Friday, 28 October 2011

The Azonto dance craze is set to take over the world….


Azonto with style…. I can watch this all day …fabulous

Ghana’s future president -give him a salute when you see him…

One for the ladies….fabulous!!!

If you’ve been to a Ghana party lately (yes I still call them Ghana parties -at my age) -and thought the people on the dance floor were all Apateche drinkers, --don’t…. they’re doing the latest dance -the ‘Azonto’, and the craze has taken possession of the Ghanaian nation!!! Enjoy the clips above

P.s …no wonder the BBC named Ghana/Ghanaians as one of the top 10 -happiest nations/people on earth …and it will stay that way -until our Lord comes back..Amen xxx

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