Monday, 18 April 2011

Lifestyle: keeps us up to date on all the hot happenings in Ghana

T.V presenter Jocelyn Dumas looking absolutely fabulous. One of Ghana Rising’s favourite Ghanaian style Icons…

Signer and fashion designer, Mimi Divalish looking fabulous with her newly short blonde tresses…. Go girl

Ghana Rising favourite, blogger Noelle Bonner ( is wearing a one shoulder Herve Leger dress, a silver Tory Buch Lizard handbag and Steve Madden Caryssa platform pumps -absolutely fabulous

Model Sermira Adams looking lovely...

I’m going to be brutally honest, I haven’t always liked or the way it functioned or some of its photos -but its ‘GMA's (Walk It Out ) images -above have warmed the cockles-of-my-heart.

Its so difficult as a blogger blogging about Ghana -whose real interests lays in fashion, beauty, society, the bright young things of Ghana, popular culture, art/culture, Ghana’s night life, GH lifestyle etc -to be soo limited in hot news/texts/images etc because I’m based in London and not Accra. Also its doubly difficult when the few who are hot in Ghana don’t share/write/blog about what’s really happening in Accra etc. Plus the few, bar Ameyaw Debrah -who do report on apparent ‘hot happenings in Ghana -are sooo not hot or current or even on-trend that it’s a shame. Anyway, its been a joy to stumble across the above images via my facebook page. Because its not often -you get useable, on-trend photos coming out of Ghana -or lovely images that show -us in the Diasporas -that even though Ghana is very much a third world country, surrounded by craziness/sadness/uprising on two sides of its borders -things are business as usual in GH -Amen.

A big up to all the lovely ladies above and a big thank you to TalkofGhana -keep up the good work -I’ll most definitely be keeping an eye on your website and photos via your facebook page. To see all the above photos and more visit: and &

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