and checked out our people, they have a piece dedicated to our funereal culture an-a piece of information caught me eyes -and I truly believe its uber exquisite -and the next ‘it’ cream!!!

Its noted that when our people were getting important persons ready for burial -they would embalm the dead body with Shea butter and gold!! … Of course both are readily found in Ghana -but how decadent is that? I’m predicting after reading this piece -most Shea butter manufactures will be mixing this healing balm with gold. It would be a real shame if others jump on the bandwagon -and leave us behind because we don't have the guts, understand the luxury market -or get marketing.

Anyway -it would seem that the benefits of applying gold to the face as treatments etc are already being utilized. One or two high-end spas located in a few of the worlds hottest hotels are already offering nourishing and cooling gold masks that bring freshness, vitality and a yummy glow to the skin. From my little research I’ve found out that 24K gold leaves masks can also be used to stimulate the skin, prevent premature aging, extract impurities from the skin and correct sebum production…fabulous. I must get in touch with the ever fabulous Akua Wood of Sheabutter Cottage ( and commission a batch -her all natural butters, soaps and lotions -are-to-live-for. Maybe I can instigate a collaboration between Anglo Gold Ashanti and Sheabutter Cottage -and bring this uber cream to market, do you dare me???

***The following is the latest hot spa treatment doing the rounds in Japan -a country that truly understands the high-market….

Restore your skin with the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment, 24 Karat Gold. UMO, a Japanese beauty company, has introduced the gold facial as a new way of skin treatment by using a sheet of pure gold. The company claims that gold can lift and firm skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten and brighten skin. The treatment costs 30,000 yen ($250).

I might see if the lovely Naa at Villa Monticello (, Ghana's Premiere Luxury Boutique Hotel And Spa -would be open to offering the above treatment in their spa. Surely it makes sense -if Gold comes from Ghana -that we should also benefit from its health inducing properties -right?

Friday, 28 October 2011

The Next Big Thing: Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah is Fashion Adore…….if you’re not watching her -your missing out!!!

“ I am a fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:14) being who is a FASHION: Designer/Stylist/Blogger/Student. I have this great love for everything fashionable and beautiful. Hope I become an inspirational and a great help to everyone.” Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah

(please watch via YouTube to get links to all the other bloggers seen in the clip)…

Honest to goodness, if I had a daughter, I’m sure my Facebook friend Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah would be it, (she does.... funny enough ....have the same beautiful face as my sister Phyllis). Beautiful and just the cutest -on earth, Jennifer Ohemaa Damoah (she will marry well ooOOO), is a must watch. Of-the-moment, this fashionista is of her generation (I sooo can’t get my size 20, I’m an American 18 -people!!! -into manmade fibres or Primark), -and knows what they want, -unlike me who only gives people what they need, cashmere jumpers and silk shirts (laughter)… I would love to see this gorgeous young lady with her own TV show but in the mean time -check out all her yummy offerings at:

Support her and subscribe to her channel -and watch all her yummy happenings on YouTube at:

**I believe that Ms Damoah is about to launch her own fashion label -so watch this space…

P.s ..its got me thinking…....if YouTube was happening in my days -I might well be the first lady of Puerto Rico -or Ghana -by noW (laughter) …thus those who know me well .....are thanking the Heavens -for this lucky escape!!

The Azonto dance craze is set to take over the world….


Azonto with style…. I can watch this all day …fabulous

Ghana’s future president -give him a salute when you see him…

One for the ladies….fabulous!!!

If you’ve been to a Ghana party lately (yes I still call them Ghana parties -at my age) -and thought the people on the dance floor were all Apateche drinkers, --don’t…. they’re doing the latest dance -the ‘Azonto’, and the craze has taken possession of the Ghanaian nation!!! Enjoy the clips above

P.s …no wonder the BBC named Ghana/Ghanaians as one of the top 10 -happiest nations/people on earth …and it will stay that way -until our Lord comes back..Amen xxx

Ghana will be world’s fastest growing economy in 2011 - IMF

The International Monetary Fund has predicted that Ghana’s economy will be the fastest growing in the world this year.

This was revealed at a briefing session by an IMF team visiting Ghana to conduct a review of the nation’s progress under the IMF’s Extended Credit Facility program.

Leader of the team, Christina Daseking said Ghana’s economy is experiencing a tremendous growth stimulated by government’s fiscal consolidation and the burgeoning oil production.

She said her prediction was based on the projections the IMF was making for the country.

She however cautioned the immense growth would come along with some risks.

The risks, she said, can arise from adverse economic development in the rest of the world. Risks can also arise internally resulting from issues such as overspending.

The IMF’s prediction confirms an earlier report by the Economy Watch which also ranked Ghana as the fastest economic growing country in the world ahead of even China.

Meanwhile, Rapid Growth Markets (RGMs) including Ghana have been predicted to grow by 6.2% this year and by 5.9% in 2012 compared with 1.6% for the Eurozone this year falling to 1.1% next year.

This is according to Ernst & Young’s latest quarterly economic forecast which offers insight on macroeconomic trends across 25 RGMs.

According to the report, the dynamics of the global economy have changed with a new set of fast-growing markets challenging the position of the established advanced economies.

The RGM’s selected based on the size of the economy and population, strategic importance for business and proven strong growth and future potential included Ghana and 3 other African economies, namely South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt.

The report projects the Rapid Growth Markets to collectively grow almost four times more than the anaemic growth expected in the Eurozone. It adds the disorderly Eurozone debt crisis could however lead to growth in RGMs dropping to 4.1% in 2012.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Music: Loick Essien performing his latest….‘Me Without You’ ….

Now that’s what I call music…..real talent, no gimmick -fabulous..

Object of Desire: Royal Stool With Figural Group

Ghana, West Africa

Early 20th Century
For the Asante (the largest, most well-known peoples among the Akan) the stool is the central object of their spiritual lives. Alongside their purely practical purpose, stools also had a spiritual significance; they were regarded as the seat of their owner's soul. When unoccupied, the stool would be tipped on its side so that no alien force could occupy it and thus contaminate the owner's soul.


To purchase or for more information visit:

***I try to never share the really, really, really fabulous places that I buy from or in this case -aspire to buy from. And 1stdibs is one of them…but there -the secret’s out… and now you know they carry the worlds most beautiful treasures. Every insider knows that 1stdibs is where connoisseurs buy and sell their much coveted stuff. xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mercy Lord, Mercy!!!

This morning when I was writing about the rain, I wanted to keep it light -but I’ve since received this image -and its greatly effecting me …… Thus, my little Jojo and I send God’s love, protection and tender mercies to all in Ghana, especially the children and all those affected by the heavy downpour. Really ....this image is just too much. Mercy Lord, the sewers!!!

Rain, Rain go away…..Have you spoken to your family in Ghana this morning?

I’ve just gotten off the phone with my sweet daddy -just before we got onto the ubiquitous subject matters that permeate every call, you know…, “how expensive it is to live in Ghana” -and so forth and so forth (my lovely daddy is Blessed and fortunately established in Accra’s ever changing -East Legon), or the must-discuss, “arm robberies that happen on every level, at every juncture of Ghanaian society”, or how Ghana’s errm -roads are destroying cars, because you cannot drive the same car in Ghana for more five years etc etc, or the Numero Uno topic of conversation -”when are you coming to Ghana? When will he see his grandchildren etc, etc? (Well daddy -I would come but it cost money and you know that I cannot come without buying stuff for the Abandze/Anomabo/Mpraeso massive -you know…..arm robbery on every level -yaddah, yaddah).

But really I had called my daddy again -this morning (I spoke to daddy about all my fears last night) -to discuss the heavy down pour of rain that has brought Accra to a standstill -this morning.

As always daddy wanted to put my mind at ease -and believes that all will be alright in the end. But I wonder, how long can the people of Ghana continue to pick themselves up -from one crisis after another without government help or assistance? We are an incredible group of people, but I still wonder. I’m also hoping that -this is not another opportunity for those in power, to be seen giving bags of rice (???) or tin tomatoes to those effected by the rain -but an opportunity for real change -whatever that looks like?? But mostly, I’m guessing……its time for us in the Diaspora -to get to the nearest Western Union… Peace xx

All images by Philip kofi Ashon.....

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Balotelli, why always me?

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Another week another Balotelli story, don’t they have anything else to do? Anyway as I like to keep you(s)/my non-Ghanaian friends/watchers of Ghana -up-to-date-and-well-informed about all, sorry -most things Ghanaian, -I just thought I’d share some of the latest stories doing the rounds with regards to star comedian, -sorry, footballer, Mario Balotelli. As for his love of fire works -well that’s this business…… but what truly intrigues me and gets me going is -why on earth he rents (he pays thousands to his landlord in rent each month, -money that my Kwahu father would describe as coming back -VOID) when he can buy an alright house with at least six weeks of his mega wages??? I know that he’s a gorgeous young man, that he’s going to party -hard, express himself (haven’t we all?) but does he have good people around him? Are they advising him about investments and bricks-and-mortar? Does he know about injuries, that they can end -careers? Anyway …whatever…..I still love him -and wish him the best… The following’s from the Guardian….

Title: Mario Balotelli's house set on fire as he shoots fireworks from window

Mario Balotelli of Manchester City, whose house was set on fire as he and friends let off fireworks from a window. Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Observer

Mario Balotelli's remarkable capacity for self-inflicted problems resurfaced on the eve of the Manchester derby when he had to escape from his burning house after a fire caused by letting off fireworks in the bathroom in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Balotelli escaped unhurt, but will be summoned to see Roberto Mancini to explain the latest moment of madness in his chequered career. City have been contacted by the fire service and Mancini will want to know what Balotelli was doing putting himself in such a position before their biggest match of the season.

Two fire crews using breathing apparatus put out the flames after being called to Balotelli's house just before 1am on Saturday to deal with what has been described as "a substantial fire" on the first floor. The property, in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, sustained serious fire and smoke damage, and the police were also called – in part to ensure Balotelli did not go back into the house. The striker is said to have been reluctant to leave his belongings and, at one point, to have run back inside to recover a quantity of money and a suitcase.

A police spokesman said: "At just before 1am on Saturday, we were called to a report of a house fire at a residential home in Mottram St Andrew. Police provided assistance to Cheshire fire and rescue service, as well as ensuring residents were accounted for and there was no danger to surrounding properties. At this time, the cause of the fire is being examined by fire investigators and the police. However, it is not thought to be suspicious."

Balotelli checked into a Manchester hotel and took part in training as normal at 10am. He has told club officials he and four friends were setting off fireworks through an open window. The bathroom towels set on fire and the blaze quickly spread. Balotelli has claimed that one of his friends had set off the firework. That, however, is unlikely to spare the player a reprimand from Mancini and a reminder that City's management staff would have expected him to be asleep at that time rather than exposing himself to the possibility of serious injury.

A statement from the fire service said: "Four breathing apparatus and two hose-reel water jets were used to deal with the fire and a large fan was used to clear the smoke from the property. Crews managed to put out the fire within half an hour of arriving, but remained at the scene until 2.45am to prevent any possible flare-ups. Smoke alarms were fitted at the property and the occupiers were able to get out unharmed. The fire was caused by a firework."
The incident comes at a bad time for Balotelli after Mancini's recent statements about noticing a "big improvement" in the player's behaviour. Balotelli has scored in his last four games and a major part of City's pre-derby training has been set up around him getting behind United's defence.
Mancini said on Friday that he hoped Balotelli was "changing his mentality" and putting behind him the controversies that have accompanied him since he signed from Internazionale for £25m last year. Balotelli has established himself as one of the more controversial figures in English football, his list of misdemeanours including an internal investigation after he was seen throwing darts at youth-team players.

Balotelli was substituted in the first half of a pre-season match in Los Angeles after he was given a simple chance to score and tried to back-heel the ball into the net, missing the target entirely. Yet he insisted in an interview in the past few days that he was growing up and would steer clear of controversy before, during and after the derby. He has recently moved from Manchester city centre and said he was living in the countryside for a quieter life.

***If you can….- read the following link as he’s now been made Manchester's ambassador for fireworks safety….yep, you can’t make it up…. I love it that he’s giving them Ghana styleeeeeee -got to love him for that!!!!

Socialite Rising: Vanessa Owusu-Bonus is made host of Celebrity Late Night Show on eTV, Ghana

Vanessa Owusu-Bonus (on the far left) out with friends….fabulous

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Avid readers of Ghana Rising know that I’m a serious fan of: model, TV presenter, author, artist and aspiring publisher, Vanessa Owusu-Bonus -and it would seem Ghana is also waking up to the fabulous talents of this fashionista and feted socialite. The following was sent to me by fellow fab blogger, Shadders -and just goes to show that things are heating up -the right way in GH. The following text is from -enjoy..

Title: Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu Takes Over The Hot Seat
Rising showbiz icon Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu has taken over the hot seat as the newest host of Celebrity Late Night Show on eTV.

The show was previously hosted by Sammy Forson, Dzifa Smith and lastly Ohenewaa Boateng.

They all did well to bring sheer talent to bear and provided TV viewers what they need. They made sure TV viewers got the necessary answers they needed from their celebrities.

Deborah has a style and she will be expected to take it to the next level. She started last week and had some stars pass through.

Last Friday actress Luckie Lawson and Miss Ghana 2004 Inna Patty made their turn on the show. It has so far been good for Vanessa as comments being made about her are commendable.

She was born in Ghana to an Ashanti father and Romanian mother. Being from two different cultures gave her the ability to see things from more than one perspective and thus made her open to diversity, readily identifying the beauty in things as well as developing a genuine interest in people and cultures. Ultimately, it led her to being an extrovert with outstanding social skills.

Deborah grew up in Accra, attended Christ the King International School then to Wesley Girls High School. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Publishing Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, followed by a Master Degree in Book/Journal Publishing from the University of the Arts London in the UK. She has shown her professionalism and passion for her chosen field by working successfully for both small enterprises as well as big corporations in Ghana, the United States and United Kingdom.

Naturally, being the centre of attention since her childhood, Deborah has always been a ‘show’ person of sorts and has since found the right balance between corporate work and the entertainment industry.

Her experience as a mentor through the Mannequin Academy, an initiative to give industry training to both professional and amateur models that she co-founded, gave her the confidence that she had the strength to take on greater things.

She recently had a life-changing experience when hosting a documentary for the Cadbury Canada Fair trade Campaign taking the world to Ghana’s cocoa farmers and their farms, proudly presenting the valuable commodity and flourishing farming communities as well as educating the public on the importance of Fair trade.

Deborah is going from strength to strength, multiplying experiences as a TV personality and a public figure, and constantly inspiring people.

With Miss Ghana 2010, she found a way to blend her many passions for fashion, mentoring, presenting and representing Ghana’s beauty and now, as eTV’s host of the Late Nite Celebrity Show, she is set to be a significant player on Ghana’s cultural scene and the best is yet to come.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Ghana -the only governmental website that works…in 2011

If like myself you’ve ever tried to contact any of Ghana’s various governmental agencies -you’ll know for sure that no one will EVER get back to you, -that its near impossible for the person who picks up the phone to know anything about ‘Marketing and Promotion’ -never mind know the relevant person(s) responsible with regards to marketing or press enquires etc, etc!

Anyway I write because whilst I was reading stats about Ghana via the ever fabulous: -I stumbled across the following link to: -and OMGOODNESS, its beautiful and I can’t believe it! There is none of the usual ugliness you get with other Ghanaian governmental websites, or the threat of contracting spam/viruses -sent to wipe out your entire hotmail account -or links that don’t work -can you imagine?

Neat, clean, well designed and functioning correctly, Ghana is a must read. Well written and uber current, I truly don’t know why other governmental websites haven’t followed suit. The various (why they need so many I’ll never know) horrible Ghana Tourism Board websites -sorry they’ve changed their name (????) to Ghana Tourism Authority, I found this out via Ghana (thank Heavens for this website) -could do with getting the design team/graphic designers/journalists/PR firm/media agencies -behind Ghana to do their website -ASAP!!

Do visit Ghana at: to keep abreast of all the ermmm whatever happenings back home. I’ve yet to TRY and make contact with the folks/agency behind this fabulous website but will do so soon -and will mos-def keep you in da LOOP as to whether its all Couture ball gown and no knickers or they really mean business. Have a Blessed day -whilst I get some much needed sleep. Peace xxx

Ghana drops to 63 in World Bank Business report

The Governor

Ghana has dropped three places in the latest World Bank-IFC Doing Business 2012 report. Ghana dropped to 63rd this year out of 183 countries for doing business surveyed across the globe.

The Doing Business report assesses regulations affecting organizations in 183 economies and ranks them in 10 areas of business regulation including starting a business, resolving insolvency, and trading across borders.

The high cost of starting a business in the country went up about 70 percent, causing Ghana’s downgrading in the report.
Ghana ranked 104 in this category as against 85 it had in the previous edition.

This seems to be a reflection of Bank of Ghana’s MPC report that indicated that Business Confidence in the country has waned.
According to the Central Bank, the economy is being managed to arrest the situation.

The Governor, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur said that the Bank of Ghana have a responsibility to restore confidence in the public, in terms of the economy’s strength.

“If people feel there are inflationary pressures in the economy, we therefore must tighten policy to reduce those pressures, That will restore confidence in our ability to manage. ” He added.

In the area of Dealing with Construction Permits rankings, Ghana dropped again to 156 as against 152 in the previous edition.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Read the following by Ivy Awurama Sarfo very well……Selling the family’s silver -comes to mind…

Investigations conducted by The Finder newspaper at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) in Accra have revealed that the stationary Ghana Airways Boeing aircraft has been sold to be used as a restaurant.

The aircraft, a DC 10, one-time pride of Africa, but now a pale shadow of its once glamorous self has been abandoned at the KIA awaiting final plans to be towed to its final destination, where people can go in to eat and drink. Some workers at Hanger Two, where the 276-seater aircraft has been abandoned told ‘the Finder’ that the plane had been sold to a wife of a Togolese Minister who would soon introduce the Ghanaian public to some local and Togolese cuisines. All I know is that it will be used for a restaurant, but I don’t know when they will start operating the restaurant”, a male worker said. Further investigations have confirmed that the handing over process has also been completed and the aircraft is on its way to start its new life as a restaurant.

Until the intervention of the said Togolese woman, most parts of the Flight DC-10 had been sold as scrap. It was also gathered that three engines had been removed and sold to an unknown buyer. The sources explained that the current state of the plane was as a result of consistent removal of its aluminum components for smelting. When ‘the Finder’ got the location of the plane, it was clear that parts of the wings had been removed with the remaining parts hanging out. The centre tyres had also been removed with wires hanging precariously from the upper parts of the plane. It’s amazing how government can allow this huge plane to rot.

I can’t believe this is the same plane I flew in to the US when Ghana was so much respected for it,” a worker lamented. The soon-to-be restaurant plane has had a difficult history. The 276-seater capacity plane purchased from the USA, ceased operations in 2004. The Government of Ghana acquired a loan using the plane as collateral on work-and-pay basis. Its operations were saddled with series of litigations. In June 2002, the DC-10 was seized at Heathrow Airport, after a British creditor of the airline got a legal judgment in order to recoup some £4million in unpaid debts. After that seizure, the chairman of the airline, Mr. Sam Jonah, stated that Ghana Airways owed some US$160million and the airline would require a foreign partner if it was to survive. He also noted that the British creditor released the aircraft after the airline paid US$1million.

The Ghana Government announced in September 2002 that it had signed a deal with Nationwide Airlines which would see the South African airline taking over the management the airline, which would have been renamed Ghana Nationwide International Airlines.

In February 2003, Mr. Richard Anane, then Minister of Roads and Transport, announced that the government had withdrawn from the deal with Nationwide Airlines. The aircraft was to be revived in 2010 as a partnership between the government of Ghana and Arik Air of Nigeria, but that plan did not see the light of day.

The site adjacent to Aviance Ghana Limited, formerly AFGO, is being cleared to host the DC10 as a restaurant. When contacted, an official of the Ghana Tourist Authority told ‘the Finder’ that he was unaware of any law that bars anybody from using a stationary aircraft as a restaurant ‘provided it is well ventilated.”

***Asem!!! …….I have never heard or seen anything like it, have you??? !!!!!! I'm lost for words....... The “one-time pride of Africa” is now going to become a restaurant owned by a Togolese business woman…. -can you believe it???? I wonder…..what happened to the flag bit on the tail?
Do you think it was turned into a washing machine or a walk-in wardrobe for a Zimbabwean business woman -say?

Main Story Credit:

Duaba Serwa, Christie Brown and KIKI Clothing show at Africa Fashion Week 2011

Label: Duaba Serwa
Designer: Nelly Aboagye
Nelly Aboagye was originally inspired to pursue a career in fashion through the arts and crafts teachings of her mother. She then went on to study graphic design, textiles and art, before changing to nursing. After graduating from the University of Ghana, she re-entered the creative space with the label, Duaba Serwa.

As a designer, she has adopted the saying “La mode se de’ mode” by Jean Paul Gaultier, meaning “Fashion goes out of Fashion”. The comment represents her desire to be versatile and innovative as a designer.

Nelly’s latest collection, entitled “Five Notes in Moments” aims to play on several different style notes: bold colours, African prints, futuristic structures, timeless glamour and masterful tailoring.

The latest Duaba Serwa collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011 at 18.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Twitter: @DuabaSerwa

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The Duaba Serwa fashion label is new to Ghana Rising! Although Ghana Rising has celebrated Duaba Serwa’s jewellery line, her delectable garments are all together something new, and I’m very impressed as its my favourite collection from the whole of Africa Fashion Week! Cute and sexy, girly and grown-up, Duaba Serwa offered new comers to her fashion label like myself, glimpses into her many personalities. From the youthful pretty girly dresses to va-va-voom show stoppers like the black body-con top and mini skirt with sequin details, and black body-con long sleeve top with gold pearls details and bold patterned full skirt, the Duaba Serwa Spring/Summer 2012 collection is to-live-for. I love it paaa and predict big things for Nelly Aboagye and Team Duaba Serwa.

Label: Christie Brown
Designer: Aisha Oboubi
Aisha Oboubi’s passion for fashion started at an early age. The brand was founded in March 2008, hitting the runway for the first time in Accra, Ghana and has since won multiple awards at various fashion weeks across the globe. The name is is inspired by the memory of Aisha’s grandmother, Christie Brown, a seamstress who introduced the designer to fashion at a young age.

The Christie Brown designs cater to contemporary African women with a distinctive use of colour, all inspired by African culture and art. Her collections range from innovative tailored gowns to beautiful statement pieces and accessories.

Currently sold out of the Christie Brown studio in Ghana, in a boutique in Lagos and online, the label is accessible to the African market.

The latest Christie Brown collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011, at 18.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Twitter: @_christiebrown

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The best collection from Christie Brown to date. Grown up and elegant, the collection is inspired by the Talensi Tribe in northern Ghana was made using the very best fabrics (it shows) and divinely cut, offered one elegant dress after another must-have skirt with slit-to-the-thigh details -after a host gorgeous tops -making this collection a must for any successful wardrobe. The two main colours, I think its neon green or yellow and her signature blue, made for a light, fresh, springy -yet powerful collection. An inspired collection, -I’m predicting Christie Brown’s opening jacket is the only jacket to be seen in next season.

Label: KIKI Clothing
Designer: Titi Ademola
Creative Director and Founder, Titi Ademola studied fashion at the London College of Fashion and the American Inter-continental University and has worked for internationally renowned labels, Burberry and for Betsey Johnson.

Despite her global experience and training, her primary focus has always been to promote ‘Made in Ghana’ designs. The label manufactures all of its products in Ghana and Ademola is passionate about promoting Africa to the rest of the world through her fashion.

Ademola makes use of African textiles, vibrant colours and Afro-centric prints to create easy and wearable garments. The KIKI Clothing label caters for both adults and children and incorporates a range of items from clothing to footware. Ademola draws her inspiration from everyday people and a variety of different cultures, particularly her own African heritage.

The latest KIKI Clothing collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011, at 17.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Unfortunately the above photo is the only one available via the official Africa Fashion website, so I know very little about the KIKI Clothing S/S 2012 collection. From the one ensemble above, its lovely and playful, well made with a touch of whimsy, I’m guessing that KIKI Clothing’s latest collection is a winner!

The Front Row….

South Africans get fashion, don’t they? The get that the front row of any noteworthy fashion show is just as important as the collection and models it showcases -something I’ve yet to see in Ghana.

The front row of Africa Fashion Week 2011 (in Johannesburg) was made up of its finest socialites & It girls, actors, celebrates and uber insiders -including: my old London College of Fashion lecturer -Shaun (I can‘t remember his surname), Vanity Fair’s Editor-at-Large Michael Roberts and supermodel Ajuma. For more details about Africa Fashion Week 2011 visit its official website at:

*****All images by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


There’s a new girl on Ghana’s music scene and I’m uber excited oOOo! Unafraid, sexy and unapologetically in-ya-face, hotness Kaakie’s ’Too Much’ is burning Ghana’s airways and Ghana Rising is predicating Big-Things for this singing Diva. I don’t know much about her, and as always -its difficult to find a website or Facebook page dedicated to her, but I’m thinking, -it wouldn’t be long until her PR is tight!! I’ll keep you in the loop, as and when more information comes in, but in the meantime you can download this fierce tune at:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

"BUARI VILLE, Nadia Buari and family to star in a new reality TV show in Ghana…….

I don’t know what to think but uber private Nadia Buari and her family are embarking on a new reality TV show, due to air very soon on Ghana TV -where we get to see her life played out -warts and all. Personally I’m amazed, I guess I was hoping that Nadia’s sister known here as S could be Ghana’s next GIG (Ghanaian ‘it’ girl),… all private, groomed to within an inch of her life, wearing fabulous dark glasses, out shopping and dining and being papped by Black Star magazine’s secret paparazzi on the streets of Accra, -well that was all in my head, -but you know what I mean????? Anyway if this is Nadia Buari’s family’s next move ….then I wish them luck and every success. A big thanks to Ameyaw Debrah ( for sharing this news on YouTube….….

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ghana and Nigeria Draw 0-0 -in this years most anticipated football match…

Ghana and Nigeria played out a 0-0 scoreline on Tuesday in a friendly at the Vicarage Road in Watford.

The match gave Black Stars coach Goran Stevanovic a chance to look at some new faces ahead of the 2012 African Nations Cup.

Stevanovic handed Massawudu Alhassan his senior debut at left back as he made six changes to the team that started in Ghana’s previous game, deciding to rest Asamoah Gyan, Sulley Muntari, Samuel Inkoom and Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu while also giving Mohammed Abu and Albert Adomah a rare start.

Both sides headed into the game with contrasting fortunes after the final day of 2012 Nations Cup qualifying with Ghana earning their spot while Nigeria failed to qualify.

And it was Ghana who dominated the early exchanges with Adomah sending a dipping 20-yard volley over Austine Ejide’s bar after seven minutes.

Prince Tagoe followed up with a drive from the edge of the area straight at goalkeeper Ejide.

It took Nigeria 21 minutes to test Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey when he came out to gather a shot across the face of goal.

Nigeria, finally fought back as they looked to have put their qualification disappointment behind them and looked more dangerous going forward as Brown Ideye hit a shot that cannoned off the crossbar and Ikechukwu Uche saw his shot blocked by Kwarasey to end the half.

Ghana made a raft of changes at the start of the second half, bringing on Gyan, Muntari and Agyemang-Badu.
With the game slowing down, both sides occasionally pushed for the breakthrough but were left to share the spoils of the game.

Ghana line up: Adam Kwarasey, John Painstil, Massawudu Alhassan/Lee Addy, Isaac Vorsah, John Mensah, Anthony Annan, Quincy Owusu-Abeyie/Samuel Inkoom, Mohammed Abu/Agyeman-Badu, Prince Tagoe/Asamoah Gyan, Albert Adomah/Dominic Adiyiah, Kwadwo Asamoah/Sulley Muntari

Subs: Daniel Agyei, Asamoah Gyan, Sulley Muntari, Derek Boateng, Lee Addy, Dominic Adiyiah, Samuel Inkoom, Emmanuel Agyeman-Badu

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

SVELTE's Elaine Mensah honored to be one of featured Project Inspiration Non-Profit Leaders!

SVELTE, LLC & Fashion Group International® of Greater Washington, DC's Elaine Mensah ( ) is proud to be selected by Shoot for Change as one of its 16 non-profit leaders & on styling team for “Old Hollywood” fashion photo exhibit.

BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY! Tickets to Project Inspiration photo exhibit benefits the organizations selected for exhibits and includes chance to join photographer Walter Grio at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

For more details on Project Inspiration visit

More Info
(Taking place on November 16, 2011)

Shoot for Change is proud to present a very special black and white photo exhibition in Washington DC. Several leaders from various nonprofit organizations were invited to participate in an “Old Hollywood” fashion editorial.

With the help of some of the most talented stylists, hair stylists, and makeup artists in the area, these nonprofit organization leaders were transformed and sent into the glamorous world of classic movie stars. They had so much fun that some of them even kept the clothes.

In addition to their photographs, each one of the nonprofit organization leaders wrote a one-page essay on what inspires them to do what they do and what inspires them to keep doing it. Their photographs and inspiration essays will all be on display at L2 Lounge.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Its official…its time for us all to learn TWI….the next language of commerce ….

Not naming any names but someone who understands Akan but can’t speak it properly -is having to learn her own language -like a baby…wish her luck..

Ghanaian women are my world cup…


I love this girl............follow the YouTube link and check out her other clips...she needs her own show... xxx

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) -a high-end fashion show to take place in Accra, Ghana 2012.…And Ghana Rising can’t wait.

Regular readers of Ghana Rising know full well that I find the fashion industry back home in Ghana a bit iffy, not least the ten plus fashion weeks (and rising) that take place in Accra Metropolis annually. Tacky, embarrassing and mostly beauty pageants run by men after a quick buck, I’ve steered well clear of these events, especially since the Exopa, Sim Sima case (I wish him and his team the best and hope this time around, things are done properly. I hope they understand that when you use the name Ghana -it matters how you conduct yourself because the world and her sister is watching. Sima to my knowledge is re-launching next year).

Regulars of Ghana Rising also know that I’m working on Ghana’s first high-end fashion magazine and KNOW just how difficult its been. The laziness of some of Ghana’s finest, the lack of websites and info about some of Ghana’s most celebrated businesses -plus the lack of excellence with regards to the way folk do business (or lack of) at home -continues to jar. Anyway, I’m writing about this particular fashion show due to take place in Accra metropolis late 2012 because I know a couple of ladies (they shall remain nameless right now) behind the launch of Ghana Fashion & Design Week aka GFDW. And I’m endorsing them and this event because they know their stuff and are at the very top of their game. Both have been kicking about in the fashion industry for some time. Both have real mainstream experience, -have paid their DUES, drink the juice and are not in it for the SIKA (money)..
Professional and sticklers for details -I know that when GFDW takes place next year, I can invite some of my mates in the BIZ, some buyers, some fashion editors, stylists, bloggers and I wouldn’t be embarrassed (you get me)… Also like me, they respect Ghana and are frustrated by the lack of class, excellence and what-have-yous that seems to be lacking back home. One of the girls has just returned from GH and -she found the fashion industry shocking but not hopeless!!

She has also noticed what I have been saying for ever…..!! That its time for us, the new brigade to take charge and run things properly. It time for those of us who learnt our craft through University, those of us who have real experiences, those of us who know about PR, promotion and marketing etc, those of us who have had to overcome all the prejudices of mainstream fashion industry etc, those of us who have had to start at the bottom, learn to get to fashion shoots earlier than everyone else and have had to stand at the back of fashion shows until we got our very own pages in high-end magazine -do you get me?

Its time for all those fabulous gals and boys of Ghanaian origin who work on big campaigns -all those incredible folks around the globe -quietly getting on with it -uncelebrated by mainstream Ghana -to come to the forefront because -if the truth be know, I’m sick of that gal that SEEMS to be the face of modern Ghana and I know that you know her!! Crass, tacky and in-ya-face ….this gal and that channel have been the face of the Ghanaian community for some time and its not good. Out to make some serous SIKA -she and her ilk have dominated the British Ghanaian scene with another group who only seem to do stuff for the Ghanaian community -in parks or at that place in Strafford!! And don’t get me started on that group of families who are also doing park events (can you imagine) and are taking all the (small) sponsorships from that OIL Company -you know what I’m talking about…has to offer!!!

Not content to monopolize ‘Ghana events’ -they have all gone into publishing and -as you read this -are busy copying and pasting extracts from Ghana Rising onto their magazines -but note, I don’t begrudge them -I’m just offended that when I approach big brands/potential advertisers/sponsors -all they know of my so called (small) community (there are 1.5 million of us in the UK alone -and no, we are not a small community) , -its the jagger-jagger-dry-footed-lets-all-dance-on-grass-jagger-jaggerness and inferior, tacky cheapness of what has gone before that they know of our fabulous, upwardly-mobile community.

Thus I now understand why these so called mover shakers of the Ghanaian community in the UK are always, throwing parties to make money, be it Kente this, or Miss this, or party this, or for one night only this, or that ubiquitous something Verses something….all tacky and all keeping real hot talented folks, -those moving and truly shaking on the world stage ….of Ghanaian origin away from helping our community….

We’re missing Black Star magazine (it is coming soon folks -pray for me ohh), were missing real talents like June Sarpong and Reggie Yates -on our television sets. We need uber fashionistas like Menaye Donkor, Faustina Agolley, Yayra Nego, Noelle Bonner and Joshua Kissi in the front row. We need uber stylists like Edward Enninful, Abena Ofei and Priscilla Kwateng (the Guardian), -hot designers like Mimi Plange, Adrien Sauvage and new fashion darling -Adjoa Osei on the catwalk in Ghana.

We also need to see labels that celebrate Ghana like Osei-Duro by wonderful design duo Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh and Hemma by designers, Cindy Gaston and Edna Bissoon.

It girls like model/artist Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu and musician/model Jojo Abot, -super stylish women like power players Aba Bonney Kwawu -the lady behind The Aba Agency and Afi Dzakpasu -Head of PR for Viasat Ghana, new fashion stars like Accra based Sermira Adam and Sydikat Buari, Nadia’s sister and international models like the ever fabulous, Belinda Baidoo, Kate-Menson, Richard Ampaw, Soraya Khalil, new comer, Akos Asumadu-Sakyi and the ever beautiful Rosemary Frimpong-Manso -on the catwalk.

We need shoe designers like Afua Dabanka of Mo Saique and accessories guru Isobel Acquah of Joansu Jewellery showcasing their collections in Ghana..
We also need hot bloggers/media mavens like yours-truly, Fray Ohemma aka Shadders and Elaine A. Mensah, fashion insiders like uber make-up artist Claire De-Graft and fashion show producers like Daryl Rita Osekreh of Livemuse. And last but not least ….we need business men like Sam Jonah, Adam Afriyie and architect/designer David Adjaye -and brands like Vodafone and L’Oreal (they both have HQ’s in Accra) to sponsor the like of my magazine (Black Star) and Ghana Fashion & Design Week aka GFDW.. Why? Because we can’t afford to have one mediocre magazine after another aimed at the Ghanaian community or another tacky nasty fashion show in Accra -whilst the world’s eyes are on us.

So Ghana Rising is fully behind the good people at Ghana Fashion & Design Week aka GFDW -as they embark on this journey to bring this fabulous fashion week to life. I know its not going to be easy as I have found out personally. With advertisers nonexistent and brands dubious -its not going to be easy but they have talent, vision, focus and what it take and I can’t wait for 2012, for the launch of this great show. Viva Ghana ….Viva Ghana Fashion Industry….Viva Ghana Fashion & Design Week GFDW ….Viva Black Star magazine..

More Information about GFDW
Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) is a three-day event set to launch in 2012, the event will epitomize the fashion scene in Ghana with an annual event that celebrates Ghanaian and international designers.

This event will bring creative Ghanaian fashion and accessory designers from around the world, to showcase their collections to local, national and international retail buyers, africa’s neo-fashion consumers, press and fashion savvy celebrities.

The annual event celebration of Ghana’s fashion and creative industry is aimed at educating and developing the industry platform to a worldwide audience.

GFDW 2012 will showcase exquisite on trend collections by designers in Ghana and the Diaspora, alongside international designers, to incorporate outstanding display of Fashion shows and inspirational exhibitions over three days in 2012.


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Written by Paulina Opoku-Gyimah

Fabulous Shop Alert…. Luxe in Newark, NJ

When fashion and true business sense comes together -I get very excited. But when fashion, true business sense and luxury collide -with a Ghanaian at the helms……well I’m in Ghana Rising heaven!!! Linda Jumah has done just that, and opened a high-end, gorgeous clothes boutique called Luxe -aimed at the fashionable savvy in Halsey Street Village of Newark, NJ! Luxe’s sleek white minimal space and La Jumah’s innate style and eye-for-details means she stocks the hottest labels in town, -including Ya, Glam, Sacred Heart and Boxing Kitten -a favourite of mine and beloved and worn by the likes of Solange and Beyonce Knowles, Estelle, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Fergie.

For more information visit: