Friday, 4 December 2009

Music: The Northern Tribes CD

This exciting album was first recorded on location in 1975 -and features an eclectic mix of instruments (including the, donnos (hourglass-shaped pressure drums), guluzoro and gulusago lace drums, siyari (calabash rattle), gonje (bowed lute), Xylophone, wile (flute) ganga (a cylindrical double headed drum) and the gungonga (pressure drums), -and vocal music in the delicious languages’ of Northern Ghana (including songs recorded: in Mamprusi - (vocal with drums), Grunshi - (vocal with drums), Frafra - (vocal with calabash rattle), Kusasi - (solo with gonje), Dagarti - (xylophone solo), Dagarti - (vocal with xylophone), Kasena - (vocal with calabash/ensemble of flutes & drums/solo with knono (£6.99)

* I pray that we never get to the place -where we have to visit museums to remember [all] the beautiful languages of Ghana...xx

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