Saturday, 7 August 2010

Blitz the Ambassador and Ishmael Osekre play at -@ GHANA PARADE at Crotona Park in the Bronx, NY on Saturday, August 21st 2010

I would truly love to be at this year’s GHANA PARADE. I heard all about this wonderful celebratory, cultural event, –founded by Mr. Sam Aboah from friends last year –and it sounded fantastic. Similar to our Ghana in the Park (UK), NYC comes alive to the sound of hot hip-life, our culture, our food and our people –in a sea of ‘Red-Gold-Green and Kente in Crotona Park, Bronx NY. .....To find out more about GHANA PARADE please visit:

National Ghana Parade Council
P.O. Box 1304
Bronx, NY 10462

In the mean time check out Blitz the Ambassador’s latest ‘Something to Believe’

“Directed by Terence Nance, the film addresses the detachment we all battle, when faced with the the world's overwhelming issues. "It's hard to think about all the problems in the world without getting a little overwhelmed. So, a lot of times we just ignore things. I think Africa has suffered a lot because people choose to remain ignorant, rather than address the issues that are right in front of our faces." Blitz the Ambassador

To download ‘Something to Believe’ and for more information about Blitz the Ambassador visit: or

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