Sunday, 23 September 2012

Menaye Donkor-Muntari is the face of Ghanaian Fashion and Textile House Printex.....



Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: as you all know, I’ve stopped writing about non-Ghanaian makers of African wax print cloths or non Ghanaian wax print cloths -in favour of our very own ‘dieing’ kind. Thus I got very excited when I found out via Ghana Rising fave, Menaye Donkor-Muntari’s fan page that she is now the face of Ghanaian fashion and textile House -Printex!!!! And I’m really pleased because its great to see one of Ghana’s textile mills upping their game -and marketing themselves properly…

Still...I’m somewhat surprised that I had to visit Menaye’s page to find out about this fab marketing move.

Printex should have filmed it and put it on Youtube and sent out a press release with the above photo and valuable info to all media outlets -especially all the big blogs like Ghana Rising, Shadders and Fashion Fixation….

Printex also needs a Facebook fan page with numerous photos of Menaye Donkor-Muntari in their various clothes etc and to select a few of Ghana’s top fashion designers to work with etc etc…

Anyway this is a wonderful step in the right direction, plus Printex has some really gorgeous wax prints -and I’m especially loving their uber on-trend fresh take on that old tradition of wax prints, -their Xclusive & Arete collection..

Young and fresh, sexy, bright and bold -the Xclusive & Arete collection (see below) is a real winner and I hope to see it in major textile outlets around the world… For more info about Printex wax print clothes visit:

To keep up with all of Menaye Donkor’s fabulous happenings visit:


Printex’s Soso

Very popular African Print fabric embossed with brush-like stroke imprints in the background.

Printex’s Seer Sucker

An all cotton fabric with African Prints to make clothing for all ages. In Seer Sucker, the threads bunch together giving the fabric a permanent wrinkled appearance in places.

Printex’s Opanyin

Distinctive clothing line of prints embossed with a blend of Adinkra symbols.


Printex -Oheneba (Coloured)

African prints embellished with gold / silver designed imprints to give the fabric an opulent extravagance


Printex -Osekini

One of the jazziest ways in which the fabric is etched by a stamped image in a special film backed material to a design in gold or silver. The process involves application of foil with heat and embossing to give the fabric the desired design effect. The finished product gets a rich and elegant appearance.



Printex -Lace

LACE is fabric adorned on the edges with openwork. Patterned by machine the open spaces of lace fabric are created at the edges. The style in lace is replicated by mechanical means giving the fabric a unique valuable and exotic appearance.


Printex -Xclusive & Arete

Collection of colourful African prints on cotton fabric ideal for all occasions.

More Info:
Printex Limited, situated in Accra, Ghana, is a textile manufacturing company established in the 1950's as the Millet Textile Corporation Limited, to manufacture towels. A transition to Spintex Limited commenced operations in the early 1980's with activities focused on spinning, weaving and processing of furnishings, suitings and shirting materials. In 1998, the company was rechristened as Printex following a systematic modernization and expansion program and the introduction of African Prints..

Printex fabric designs are a blend of the exotic colours of the African forest, the flame of the rays of the sunset, and the mystical mountainous areas of the African highlands. These new designs and colour ranges, incorporating the traditions and ethnicity of the West African sub-region are a direct response to customer involvement and feedback. Printex has an exclusive range of popular and established brands of fabrics typical of the region.

Printex Ltd., today employs over 500 Ghanaians, producing the highest quality fabrics. Printex -'Maaso Me She Bi' is synonymous with top quality African Prints throughout West Africa. The range of fabrics produced is actively sought after and exported to Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Mali, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Niger, Angola and even South Africa and Zambia. Printex is at the forefront of fashion and takes pride in the successful introduction of new ranges of fabric continuously


  1. This is a brilliant article. Thanks for bringing this issue up because I find too many African's either don't know that most of the textiles they enjoy are being made by non Africans, thus decimating our industries.

    Having said that - I agree, Printex needs a new marketing direction. Their website is poor and promotion is non existiant

  2. Totally agree we doing good things but we are not trying to promote them and worse to support them;