Friday, 18 May 2012

Jackie Appiah wears a JiL dress to the 65th Cannes Film Festival…

I’ve been doing my utmost to find the original photographs of popular Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah (Aygemang), as the ones (also above) doing their rounds on the internet look a bit grainy.. I’ve tired Zimbio -to no avail -so I’m wondering if it was taken by her own personal photographer??

I then tried to locate her own website -also to no avail, -her is inactive; then I visited her official face book(s) pages -but quality photographs from said event were not yet uploaded, -so sorry folks but after a couple of days of looking for better copies of actress Jackie Appiah wearing a Kente maxi dress by JiL to this year’s Cannes Film Festival -I’m going to have to give you the same ole, same ole grainy pictures that been paraded round Blogland..

***I would have loved the dress to have been longer on her, anyway she looks her Jackie Appiah best, and her smile says it all, -she had a ball…

Jackie Appiah’s a big fan of the JiL fashion label and is often photographed wearing their lovely dresses. The picture below is of the actress wearing another one of their designs. For more info about JiL Boutique visit:

For more info about Jackie Appiah visit: (The best)


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