Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ghana Meets Niaja 2012 -Courtesy of Ghana


Kwaw Kese and Dadie Opanka


Nigeria’s M. I

4 x 4


Nigeria’s beautiful songstress Tiwa Savage...


Mugeez of R2 Bees

Footballer John Paintsil and friend…

Desmond D Black Blackmore and Vera with friends

******I’ve never seen anything like it!!!!

I’ve seen some things via Ghana with regards to the Ghana Meets Niaja 2012 concert that I really didn’t want to see -and I’m soooo shocked!!!

My goodness we Ghanaians/Africans are soo special!!!!! There are beautiful women stuck at home in England who can’t go out because they believe they are ugly or fat or both (the devil is having a laugh with them) and then there are girls back home -who are free, confident and happy to show off their bodies REGARDLESS of shape, size or whatever, -and I find this soooo amazing.

Its good that a woman wakes up and feels confident -its truly empowering and beautiful -but and there’s a but here; -it matters that you put your best foot forward -and it matters that even if you can’t see your own behind, -that your girlfriends tell you the truth -and help you visa-versa to look your best…

Anyway,  its good to know that Ghana Rising has another photo bank to access pictures of Ghanaian celebrities… For more info about Ghana visit:

P.s some of the comments posted under these photos and more (I’m afraid some were not right to put on La blog) -are the most wicked comments I’ve ever read…My goodness

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