Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fashion: Kwasi Gyasi on

Occupation: director of strategic branding and business development for MyUberLife

Kwasi is a quiet deep thinker – it doesn’t seem that he does anything without a lot of thought, including getting dressed. His favorite activity is reading – it’s “medicine for the mind” for him. I love Kwasi’s army/mechanic jumpsuit turned “gentleman” with a flannel shirt buttoned up and a tweed newsboy cap, and the way he wears white jeans in the winter rolled up into knickers. He brings new life to a classic button-down shirt with his zippered harem pants and to the tried and true desert boots by cuffing his jeans above the ankle. Kwasi and his business partner Jey Van-Sharp come to fashion, art, and music in their strategic marketing and branding business from brainy majors such as economics, physics, marketing, mathematics, architecture, mechanical engineering, and philosophy between them. Kwasi says that he is inspired by the whiff of opportunity, the dream of what is to come, and the possibility of determining the end-point in the distance. (Film & Text from:

You can check out Kwasi Gyasi’s own website at:

NYC based MyÜberLife, also known as MÜL, creates opportunities for clients active in fashion, music, and the arts. We provide business management, creative direction, branding, and strategic marketing services that transform our client's ideas into profitable business initiatives. Dive-in to an expression of our logic and creativity in the cultural economy

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