Monday, 24 October 2011

Ghana -the only governmental website that works…in 2011

If like myself you’ve ever tried to contact any of Ghana’s various governmental agencies -you’ll know for sure that no one will EVER get back to you, -that its near impossible for the person who picks up the phone to know anything about ‘Marketing and Promotion’ -never mind know the relevant person(s) responsible with regards to marketing or press enquires etc, etc!

Anyway I write because whilst I was reading stats about Ghana via the ever fabulous: -I stumbled across the following link to: -and OMGOODNESS, its beautiful and I can’t believe it! There is none of the usual ugliness you get with other Ghanaian governmental websites, or the threat of contracting spam/viruses -sent to wipe out your entire hotmail account -or links that don’t work -can you imagine?

Neat, clean, well designed and functioning correctly, Ghana is a must read. Well written and uber current, I truly don’t know why other governmental websites haven’t followed suit. The various (why they need so many I’ll never know) horrible Ghana Tourism Board websites -sorry they’ve changed their name (????) to Ghana Tourism Authority, I found this out via Ghana (thank Heavens for this website) -could do with getting the design team/graphic designers/journalists/PR firm/media agencies -behind Ghana to do their website -ASAP!!

Do visit Ghana at: to keep abreast of all the ermmm whatever happenings back home. I’ve yet to TRY and make contact with the folks/agency behind this fabulous website but will do so soon -and will mos-def keep you in da LOOP as to whether its all Couture ball gown and no knickers or they really mean business. Have a Blessed day -whilst I get some much needed sleep. Peace xxx

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