Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fashion Designer on the RISE: Beatrice Korlekie Newman

“I was brought up in an African culture which introduced me to a diversity of rich textiles and colour. This has been a significant factor intriguing me to learn more about fashion and how I could translate the richness of textiles and colour into unique modern clothes. My general interest in, and love for fashion as well as my flair in creating fabrics has allowed me to challenge deep-seated ideas and concepts in fashion.”      Beatrice Korlekie Newman

The Korlekie collection has taken my breath away!! Honestly, I haven’t been moved since the elegant and beautifully made capsule collection by Adjoa Osei -and Beatrice Korlekie Newman’s Korlekie label has me swooning again.

A celebrity favourite, the Korlekie label is worn by the likes of uber fashionistas Shinghai Shoniwa, of The Noisettes and Alesha Dixon. With touches of Julian Macdonald’s knitwear past and a dash of Christopher Kane inspired sexiness -Beatrice Korlekie Newman has managed to create a very scrumptious, uber luxe embellished grownup clothes for hot-in-control women and I’m crazy about it. I’ll be getting in touch with Ms Newman to find out more about her and her collection but in the mean time you can visit: to find out more about Ghana Rising's new label crush. Watch this space, I predict big things for Beatrice Korlekie Newman….

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