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Next Big Thing: Odiseas Georgiadis

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: When I was in the second years of secondary school, I sort of went out with Christos [C], -one of the hottest boys in my school for about three days, and you know how -three days when you’re a twelve year old feels like a lifetime, -well it was enough time to wonder what mine and my gorgeous Greek boyfriend’s baby would look like -and now I know!!!
16 year old, singer, songwriter and actor -Odiseas Georgiadis was born in Ghana to a Ghanaian mother and a Grecian father, -and came to prominence when he took part in ‘The Voice’ -that fabulous music show that has all of us talking -in September [2012].

Currently residing in Brookly, NY with his family, Odiseas Georgiadis is currently recording, -and I truly believe in his talent. I see a very bright future for Odiseas Georgiadis and hope to see him on this side of the pond -soon..

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Odiseas Georgiadis. Odiseas is a Indie/Neo Soul Artist with a unique sound, that you've never heard. New original music and covers on the way.

Singer and actor, Odiseas Georgiadis is from Ghana, West Africa, born in the city of Tema. His mother is Ghanian and biological father is Grecian. He moved to the United States when he was six years old. living in Brooklyn, New York.

Odiseas Georgiadis didn’t discover his calling for music until him and his younger brother, Ippokratis, were moved from Ghana to Brooklyn, New York. Odiseas Geor

giadis began listening to and looking up to different artists like Chris Brown, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Julia Stone, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Those artists helped shape Odiseas musically. His style of singing is very unique. It is hard to categorize him in a specific genre, even though, it has been called neo-soul.

Not only is Odiseas Georgiadis a singer, he has done a lot of acting gigs under Shirley Grant Management. He has been featured on several commercials for big names like Apple Ipod, Hamburger Helper, Subways, and Nickelodeon. Recently, he guest starred in three episodes of the Robert DeNiro produced show NYC 22 on CBS. Although, he loves to act, singing will always be his first love. “Music has always pulled me in because of how it can bring people together no matter who you are,” said Odiseas Georgiadis.

While pursuing his music and acting career, he is enrolled in the High School for Performing Arts in Manhattan. Odiseas Georgiadis wants to share his art with you, the World.

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