Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Is Nana Addo Tamakloe’s Confidence International Model Agency about to change the face of Ghana’s embryonic Fashion Industry?

Amanda at Confidence International Model Agency….

Amanda is 5ft10 from Ghana. A perfect dress size 6/8UK.


Clarissa at Confidence International Model Agency….

Clarissa is 5ft10 from Ghana. A perfect dress size 8UK

Mary Sak

Could Mary Sak be Ghana’s Next Top Model?

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Last year I stumbled across the above photograph of one of the most stunning girls I’d seen in a long while, I think she is called Mary Sak and there was a real buzz about her –and the fact that she was on Confidence Models’ books!!!!

Anyway I made a note of said model, she definitely has the whole ‘super-in-the-making’ package (well from the above photo anyway). So I was Facebooking –as you do, and stumble upon Confidence Models FB page today and saw the following message:

“Hi Guys, We are sorry to break to you that in April 2013, we will be breaking all ties and attempts to reassemble Confidence in UK and fully launch with a whole new set of models and advanced presentation in Africa, Ghana, whom we will ensure go international. We are proud of all the faces we discovered, a lot of them that are now modelling internationally, and also grateful to the clients that made it possible for a new agency like ours to achieve so much in 3/4years. We are aware some of the CMM fb page fans are here in support of our UK activities and won't be excited about the changes. For those that wish to keep with our progress, watch us revolutionize fashion modelling in Ghana, Africa, April 2013. We hope this answers the messaged we have been receiving. “

Sooo…..I don’t know if it’s a case of ‘another one bites the dust’ but that Nana Addo Tamakloe, the tenuous guy behind Confidence Models, it later became  Confidence International, seems to have gotten the bug(like everyone else)  –and looks like he’s ready to launch his model agency exclusively in Ghana!!! And I think this is very good news for the Ghanaian fashion industry, as he knows his stuff!!!

I’ve had dealings with Nana in the past, once concerning the very beautiful Alethea Van Der Puije Quartey and also when we needed models for the late Princess Diana Awards fashion show –and approach this agency!!!

Nonetheless I feel for Nana!!! Not only is Ghana’s fashion industry not fully formed, but whilst UK models know all about keeping themselves looking chic/neat (no weird weaves, no plaits, no weird make-up, looking after their skin, eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising, waxing, going to castings in simple t-shirt and jeans and not maame water dresses etc) –Ghana like most developing countries –is a different ball game!!! Still, I believe that we [Ghana] are ready –and Nana Addo Tamakloe will do well.

In fact I know he’s going to do well because I’ve already spied two girls, Clarissa and Amanda, and I truly believe that with some editing –they can go far!!!. **Unfortunately I didn’t see the uber striking Mary Sak on the Confidence International model agency board [???]

For more info or to book Clarissa and Amanda visit: http://www.confidencemodels.com/
Do LIKE their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ConfidenceModels


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