Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yaa Ataa Couture Bags at Fashion Mist 2011.....

I've written about Yaa Ataa Couture Bags’ -exquisite handmade clutches in the past but I have now had the pleasure of seeing them up close and personal -and I love them even more. The Yaa Ataa Couture Bags’ collection is a plethora of well made, bold, elegant clutches made with beautiful Kentes sourced from Ghana, with jewelled clasps -and totes of all sizes made with the boldest, funkiest African fabrics, -with wooden handles, -making them a must-have staple for the fashionable wardrobe. Prices start from £5.00 for a Naa iphone case. For more info about Yaa Ataa Couture Bags visit:
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  1. I must say I am in love with the Yaa Ataa brand. All power to the creator, Miss. Wiafe who is lovely too. Hope it goes far.

    Although I'd prefer the kente ones without 'gems', I think it would make them look classier.