Sunday, 30 October 2011

African Girls by Castro featuring footballer Asamoah Gyan now has over 1million hits on YouTube…and???

African Girls by Castro featuring uber footballer and Ghana Rising fave, Asamoah Gyan aka Baby Jet -now has over 1 million hits..and Youtubers are celebrating -as they believe it’s the first Ghanaian hit to be viewed by more than 1 million viewers, sometime they believe must be celebrated!!! Thus I writing in response to this reasoning -and would like to draw their attention to one Veeda, a former nurse turned musician turned actress who’s Bribi Yaaye Me featuring Disastrous & Nixon has been viewed as you read this -over 3 million times and rising.

But for me this is not about celebrating this milestone mega viewing …..but enlightening all those haters of Ghana, I’m guessing most are unemployed -because who else can sit on Youtube morning-noon-and-night -watching one film clip after another -biggin-up artist from their respective countries -and disrespecting artists from other countries -and no, people from Ghana are not exempt from this tackiness.

I would like for them to take a few minutes to reflect, all those celebrated musicians from their wonderful African countries -including my own Ghanaian artists -who are hit several times a day on La YouTube, -do they think these musicians are making any money from it? And as Ghanaians like to be paid (and don’t I know it) -no one gives a &*%$% about whether our artists have less viewings or not.

You can have a popular tune, loved by all, the must played song on every play list -but if aren’t making any money from it then %$*&%??? -Do you get ME?? If you have over 1.5 million hits on YouTube and your broke, -your broke -do you get ME!!.

Also there are people from various African countries that believe that only Nigerians speak pidgin English, so if a Ghanaian or a Sierra Leonean artists is singing in a sort of broken English then they must be copying Nigerian artists!! Honest to goodness I don’t normally let this type of palaver get to me…but after reading some of the comments under various Ghanaian artists hits on Youtube I’m sort of incensed. Most English colonised African countries have groups of people who speak a sort of broken English be it, .....-when will some people allow themselves to be educated??

**I hope Veeda makes some money from this…its just so unfair!!!

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