Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ghana Rising Hearts June Sarpong

I first met June Sarpong many, many moons ago -when I was an intern at British Elle and she was and still is -lovely. The meeting is so vivid because it took place at one of my favourite-est hotels, The Hempel Hotel (not that I can afford, The Hempel Hotel –but it was so sleek and uber minimalist, –and a place -I am one day, ‘going-to-stay-in’ -please God). June was with her cousin (who was doing her hair) and her make-up artist, –and they were all so lovely, -especially June, –who likes ‘a’ laugh. And this ‘ray of sunshine’ –had me in stitches all morning. But, I also learnt about –excellence that day. I learnt -that no one wakes up, and just 'becomes' a presenter [on British Television]. That, to achieve what June Sarpong has achieved on TV –does not happen over night [nor a small feat]. She was professional, disciplined, sharp [very sharp-witted] and knew her stuff -and much more. June has achieved so much [far too much for me to list] but I am always inspired when I remember that 'our' June has interviewed; Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Gordon Brown [to name a few]. June is also political -and is passionate about issues that effect the ordinary man -especially young people. Her, 'Politics and the city' website was launched last year -to encourage young people to get interested in politics and can be viewed at:

La Sarpong is neat. Her style is all about good grooming, cute dresses and that mega-wattage smile. A fan of quality high street apparel, cute designer dresses and Christian Louboutin shoes, -June has designers knocking down her door to dress her [ June is tiny folks, –one of the few people I know, -that can fit perfectly -into [designer] sample size]. And whether she is 'red hot' on the red carpet or laid back in a t-shirt and jeans combo –she always looks fabulous.

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