Monday, 12 April 2010

Ethical Fashion: Adwoa Adu’s Arm Candy Casa boutique......

***We are under no illusions at Ghana Rising that whilst we are celebrating: the Ghanaian Glitterati, fabulous lifestyles, fashion, beauty, design and all the yummy happenings of the Ghanaian community etc –that many of our fellow Ghanaian brothers and sisters -would have gone to bed with very little food in their stomach last night –and for this we are truly sorry; -and thus we love entrepreneurs like Adwoa Adu, -who have managed to create successful businesses by marrying commerce and development! Ms Adu holds a Masters in Microfinance and after a stint in Japan, returned to Ghana to volunteer as a small business development trainer with Canadian Crossroads International. It was through her experience helping women to build businesses in Africa that inspired her yummy boutique - ‘Arm Candy Casa’.

‘Arm Candy Casa’ carries fashionable fair-trade items [handbags, shoes and a large collection of on-trend accessories] created by artisans in the developing world –enabling them to get a fairer price for their goods/designs.....For more information about ‘Arm Candy Casa’ boutique please visit:

Arm Candy Casa
4 Elm St
M5G 1G7
Tel: 416-916-7888

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