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Duaba Serwa, Christie Brown and KIKI Clothing show at Africa Fashion Week 2011

Label: Duaba Serwa
Designer: Nelly Aboagye
Nelly Aboagye was originally inspired to pursue a career in fashion through the arts and crafts teachings of her mother. She then went on to study graphic design, textiles and art, before changing to nursing. After graduating from the University of Ghana, she re-entered the creative space with the label, Duaba Serwa.

As a designer, she has adopted the saying “La mode se de’ mode” by Jean Paul Gaultier, meaning “Fashion goes out of Fashion”. The comment represents her desire to be versatile and innovative as a designer.

Nelly’s latest collection, entitled “Five Notes in Moments” aims to play on several different style notes: bold colours, African prints, futuristic structures, timeless glamour and masterful tailoring.

The latest Duaba Serwa collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011 at 18.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Twitter: @DuabaSerwa

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The Duaba Serwa fashion label is new to Ghana Rising! Although Ghana Rising has celebrated Duaba Serwa’s jewellery line, her delectable garments are all together something new, and I’m very impressed as its my favourite collection from the whole of Africa Fashion Week! Cute and sexy, girly and grown-up, Duaba Serwa offered new comers to her fashion label like myself, glimpses into her many personalities. From the youthful pretty girly dresses to va-va-voom show stoppers like the black body-con top and mini skirt with sequin details, and black body-con long sleeve top with gold pearls details and bold patterned full skirt, the Duaba Serwa Spring/Summer 2012 collection is to-live-for. I love it paaa and predict big things for Nelly Aboagye and Team Duaba Serwa.

Label: Christie Brown
Designer: Aisha Oboubi
Aisha Oboubi’s passion for fashion started at an early age. The brand was founded in March 2008, hitting the runway for the first time in Accra, Ghana and has since won multiple awards at various fashion weeks across the globe. The name is is inspired by the memory of Aisha’s grandmother, Christie Brown, a seamstress who introduced the designer to fashion at a young age.

The Christie Brown designs cater to contemporary African women with a distinctive use of colour, all inspired by African culture and art. Her collections range from innovative tailored gowns to beautiful statement pieces and accessories.

Currently sold out of the Christie Brown studio in Ghana, in a boutique in Lagos and online, the label is accessible to the African market.

The latest Christie Brown collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011, at 18.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Twitter: @_christiebrown

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The best collection from Christie Brown to date. Grown up and elegant, the collection is inspired by the Talensi Tribe in northern Ghana was made using the very best fabrics (it shows) and divinely cut, offered one elegant dress after another must-have skirt with slit-to-the-thigh details -after a host gorgeous tops -making this collection a must for any successful wardrobe. The two main colours, I think its neon green or yellow and her signature blue, made for a light, fresh, springy -yet powerful collection. An inspired collection, -I’m predicting Christie Brown’s opening jacket is the only jacket to be seen in next season.

Label: KIKI Clothing
Designer: Titi Ademola
Creative Director and Founder, Titi Ademola studied fashion at the London College of Fashion and the American Inter-continental University and has worked for internationally renowned labels, Burberry and for Betsey Johnson.

Despite her global experience and training, her primary focus has always been to promote ‘Made in Ghana’ designs. The label manufactures all of its products in Ghana and Ademola is passionate about promoting Africa to the rest of the world through her fashion.

Ademola makes use of African textiles, vibrant colours and Afro-centric prints to create easy and wearable garments. The KIKI Clothing label caters for both adults and children and incorporates a range of items from clothing to footware. Ademola draws her inspiration from everyday people and a variety of different cultures, particularly her own African heritage.

The latest KIKI Clothing collection will be shown at Africa Fashion Week 2011, at 17.30 on Friday, 21 October 2011.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Unfortunately the above photo is the only one available via the official Africa Fashion website, so I know very little about the KIKI Clothing S/S 2012 collection. From the one ensemble above, its lovely and playful, well made with a touch of whimsy, I’m guessing that KIKI Clothing’s latest collection is a winner!

The Front Row….

South Africans get fashion, don’t they? The get that the front row of any noteworthy fashion show is just as important as the collection and models it showcases -something I’ve yet to see in Ghana.

The front row of Africa Fashion Week 2011 (in Johannesburg) was made up of its finest socialites & It girls, actors, celebrates and uber insiders -including: my old London College of Fashion lecturer -Shaun (I can‘t remember his surname), Vanity Fair’s Editor-at-Large Michael Roberts and supermodel Ajuma. For more details about Africa Fashion Week 2011 visit its official website at:

*****All images by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

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