Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Spirit: Waiting for 'Miracles' in the Wilderness........

Keep Calm A New Thing is Coming..........

Take your eyes off your situation and keep your eyes on God and watch Him turn your situation around. There are many of you who are in a weary, dry, tough, struggling, and hopeless place. You've allowed the circumstances of your trial that God promised He will bring out of overtake you. Your faith has decreased because of the wait. Your mind has come to the conclusion that God is not a man of His word. You trusted God when He gave you the promise but because He didn't act immediately the spirit of doubt entered your mind.
There are many of you who are fed up, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, tired, and want to throw in the towel. I'm here to tell you to stay in the course. Don't give up! Don't waver but trust His word and know that He'll come through for you. Stop depending on your resources and look to the source, Jesus Christ. When God sees you have all the answers He'll turn His ear from you until you fully surrender to Him. You have to trust God without a shadow of doubt when what you prayed for doesn't come to past you'll know, He's still faithful because He has something better in store for you. God is turning your situation around. You cannot see because your mind is focusing on your circumstances and not looking into the spirit. God's word does not come back void.
When He promises you something He doesn't give you the full details because He's testing your patience. He wants to test how you will respond during the wait. Will you still pray? Will you still give thanks? Will you still worship? Will still praise Him? Will you still be faithful? Time may be moving slow in your eyes but understand He's preparing you, equipping you, molding you, and shaping you. When He finally give you what He promised you'll appreciate the promise more than Him immediately giving it to you. When He delivers you from a stronghold or situation you'll recall how long you had to endure the suffering to know you're not going back to your past.


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