Monday, 28 December 2009

The Chart Show, OBE TV [Sky Digital 207] and Talentless jagger jaggers letting down Ghana ...-I'm not having it!

I was pleasantly surprised with a new show on OBE TV called The Chart Show -this Christ Birthday. It was presented by beautiful newcomer, Foxy [Foxy Nana I think, –sorry there's nothing about her on OBE TV website]. This gorgeous girl was a ‘breath-of-fresh-air’ –and presented the show with an eloquent lightness that I feel has been missing on OBE [of late]. There was none of the Mokola market, desperate craziness that usually greets you with OBE presenters [off cause ‘Sports with Kwaku’ presenter Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, Freedom Walk and God’s Gentleman –are fabulous]. The Chart show is produced by a company called Fineline Production –and can be seen at the weekends on OBE TV [Sky Digital 207].

**I would like to take this opportunity to say just how much I appreciate OBE TV. And even though, -I feel that ‘if you haven’t got anything positive to say about a topic –you shouldn't’t say anything’ –it would appear that our beloved OBE TV is struggling of late…[I pray that Mr. Bernard Ampaw and team OBE get a financial break through in 2010 -Amen]. Anyway, I hope that OBE TV will continue to produce more programs of this caliber -and hopefully acquire more advertising –and thus be able to push forward.

Note; I feel that what is going on with OBE TV -is what is going on in the world of Media/Arts/Entertainment in Ghana [and in the Ghanaian community] on the whole. It would seem -we just don’t have the finances or the togetherness needed to truly get behind: products/services/goods made by our ‘own’ –and thus we have pockets of our ‘people’ struggling to deliver goods/services etc -to an unsupportive public.

Two –where are all the successful Ghanaians, –and why aren’t they helping/assisting/mentoring/financing -some of these great ventures/enterprises that truly benefit Ghana and the Ghanaian community?

Three –but my biggest gripe is with the level of CHEAPNESS -produced and churned out as ‘the best we can do’ –on daily basis. Pick up any magazine made in Ghana and you’ll find the layout –‘less than’, the photographs –ugly, the editorial –very basic and the texts –'copied and pasted'. Watch a music video and you will find the recording artist lacking [or can’t sing], the styling –mediocre, the directors –unprofessional, and the lighting -so terrible that you can’t see anyone in the video properly. It would seem that anyone with a little bit of money and enough greed to 'sink-a-ship' can get on a plane to Ghana and become a publisher, singer, director, doctor or whatever; –without talent, education or experience. And I for one, am sick of the ordinary and the mediocre -parading as talent in Ghana [making us look like we don't have: -style, or substance, are not creative, or beautiful, or talented, or fabulous or educated].

It’s so sad because we Ghanaians are so respected and talented. Go to any country in the west and you’ll see our achievements. You will find our Ghanaian brothers and sisters at the very top of their game –but go to Ghana and you’ll find ‘I-can-afford’, talentless, ‘jagger jaggers’ –running the show. And this is why I never blog about talentless Ghanaians! Ghanaians must realize that all the truly talented people Ghana Rising celebrates –have had to ‘pay their dues’ etc [I started out as an intern on the fashion desk of mainstream high fashion magazine, Elle and worked my way up the ladder. I worked with [huge] egos and women -who didn't eat -and survived [Praise God] and left with real 'experience' etc. And so I know what I’m talking about when I rant about folks -paying their dues]. …...I pray, 2010 –will find [Papa] God promoting all [of us] talented folks, who have had to stay back and watch -as ‘other’ less talented folks - jumped ahead. I pray that we; passionate, extraordinary, artists, innovators, artisans, 'yet-to-be-media moguls', models, presenters etc etc, –will arise by God’s grace and run the show. …….2010 is going to be the year of restoration, recompense –and meritocracy [Amen]. ……Have a Blessed New Year ….xx

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