Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rain, Rain go away…..Have you spoken to your family in Ghana this morning?

I’ve just gotten off the phone with my sweet daddy -just before we got onto the ubiquitous subject matters that permeate every call, you know…, “how expensive it is to live in Ghana” -and so forth and so forth (my lovely daddy is Blessed and fortunately established in Accra’s ever changing -East Legon), or the must-discuss, “arm robberies that happen on every level, at every juncture of Ghanaian society”, or how Ghana’s errm -roads are destroying cars, because you cannot drive the same car in Ghana for more five years etc etc, or the Numero Uno topic of conversation -”when are you coming to Ghana? When will he see his grandchildren etc, etc? (Well daddy -I would come but it cost money and you know that I cannot come without buying stuff for the Abandze/Anomabo/Mpraeso massive -you know…..arm robbery on every level -yaddah, yaddah).

But really I had called my daddy again -this morning (I spoke to daddy about all my fears last night) -to discuss the heavy down pour of rain that has brought Accra to a standstill -this morning.

As always daddy wanted to put my mind at ease -and believes that all will be alright in the end. But I wonder, how long can the people of Ghana continue to pick themselves up -from one crisis after another without government help or assistance? We are an incredible group of people, but I still wonder. I’m also hoping that -this is not another opportunity for those in power, to be seen giving bags of rice (???) or tin tomatoes to those effected by the rain -but an opportunity for real change -whatever that looks like?? But mostly, I’m guessing……its time for us in the Diaspora -to get to the nearest Western Union… Peace xx

All images by Philip kofi Ashon.....


  1. I saw a couple pictures this morning from other Ghanaian websites, and boy oh boy does the flooding look bad. My prayers go out to everyone affected by it.

  2. Gosh I need to call my mum she is still out there