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Fashion: Kevin-Prince Boateng loves Tresor Paris’ healing bracelets..

I’ve been meaning to share this with you forever -ladies. Feast your eyes on the above photos of Black Stars’ Kevin-Prince Boateng –ok, -he’s married! Anyway apart from his love of Dolce & Gabbana underwear, the AC.Milan midfielder also loves the Magnetite/White and Grey men’s bracelet by Tresor Paris. Blingtastic and magnetite –the bracelets are made from a type of iron oxide which has natural magnetic properties and works with the body’s own bio-magnetic field to quicken recovery - heal muscle cramps, sedate overactive organs, helps to maintain good skin, its anti-inflammatory, helps to activate sluggish organs, helps asthma sufferers and for stopping nosebleeds. Other fans of Tresor Paris’ healing bracelets include: Justin Bieber, Craig David, the boys from JLS, the girls from THE SATURDAYS, the AC.MILAN football team, Nicole Scherzinger and Didier Drogba. For more information about Tresor Paris visit:

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Paulina Opoku Gyimah’s Business Tips for the Ghanaian community……

Inspired by the lack of Ghanaians on Forbes magazine’s 20 Most Powerful People in African Business 2011 -I’ve concluded that our inability to expand/export our businesses to other African countries, -never mind globally was to blame -and thought I’d suggest few pointers/advice. But please note; I’ve only written this for individuals/businesses selling quality goods, -the truly talented, and those offering exceptional services.

If your idea of a fabulous boutique is to buy cheap clothes from Primark/Fonthill Road (London) or Canal street (NYC) for £5/$5 and sell it in Ghana (as the next hot thing/trend) for 100 GHC -then the following is soo not for you. If you think Ghana/Ghanaians are soo cheap that all we deserve is cheap made-in-China-wannabe-Gucci/Dior/Chanel illegal handbags/shoes/garb then this is also not for you. Nor is it for you if you’re planning to open a restaurant where left over frozen food is served the following day. -Where the deco will comprise: 100% polyester curtains, laminated wooden flooring, plastic table coverings, plastic flowers, MDF chairs with polyester seat coverings and cheap Africana paintings -are de rigueur, -then following is not for you.

Business Tips for the Ghanaian community……
1) Type out a mission statement.A mission statement is a great leveller. Not only will it help define your business but wil help you to focus and enable you to get back on track when you forget you're running a restaurant and not a jagger-jagger whatever shop, -when you start to get the urge to sell cheap wannabe silver hip-Hop chains from the chop bar counter.
**If you are blessed and have made some profits -bank it/plough it back into your business, don’t eat it up…

2) Get some professional images…
Pay for a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of you/your business premises/goods etc. If you need people in your photos then please book one of the many gorgeous high fashion models in Ghana (goodness knows they need the work) and not Maame Adjoa from next door or your cousin’s friend’s brother from work. I’m afraid beautiful people sell products/services/goods etc. I will recommend Supermodel Belinda Baidoo’s model agency ….
**Bank your profits /plough it back into the business.

3) Pay for a professional website....
Using your mission statement and professional images (please see the above points) have a professional web designer build you a sleek, clean and uncluttered contemporary website, you can visit mine at . Remember to keep your website simple.
***Bank your profits

4) Make a list of all relevant media agencies….
Write a list of all the relevant media agencies/outlets: newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, universities, radio stations and TV stations, -talking care to write the names of the right people to contact about your business/goods/talent etc. Most newspapers/magazines/media agencies/websites will have a commissioning editor, a news editor or a press person looking for contributions/ideas/news for forthcoming features/publications events etc.
*****Bank your profit, don’t eat your capital…

5) Write a press Release…
I have spent the last three years suggesting/talking about press releases to my readers and I’m kind of tired of it but its essential if you want the right exposure. If you are wondering what a press release is -google it. Using all the above (professional images, mission statement etc) and write a press release. If you are unable to proceed google press release. The following is more info about press releases and comes courtesy of wikipedia:

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks. Commercial press release distribution services are also used.

The use of press releases is common in the field of public relations (PR). Typically, the aim is to attract favourable media attention to the PR professional's client and/or provide publicity for products or events marketed by those clients. A press release provides reporters with an information subsidy containing the basics needed to develop a news story. Press releases can announce a range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, news products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, upcoming events or a change in corporation.

Basically your press release should have your correct title, the name of your business, some background info about you/your business/services. It should be well written and have detailed information/announcement about the event/talent/the service, including: the date, time, address, -and most importantly your website/contact details/numbers -for folk to access you/the event or more information if needed.
**Bank your profits, don’t eat it…

6) Send press release….
Send press release to all the relevant people on your media list, see number 4. Its best to do this by email -and then telephone the person (at least a couple of hours later) to see if they have received it -and see if its possible talk further or possibly visit them and talk further about your news/event/talent.
***Don’t be tempted to eat your profit, anything can go wrong…

7) keep a batch of business cards and business flyers on you at all times…
As you go about your business you will encounter individuals/businesses who will be good for your business, future clients/potential customers -you must give business cards to business owners and flyers to the general public. Make it a habit to never run out of the above -otherwise its just a wasted opportunity to sell your business/services/talent.
**If you have managed to bank at least £35’000 -you can open another business account.

8) Advertise your business.
It is fabulous to get free publicity but you can’t afford to sit around waiting for this to happen, so choose a choice few and get promoting.
*** You can open an I’m-doing-well-savings account for yourself and pay yourself a small bonus as and when you hit your target… If you are not supporting a charity or haven’t started your own -then its time.

9) Sponsor a hot event.
As your business starts to grow and you start to see real profit -choose an event to sponsor. Make sure that you can afford it, that they share your ethics/views etc and most importantly -you tell them how much you can afford to pay them and not the other way round, but be prepared to pay more if you are a headline sponsor.
***if you haven’t treated yourself and your staff(s) -then its time.. Yes its lovely to be treated to a meal but most employees want cash -so give them a bonus for hitting targets -it is an excellent motivator and incentive.

10) Do the international trade shows…
This is not for all businesses, for example if you are offering a concierge service say, the trade shows unless they are aimed at luxury consumers are not for you. But if are selling quality rice say, -the international trade shows will enable you to reach buyers/customers from all over the world.
***Only touch the bonus in your I’m-doing-well-savings account in emergencies -surly your wages should be enough. Start researching -its time to start headhunting…

11) Employ someone to do your job/ get an agent to look after you..…This is very frightening stuff I know but for you to go to the next level and become more of an overseer you need to take your foot off the brakes. The right person doing 90% of what you use to do will enable you to look at the bigger picture and for you to, -dare I say it, EXPAND and even launch another business. Because truly successful people are never limited to one wage or one business. For musicians/creatives its time to get a professional agent to look after you/your business (please note, you’ll pay for this service but the right person will come highly recommended and have an incredible track record/portfolio).
***Check your second business account, can you match what you require from the bank -this will make you a more attractive borrower. Research, get names/contacts for that locale/country you are wanting to invest/work/launch in. Check out the Ghanaian Embassy in that country and make contact with their counterpart in Ghana and ask for introductions. Don’t just seek these opportunities -create them..

12) Expansion
So you have created a brand. You are celebrated and everybody knows your name, yep its time for the next level. This is serious grown up stuff and demands that you have the likes of accountants, lawyers etc on your speed-dial. You should not only have a healthy business account or two but you should have some serious savings to your name -to even consider expanding, -but all healthy, good businesses get to this place naturally. You have arrived at this juncture when your business is making profit, can survive without you -and it no longer challenges you, -yep its time to open another restaurant/boutique etc. You will find yourself approaching various banks or venture capitalists and be uber excited to see your business in various locales.
***Refer back to your mission statement, don’t loose your focus…what can you/your business offer any prospective investor(s)? If you are an artist/creative/talent -do you have a sponsorship deal? If not, then its time. What’s your agent doing?

13) Expand aboard/ start new business(es)/ventures or sell business…
The above is obvious but can only be accomplished with professional help, business advisors and experience (if you have gone through all the above steps -it will help). Expanding your business into another African country is not easy and must never be attempted/done with mediocre businesses/talent -it wouldn‘t work. You need serious contacts, someone on the ground to look after your business in your absence, the right staff -and most importantly, the right government personal/official to smooth things out (no mean feat) -to achieve this. I guess this is where most Ghanaian businesses stop expanding -and that’s a real shame because even though I can think of some Nigerian and South African businesses in Ghana, I can’t think of one Ghanaian business in either Nigeria or South Africa. What’s causing this? Are we afraid?

****Do your research, use the contacts you have made via the Ghanaian and various other Embassies to procure various contracts at home and aboard. For example if you sell sandwiches, is there anyone selling sandwiches to Ghana Embassy staff? Also, the various offices that line the street before you get to the embassy, is anyone selling sandwiches? So you have three restaurants in Ghana and now want to set up another in Botswana, do your research. Visit the country, are they friendly, do you feel safe? Will your business premises be safe or vandalised? Does Botswana have a burgeoning middleclass that wants/consumes other African cuisine? What’s the best location for this business, and can you meet the right criteria for said country’s business laws? What does the Botswana government require from you to proceed? Can your contacts truly help you? How long will you have to be in Botswana to establish your restaurant and can your other businesses spare you? And so forth and so forth. Go for it but arm yourself with knowledge of said country and be prepared to work extra hard… Go for it.

Samini’s in London -did you know?

I’m shocked! I’ve just watched the ever gorgeous Samini on Afro Buzz on Vox Africa (Sky 218) only to find -not only has he launched his latest album (this happened on the 20th) but he is playing today at …somewhere.....

So I visited his Facebook page and this is what was posted.

(07852584181) French Kiss-dj (07977343113) Dennyx de Menace-Gh
(07814019846) ACTIVE PROMO (07985718522)...GETS YOURS NOW

**This is sooooooooooo not good enough. Why are Ghanaian promoters satisfied with sooo little exposure? Why are they so lazy? What media outlets did they use? Did they send out a press release to all media outlets or just the same ole, same ole people? What a shame… Why is it that after googling this event -there’s no mention of it on any blogs? This is a disservice to Samini -arguably one of Ghana’s greatest musicians. Anyway after looking through Samini’s facebook pictures I stumbled across some of the above flyers. I can see from one of the flyers that he will be performing at Old Gold Coast, 224 Portland Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 4OB..

**I’m going to stop here because I can’t be bothered. If these people can’t be bothered to advertise and look after Samini’s business properly -then I can’t be bothered -also.

***When will we Ghanaians stop being soooo satisfied with little? There’s a whole world out there -and only selling/reaching/ attaining the few is sooo not hot or good enough. xx

For more information about Samini visit:

Can anyone tell me from the above flyer when this event is taking place?

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The 20 Most Powerful People in African Business 2011 by Forbes Magazine

Africa means business. The past decade has seen an enormous number of mega-corporations emerge on the continent. However, a vast number of these companies are run by foreigners. For example, SABMiller, the world’s second largest beverages maker, is led by CEO Graham Mackay, an American. The head of AngloGold Ashanti (AU), the world’s largest gold producer, is Mark Cutifani, an Australian national. Safaricom, East Africa’s largest telecoms provider, is run by Bob Collymore, a Guyanese.

However, a new league of African businessmen is emerging. They are bold and fearlessly ambitious, building pan-African companies with regional and even global presences. They are influencers and change-makers. Their voices are never ignored within Africa’s business and political circles, and through their resolutions and actions, they shape the economic future of the continent. Here are the 20 most powerful men in African business:

Marius Kloppers
Nationality: South African
Job: C.E.O BHP Billiton
The world’s largest mining company, BHP Billiton (BBL) has ridden the crest of the biggest commodities boom in recent times. The company is set to announce a pre-tax profit of $30 billion in June, the largest in recent British corporate history. Kloppers spearheaded it all. His biggest problem: How to spend the money. Possible solutions: Massive share buy-back, strategic acquisitions, or increased dividend payout to shareholders.
Kloppers earned his MBA at INSEAD; worked at Sasol (SSL), Mintek and McKinsey & Co before joining Billiton in 1993. He became C.E.O in 2007.

Jacko Maree
Nationality: South African
Job: C.E.O, Standard Bank Group
The former Rhodes Scholar sits at the helm of affairs at Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest financial services conglomerate. The $26 billion (market cap) group operates in 33 countries (17 are in Africa). He led the bank through its aggressive global expansion, making key acquisitions in Turkey, Russia, Argentina and Jersey.
Maree currently serves as chairman of The Banking Association (S.A.) and is a former director of the International Monetary Conference.

Patrick Davies
Nationality: South African
Job: CEO, Sasol
Patrick Davies is CEO of Sasol (SSL), Africa’s largest energy company, headquartered in South Africa. The $34 billion (market cap) company is the continent’s leader in the commercial production and marketing of chemicals and liquid fuels. It is rapidly expanding into oil and gas exploration.
Davies is credited with driving the internationalization of Sasol’s gas-to-liquids technology. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Natal, South Africa.

Nicky Oppenheimer
Nationality: South African
Job: Chairman, De Beers Group
Oppenheimer, an Oxford grad and South Africa’s richest man, chairs De Beers Group, the world’s largest diamond producer, as well as its subsidiary, The Diamond Trading Company. He sold nearly 8% of his stake in AngloAmerican, the mining giant founded by his grandfather Ernest Oppenheimer in 1917. Now owns 2%. The passionate environmental conservationist owns the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, the largest private game reserve in South Africa. Avid cricketer.

Sifiso Dabengwa
Nationality: Zimbabwe
Job: CEO, MTN Group
Big job ahead: Sifiso Dabengwa was recently appointed the Group Chief Executive of MTN, Africa’s largest telecommunications firm. Company boasts 118 million subscribers in 21 countries. He has held several strategic managerial posts in the company, at one point manning the company’s Nigerian operations, its most profitable market. Prior to joining MTN, Dabengwa worked at South African electricity generator Eskom. Trained electrical engineer has an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand.

Cyril Ramaphosa
Nationality: South African
Job: Chairman, Shanduka Group, MTN
One of South Africa’s most respected business and political figures. In 2007, he was named by Time Magazine as one of the world’s most influential people. A renowned boardroom guru, he chairs the board of telecoms giant MTN and serves on the board of Standard Chartered Bank. He is the founder and Executive Chairman of Shanduka Group, a pioneering Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Investment Holding company with substantial interests in energy, financial services, natural resources and property. Recently acquired the South African operations of American fast food giant, McDonald’s (MCD).

Aliko Dangote
Nationality: Nigerian
Job: President, Dangote Group
The former commodities trader is now a billionaire who heads the Dangote Group, a conglomerate with interests in sugar, flour and cement. Crown jewel: $12 billion (market cap) Dangote Cement. Already the continent’s largest cement manufacturer, the company plans to list on the London Stock Exchange before the end of the year. But investors are skeptical. The company’s stock is down 15% since listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange last year; yet to bounce back to IPO price. Dangote is a major financier of Nigeria’s ruling People’s Democratic Party.

Koos Bekker
Nationality: South African
Job: CEO, Naspers
South African media mogul is CEO of Naspers, Africa’s largest media conglomerate; also its biggest individual shareholder. The $12 billion (market capitalization) company owns stake in pay-TV giant DSTV; Russian Internet company; Brazilian publisher Abril and Chinese Internet service provider Tencent. He was also a founding director of MTN and served on the local organizing committee for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup. Also serves on the council of Stellenbosch University, his alma mater. Chief executive of Naspers since 1997.

Abdeslam Ahizoune
Nationality: Moroccan
Job: Chairman & CEO, Maroc Telecom
The Moroccan is the chief executive of Maroc Telecoms, one of the continent’s largest telecommunication companies (owned by French media giant Vivendi). Prior to the appointment, he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medi1Sat, the Moroccan television channel now called Medi 1 TV. Still remains a Director. He holds an engineering degree from Telecom ParisTech (1977) and was appointed the chairman of the Moroccan Association of Telecom Professionals (MATI) in 2008. He serves as the President of the Royal Moroccan Athletic Federation.

Onsi Sawiris
Nationality: Egyptian
Job: founder, Orascom Group
Legendary patriarch of Egypt’s most powerful business dynasty. The Orascom Group which he founded has interests in telecoms, hotels and construction. The companies are all run by his three sons- Naguib, Samih and Nassef–all billionaires like Onsi.

Naguib Sawiris
Nationality: Egyptian
Job: CEO, Orascom Telecom Holding
Call him the ‘Peacemaker.’ After being a vocal critic of Mubarak regime, the Egyptian telecoms billionaire and eldest son of Onsi Sawiris offered to act as a mediator between the government and the opposition in implementing political reforms after Hosni Mubarak stepped down. Naguib heads Orascom Telecom Holding, which owns massive stakes mobile service operators across Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Europe and Canada.

Patrice Motsepe
Nationality: South African
Job: Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals
South Africa’s first black billionaire is Executive Chairman at African Rainbow Minerals Limited (ARM), a leading diversified mining and minerals company, based in Johannesburg. He is also the non-executive Chairman of Harmony and the Deputy Chairman of listed financial services firm, Sanlam. Ardent soccer fan owns South-Africa’s Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Wale Tinubu
Nationality: Nigerian
Job: C.E.O Oando
Trained lawyer bought up Unipetrol, a floundering government-owned petroleum marketing company; transformed into Oando, Nigeria’s largest indigenous integrated energy services provider; active in various West African countries. Oando was the first Nigerian company to achieve a cross-listing on the Nigerian and Johannesburg stock exchanges. Big ambitions: Looking to create Africa’s first oil major. Tinubu serves as co-chair of the World Economic Forum in Africa. Alumnus of the London School of Economics.

Naushad Merali
Nationality: Kenyan
Job: Chairman, Sameer Group
The reclusive Indian-Kenyan is one of East Africa’s most revered businessmen and dealmakers. He heads the Sameer Group – a $2 billion privately held conglomerate with interests in construction, engineering, energy, finance, transportation and software. Also chairs Bharti Airtel’s operations in Kenya. Has close links with country’s president, Mwai Kibaki.

Strive Masiyiwa
Nationality: Zimbabwe
Job: Chairman, Econet Group
The Zimbabwean telecoms visionary founded Econet Wireless, one of the pioneering providers of mobile phone services in Africa. Now seeking expansion outside Africa; company owns a 3G license in New Zealand. He also serves on the Board of Trustees at the Rockefeller foundation.

Reginald Mengi
Nationality: Tanzania
Job: Chairman, IPP Group
Mengi is one of Africa’s most powerful media barons. Started out as an accountant; made first millions manufacturing ballpoint pens and selling them to big retailers. Today, he heads IPP Group, a diversified media conglomerate active in East Africa. Assets include 9 newspapers, 2 television stations and 3 radio stations. Also owns a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Dar-es Salaam.

James Mwangi
Nationality: Kenyan
Job: CEO, Equity Bank
Charismatic Kenyan banker turned around a moribund microfinance company into East Africa’s largest financial services provider. Equity bank now serves millions of customers all over East Africa. Remains largest individual shareholder. Represents Africa in the presidency of the Global Economic Network and also serves as an advisor to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) on commercialization of microfinance in Africa. Member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Sam Jonah
Nationality: Ghanaian
Job: Executive Chairman, Jonah Capital
The former president of AngloGold Ashanti was instrumental in transforming the mining company into a multinational corporation; increased gold production from 240,000 ounces per annum to over 1.6 million ounces in ten years. Also spearheaded company’s listing as the first African company on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently serves as CEO of Jonah Capital, a South African based investment holding company. Jonah, a prominent boardroom guru seats on the board of several companies including Transnet, ArcelorMittal SA (MT), and the Standard Bank Group.

Chris Kirubi
Nationality: Kenya
Designation: Chairman, Haco Tiger Industries
One of the most vocal advocates for trade and economic reforms in East-Africa, Chris Kirubi founded privately-held Haco Tiger Industries, the region’s largest manufacturer of household consumer goods. Other assets include Kenya’s landmark International House building; largest shareholding in Centum, a Nairobi Stock Exchange-listed investment firm with interests in everything from insurance to Coca-Cola bottling plants, telecoms and energy. INSEAD alumnus.

Donald Kaberuka
Nationality: Rwandan
Job: President, African Development Bank
The Rwandese economist is the current President of the African Development Bank. The 78 country-member financial institution provides loans and grants to African governments and private companies operating within the regional member countries in Africa. ADB commits at least $3 billion to African governments annually. Kaberuka has a PhD in economics from Glasgow University, Scotland.


***I thank God for Sam Jonah’s life because I was beginning to think that there were no Ghanaians on the list. Honestly, I know we Ghanaians are very private, and know from personal experience that its very possible to sit next to a Ghanaian millionaire and be non the wiser -but I’m guessing that the real reason theres only one Ghanaian on this list, -is because we are not very good at expanding/exporting our businesses to other African countries, -never mind globally.

I’m sooo not surprise, as from my little experience working with Ghanaian businesses/talents/services via my Ghana Rising Blog, I’ve learnt that we Ghanaians can be very lazy. Emails from individuals/buinesses comprising only two lines about their products/services/talent and a link to their YouTube accounts or Facebook pages -demanding that I do the research and write about them/their products/talents etc, -without so much as a website or blog or whatever! Some have even used what I have written, copied and pasted it -without a thank you unto their facebook pages, -personally, I find this cheap, tacky and sad. You just can’t do business like this. I’ve also found that many Ghana based businesses are happy to just sit in their shops/kiosks/whatever and wait for passing trade -and have no idea that the world has become a smaller place, a global village even, and websites are not only essential but are now shop windows unto world. So now your customers are not only your neighbours or Pa Kwesi in Tema but Mrs X who is looking forward to her first trip to Accra/Ghana next week.

Ghana based businesses also seem happy/content with so little trade, -and know nothing of promoting their wares beyond their regular customers. This will only breed mediocre businesses that are only patronised by a limited clientele or the few locals who know of its existence.

Lets do our research and really up our game -and promote our businesses not just locally but globally…Paulina Opoku-Gyimah

New Blog Alert: The Harold Ankrah Effect

(Ontario Lottery Winner, John Sarkodie Addo…Photo courtesy of

“I am not an angel, neither am I the devil. I am just a young Ghanaian man working my way up to the top. I believe life is too short, thus, i am not trying to blend in. Two decades from now I will own the First and foremost skyline of Ghana.”   Harold Ankrah

As you all know, I’m a big fan of Ghanaian bloggers and get very excited when I stumble across one that ticks all the right boxes, like Harold Ankrah’s new blog, ‘The Harold Ankrah Effect’. Not only does Mr Ankrah keep you up-to-date -with the likes of: Canadian Lottery winner, 50-year-old Ghana-born, John Sarkodie Addo’s 16.6 million dollars win but also offers all the latest relevant news coming out of Ghana.

**** A big Congratulations to Mr John Sarkodie Addo and family from Ghana Rising Blog….may all your dreams come through…

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Ghana Rising Hearts Noelle Bonner

The ever beautiful Noelle Bonner is not just a great beauty, or Ghana Rising’s new style/beauty icon -but a fabulous blogger based in California. -And her in-depth beauty knowledge has us hooked. To keep up with this gorgeous Ghanaian fashionistas yummy happenings visit:
(Credit: Photo courtesy of Noelle Bonner)

Music: Theresa "Terri" Quaye aka Theresa Naa-Koshie

“Blessed with 4 generations of musical genes. I made music my way of life from a very early age. I started singing with my father Cab Kaye and his bebop jazz band as a young girl. Always staying true to jazz, my career has travelled through the genres of bebop, swing, free jazz and now returned to settled into mellow classics and my own compositions.” Terri Quaye

A big part of Ghana’s musical history, especially the part Ghanaian musicians played in British jazz music history, Terri Quaye, arguably the most talented of Ghana’s most talented music dynasty -the Quayes is new to Ghana Rising radar. And even though Finley and Tricky are on our airwaves -it only now that I‘m enjoying the delights of, ‘Life Is A Carousel’, ‘Lonely Clown’ and of course, ‘A Place I Know’ by Terri Quaye. I look forward to our community and beyond -celebrating this gem-of-a-musician. You can listen and download Terri Quaye’s beautiful music via: & For more info about Terri Quaye visit:

More Info
Theresa "Terri" Quaye, also Theresa Naa-Koshie (born 8 November 1940, Bodmin) is an English singer, pianist, and percussionist. She is the daughter of Cab Kaye and the older sister of Caleb Quaye and Finley Quaye.

Her first professional experience came in 1962, singing with a Latin jazz band led by Ido Martin. She sang accompanied by Colin Purbrook, Leon Cohen, and Brian Lemon, then did a residency with Frank Holder. In Germany she worked in the group The Merrymakers as a conga player and singer, and played with Carmell Jones, Dave Pike, and Leo Wright. After a trip to Ghana, the birthplace of her grandfather, musician Caleb Quaye (1895-1922), she began using the surname Naa-koshie professionally. In the 1970s she worked with Manu Dibango, Syvilla Fort, Harold Mabern, Junie Booth, Richard Davis, Billy Higgins, Archie Shepp, Dudu Pukwana, John Stevens, Trevor Stevens, Dr. John, and Art "Shaki" Lewis. She became more active as an educator and ethnomusicologist in the 1980s and 1990s, gaining her master's in ethnomusicology in 1988 from the University of London. She has done mostly solo piano/vocal work in the 1990s, and opened her own bar in London, Jazzers. (Credit:

Lifestyle: keeps us up to date on all the hot happenings in Ghana

T.V presenter Jocelyn Dumas looking absolutely fabulous. One of Ghana Rising’s favourite Ghanaian style Icons…

Signer and fashion designer, Mimi Divalish looking fabulous with her newly short blonde tresses…. Go girl

Ghana Rising favourite, blogger Noelle Bonner ( is wearing a one shoulder Herve Leger dress, a silver Tory Buch Lizard handbag and Steve Madden Caryssa platform pumps -absolutely fabulous

Model Sermira Adams looking lovely...

I’m going to be brutally honest, I haven’t always liked or the way it functioned or some of its photos -but its ‘GMA's (Walk It Out ) images -above have warmed the cockles-of-my-heart.

Its so difficult as a blogger blogging about Ghana -whose real interests lays in fashion, beauty, society, the bright young things of Ghana, popular culture, art/culture, Ghana’s night life, GH lifestyle etc -to be soo limited in hot news/texts/images etc because I’m based in London and not Accra. Also its doubly difficult when the few who are hot in Ghana don’t share/write/blog about what’s really happening in Accra etc. Plus the few, bar Ameyaw Debrah -who do report on apparent ‘hot happenings in Ghana -are sooo not hot or current or even on-trend that it’s a shame. Anyway, its been a joy to stumble across the above images via my facebook page. Because its not often -you get useable, on-trend photos coming out of Ghana -or lovely images that show -us in the Diasporas -that even though Ghana is very much a third world country, surrounded by craziness/sadness/uprising on two sides of its borders -things are business as usual in GH -Amen.

A big up to all the lovely ladies above and a big thank you to TalkofGhana -keep up the good work -I’ll most definitely be keeping an eye on your website and photos via your facebook page. To see all the above photos and more visit: and &

History: The Kintampo Culture & Begho Era -I want to know more about our ancestors….

Ghana is the first African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence. This was in 1957. The colonial power was Britain. The Portuguese were the first to arrive and they they named the place where they settled as the Gold Coast. This became the name of the country till independence when it was changed to Ghana. British were not the first Europeans to arrive in Ghana but they were the last to leave. The capital of Ghana was moved from Cape Coast to Accra by the British in 1876.

Before it could adopt the motto of "One people, one nation, one destiny," Ghana experienced almost as many metamorphoses as man himself, witnessing, if not his birth, at least adolescence.

The oldest traces of sedentary habitation in Ghana date back 30,000 or 40,000 years along the coast, notably near Tema. Although little is known about the human beings who lived there, the very fact of their existence upsets the theories that only a few years ago maintained that West Africa had at the earliest begun to be inhabited only from the beginning of the Christian era.

Not only does it appear that Ghana was already inhabited more than two hundred centuries ago, but, in the Brong-Ahafo Region, close to the Black Volta, vestiges have now now emerged of a civilization dating from 1700 to 1500 B.C., referred to as the Kintampo culture.

The later probably lay between the Ivory Coast border, on the west, Lake Volta on the east, and between Kintampo on the south up to Ntereso on the north.

The representatives of this culture were tillers of the soil, livestock breeders, and fishermen, and by the end of the second millennium they had developed a naturalistic art. Who were they? Nobody knows, but the Akan people in the modern village of Hani and its environs speak of the interesting legend: they claim that their ancestors surged forth out the earth through a hole located some six kilometres outside the village, i.e., in the immediate vicinity of the sites belonging to the Kintampo culture.

There is a certain temptation to interpret this legend as a proof that the Akans' ancestors belonged to this ancient civilization. But hasty conclusions must be avoided. In addition, one kilometre from one of these twenty-five-century-old sites, a veritable city - Begho - is gradually emerging from the excavations. This is a much later settlement: carbon 14- dating has pinpointed the buildings as having been constructed between 1350 and 1750 A.D.

At what period did the Hani villagers' ancestors "come out of the ground?" Did this occur in the first or the second period? Is it possible that they have left the region for 2,500 years? Or is this a legend designed to justify a posteriori the occupancy of a conquered territory?

Be as it may, it seems unlikely that life came to a standstill between the period in which Kintampo flourished and the era when Begho was a marketplace frequented by northern caravans. In fact, it was during that period that the mighty empire of Ghana had the time to be born and to vanish.

The Empire of Ghana
Although the southern borders of this empire, which existed from the fourth to the eleventh century, were modified several times over, they never touched Ghana's present borders. At the most trade relations existed between the two regions. It is also possible that from time to time, following a rebellion or unrest over a succession, groups of dissidents may have migrated southward to escape retaliation and either intermarried with the autochthons or settled in nearby sites.


Sleek, Chic and Trendy & Ghana Fashion Awards Launched!

I've sent an email to Peter King Quaye (new to Ghana Rising radar) for more info about this event and hope to update you soon on venue, the designers involved/ the models etc. In the mean time if you want more info or to take part -he can be reached at:

The following info come via: African Business at:

ACCRA, GH (May 6th 2011). The secret is out! Ghana Fashion Awards – Sleek, Chic and Trendy, is here! This gem of an event in Ghana will recognize the most prestigious and trendsetting designers of all time for the first time in Ghana. Ghana Fashion Awards will showcase a delightful spectacle of the latest collection of fashion and accessories of exceptional young and old Ghanaian designers internationally and from across the country. This “fashionista” event will be launched on Friday 6th May, 2011. Stay chic for more details. This event is being organized by Fashion Xpo.

More than 30 fashion designers across the continent, including majority of Ghana’s fashion designers, will have their couture work showcased at the Ghana Fashion Awards. Ghana Fashion Awards (GFA) will showcase the brightest fashion talents in Ghana. This event will not only highlight creativity and innovativeness, but will look at their passion beyond fabric and colour. This will be an encouragement for young fashion designers to bring fun and life into the fashion industry of Ghana and also provide networking platform for all designers/fashion lovers to network and share ideas to promote their business. This exclusive celebration aims also to place a spotlight on these creative individuals who to date have been largely ignored by the mainstream fashion industry.

This unique event will come off in 28th August 2011, which will boast of luminaries from the fashion, media and business industry. A star-studded line up is expected with great entertainment and glamorous catwalk shows where designers will showcase their collections, creativity, passions and greatness.

Top fashion houses are increasingly embracing the Ghanaian fashion influences, and top Ghanaian designers are making names for themselves internationally. We hope that the Ghana Fashion Awards will give a new generation of Ghanaian fashion designers based in Ghana and outside Ghana an opportunity to showcase their creations, increase their brand awareness and encourage up and coming designers.

To discuss modelling at the event, sponsorship or exhibition opportunities please contact PeterKing Quaye
Event Marketing & Media Manager ‐ Ghana Fashion Awards

Credit: African Business at:

Fashion Xpo launches 'Sleek, Chic and Trendy' on Friday 6th May 2011

Ghana Fashion Awards, an event aimed at recognizing the most prestigious and trendsetting designers of all time for the first time in Ghana is here with us.

The event will showcase a delightful spectacle of the latest collection of fashion and accessories of exceptional young and old internationally recognized as well as locally based Ghanaian designers.

This fashionista event which is being organised by Fashion Xpo will be launched on Friday May 6, 2011.

More than 30 fashion designers across the continent, including majority of Ghana's fashion designers, will have their couture work showcased at the ceremony.

This event themed: Sleek, Chic and Trendy will not only highlight creativity and innovativeness, it will also look at their passion beyond fabric and colour.

This will be an encouragement for young fashion designers to bring fun and life into the fashion industry of Ghana and also provide a networking platform for all designers and fashion lovers to share ideas to promote their business.
This exclusive celebration also aims at placing a spotlight on these creative individuals who, to date, have been largely ignored by the mainstream fashion industry.

This year’s event will come off on August 28, 2011, and it will boast of luminaries from the fashion, media and business industry.

It is expected to draw great entertainment and glamour on the runway where designers will showcase their collections, creativity, passions and greatness.

Organisers say, they “hope that the Ghana Fashion Awards will give a new generation of Ghanaian fashion designers based in Ghana and outside Ghana an opportunity to showcase their creations, increase their brand awareness and encourage up and coming designers.
****  Many of you know I’m working on a serious piece about the way business is done in the so called Ghanaian fashion industry -and I’m afraid it not going to be pretty. I only stumbled across the above piece by accident and I’m shocked. What media outlet was used to expose this event? Press releases sent to all relevant media outlets -me thinks not. Anyway I wish this event all the success and truly hope that the likes of real movers and shakers in Ghana’s very small high-end fashion industry like uber models: Belinda Baidoo, Kate Tachie-Menson, -catwalk/model trainer: Ernest Osei etc and maybe L’Oreal to do the make-up maybe -are all on board

Anas Aremeyaw Anas -A National Hero….

Warning, some of the stories featured may break your heart -and cause you to get on a plane to Ghana, and maybe make a difference…

Horror! Apparently this children’s home is now closed but I wonder, where are these children now? And do they have loving human beings looking after them? I shudder to think of Ghana’s future if these unloved/ uncared for/ abandoned children are its future citizens/teachers/mothers/fathers/care givers. Lets all do our bit…


Ghana's Madhouse Story by Anas Aremeyaw Anas

I don’t for one second believe that these inmates are having the time of their lives. But I do believe that they are not a priority in Ghana and we hurt them/abuse them/ ignore them all at our peril.
Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ ENEMIES OF THE NATION is a must watch…

**Wanting to know more about Ghana's premier investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, I stumbled across the following film clips via YouTube and I thank God for his life…I wonder what has been done about the above horrors?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fashion: Kwasi Gyasi on

Occupation: director of strategic branding and business development for MyUberLife

Kwasi is a quiet deep thinker – it doesn’t seem that he does anything without a lot of thought, including getting dressed. His favorite activity is reading – it’s “medicine for the mind” for him. I love Kwasi’s army/mechanic jumpsuit turned “gentleman” with a flannel shirt buttoned up and a tweed newsboy cap, and the way he wears white jeans in the winter rolled up into knickers. He brings new life to a classic button-down shirt with his zippered harem pants and to the tried and true desert boots by cuffing his jeans above the ankle. Kwasi and his business partner Jey Van-Sharp come to fashion, art, and music in their strategic marketing and branding business from brainy majors such as economics, physics, marketing, mathematics, architecture, mechanical engineering, and philosophy between them. Kwasi says that he is inspired by the whiff of opportunity, the dream of what is to come, and the possibility of determining the end-point in the distance. (Film & Text from:

You can check out Kwasi Gyasi’s own website at:

NYC based MyÜberLife, also known as MÜL, creates opportunities for clients active in fashion, music, and the arts. We provide business management, creative direction, branding, and strategic marketing services that transform our client's ideas into profitable business initiatives. Dive-in to an expression of our logic and creativity in the cultural economy

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Marian Kihogo is interviewed on Vogue Black..

"I am dreaming of taking some time off to volunteer my efforts towards philanthropic caused in Ghana. The ones that work with children are closest to my heart." Marian Kihogo

***Very sweet, real and a joy to read -you can check it out at:

You can keep up with all Marian Kihogo’s happenings via:

Casely-Hayford S/S 2011 ‘The Light Through The Darkness’ Collection….

Another fabulous collection from the father and son duo, -how hot is the model? Who is he? For more info visit:

Music: Visit BiGxGh.Com for Everything Ghana Music…..

If you think the Ghanaian music industry is all about: Asem, Becca, the gorgeous Nana Boroo and OJ Blaq then you are wrong. New-kids-on-the-block like: Whizzle Beats, The Sensational Trio and St. Janarius and more -are hotting up Ghana’s airwaves. So if you want to be kept abreast of Ghana‘s hottest recording artists, on upcoming events or to download D-Black’s ‘Team Spirit‘ featuring Dee Money or Efya’s ‘Nothing Nu’ and much more -visit:

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The African Regent Hotel, Accra Ghana’s latest Ad campaign for Easter fun is fabulous..

Offering the jet-setting ‘Afropolitan’ a fantastic Easter Holiday Package for only $300 GHC, comprising of: Complimentary room upgrade,  Complimentary early check-in and late check-out, Complimentary Cinema tickets, Afropolitan memoir, Kids stay free and Easter Monday egg hunt inclusive –deal, the African Regent Hotel, Accra is most definitely the place to be this Easter 2011. For more information visit:

Fashion: Edward Armah’s Luxe Bowties

I’ve been meaning to do a piece about bowtie guru, Edward Armah forever, -and happily stumbled across the above editorial piece in Arise magazine. Edward’s uber luxe, silk/cashmere/velvet bowties are worn style connoisseurs like kanye West and Jay-Z and are available for purchase via:

Edward Enninful in Vogue USA April 2011 Issue

“His stark uniform of white Givenchy button-down, black gap jeans, and Culter & Gross frames suggest his sense of discipline, while wild jungle print pyjamas made from Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis collection reveal a streak of vibrant eccentricity. The Ghana-born, London-raised Vogue Contributing Editor talks about the things inspiring him this month –whether a classic Goyard print valise, 1970s-inspired silhouettes at marc Jacobs, the sultry 1960’s muse Brigitte Bardot, or a radiant Yves Saint Laurent gold wedge.” Vogue USA

**There’s a lovely piece about uber stylist, Edward Enninful in the April issue of Vogue USA. We find out that Edwards travel essentials are Prada cologne and Embryolisse skin lotion.

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Music: Akua Boateng aka Akuiyah’s cover of Chris brown’s ‘Deuces’ is hot…

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this...

‘Special Something’ by Akua Boateng aka Akuiyah is pretty special….

**A Ghana Rising fav, the ever beautiful Akua Boateng aka Akuiyah’s self penned ‘Special Something’ is pretty special -don’t you think? I love this young lady’s verve and truly believe that she’s the next big thing. You can find out more about this fabulous songster at: 

Fashion: Malaika Designs

Honestly, I don’t know much about Malaika Designs or Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe, its designer -all I know is that I’ve been meaning to do a piece about this yummy label for ever, -visited its website last year, was unable to copy the images of there and just left it. Anyway, its popped up on my list of designers/things/stuff/people/places to write about for Ghana Rising, -plus I love the designs. The designer is based in Germany and can be contacted via her website at:

You can also buy Malaika Designs from:

Music: 'M3s3 Hmmm' by Okomfo Kwadee

The latest from the ever gorgeous Okomfo Kwadee. Its good to hear from this beloved artist.

Beauty: Karen Cummings-Palmer’s beauty Blog…

Ghana Rising favourite, Karen Cummings-Palmer of Core London fame has a beauty blog -and its well worth a visit. The ever fabulous Ghanaian/Sierra Leonean offers the latest on all things relevant and on-trend in the beauty industry. You can viist her blog here:

Music: Ebo Taylor an Icon…

Shot by Tom Bass during January 2010 over a set of Ebo Taylor performances with Afrobeat Academy, this film provides an interesting look on and off stage at this legend. The title track of his new album "Love And Death," recorded with Afrobeat Academy, figures prominently. (YouTube)

Men's Fashion: T.M.Lewin stores in Accra, Ghana

Where does the stylish man-about-town go to buy his shirts in Ghana? He heads straight to Accra Mall, to T.M.Lewin for quality shirts, suits, ties, cufflinks and more! For more info about shirt connoisseurs T.M.Lewin stores in Ghana visit their latest store in Osu at: 4, 15th Lane Osu R.E

Or visit...
T.M.Lewin (Ghana)
Shop G38
at Accra Mall Tetteh Quarshie
Accra, Ghana
030 282 3106

Note, like their brother stores in the UK, T.M.Lewin (Ghana) also stocks women’s attire.