Monday, 18 April 2011

Sleek, Chic and Trendy & Ghana Fashion Awards Launched!

I've sent an email to Peter King Quaye (new to Ghana Rising radar) for more info about this event and hope to update you soon on venue, the designers involved/ the models etc. In the mean time if you want more info or to take part -he can be reached at:

The following info come via: African Business at:

ACCRA, GH (May 6th 2011). The secret is out! Ghana Fashion Awards – Sleek, Chic and Trendy, is here! This gem of an event in Ghana will recognize the most prestigious and trendsetting designers of all time for the first time in Ghana. Ghana Fashion Awards will showcase a delightful spectacle of the latest collection of fashion and accessories of exceptional young and old Ghanaian designers internationally and from across the country. This “fashionista” event will be launched on Friday 6th May, 2011. Stay chic for more details. This event is being organized by Fashion Xpo.

More than 30 fashion designers across the continent, including majority of Ghana’s fashion designers, will have their couture work showcased at the Ghana Fashion Awards. Ghana Fashion Awards (GFA) will showcase the brightest fashion talents in Ghana. This event will not only highlight creativity and innovativeness, but will look at their passion beyond fabric and colour. This will be an encouragement for young fashion designers to bring fun and life into the fashion industry of Ghana and also provide networking platform for all designers/fashion lovers to network and share ideas to promote their business. This exclusive celebration aims also to place a spotlight on these creative individuals who to date have been largely ignored by the mainstream fashion industry.

This unique event will come off in 28th August 2011, which will boast of luminaries from the fashion, media and business industry. A star-studded line up is expected with great entertainment and glamorous catwalk shows where designers will showcase their collections, creativity, passions and greatness.

Top fashion houses are increasingly embracing the Ghanaian fashion influences, and top Ghanaian designers are making names for themselves internationally. We hope that the Ghana Fashion Awards will give a new generation of Ghanaian fashion designers based in Ghana and outside Ghana an opportunity to showcase their creations, increase their brand awareness and encourage up and coming designers.

To discuss modelling at the event, sponsorship or exhibition opportunities please contact PeterKing Quaye
Event Marketing & Media Manager ‐ Ghana Fashion Awards

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