Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot blog Alert: Adjoa Gharban’s ‘This is an Alaia’ Blog is a must read...

"I can never get a full skirt long enough to satisfy my tastes. Here Ashley Olsen demonstrates the advantages of being the size of an actual nymph, plus this outfit is just killer." Adjoa Gharban

I’m a big fan of Adjoa Gharban. A serious fashionista, there isn’t much that La Gharban doesn’t know about fashion! I know her professionally and respect her talent and her ability to share all the latest happenings with aplomb. She has real insider knowledge and if you’re thinking that her blog’s going to be all typical-fashion-girl-up-tight-ness….its not! Adjoa has a fabulous sense of humour -and peppers her writing with some laugh-out-loud lightness…. keeping her readers going back for more. To keep up with all of Adjoa Gharban’s fabulous fashion happenings visit:

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