Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Objects of Desire: 54 Kingdoms’ Sankofa Leather Travel Bags….

*Note, I got in touch with Kwaku Awuah about the above offer and this is what he had to say... “They can be ordered now at a discounted price. After September 6, it will go to regular retail price. But the site will be down until our official launch on September 8. I hope that makes sense.” -Its makes perfect sense…

Sankofa Travel Bags from 54 Kingdoms on Vimeo.



Price: $300


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: What can I say, I’m a sucker for quality, well executed, beautiful on-trend pieces -and Kwaku Awuah and Nana Poku, the fab team behind 54 Kingdoms’ Sankofa leather travel bags are all the aforementioned and more.

To-live-for, these iconic ‘IT’ travel bags in the making -consist of three ‘Sankofa’ Adinkra embossed leathers bags in: red, tan and black -I have my eyes on the tan version. Chic and practical, functional and classic -these delectable bags make for uber stylish perfect holdall for all those must-carry-onto-the-plane necessities…

And at $300, the ‘Sankofa’ Adinkra embossed leather holdall costs less than a Louis Vuitton Speedy -and is just as stylish -and is available from:



More Info….
The SANKOFA icons are part of the Adinkra symbols - industrialized by the peoples of Ghana and Ivory Coast. Each Adinkra symbol has a distinctive name and meaning. SANKOFA means “return and get it” a- symbol of importance of honoring and learning from the past.

The 54 Kingdoms “Sankofa travel bag” is taken from a unique context of carrying tradition. The Sankofa bags bear a reminder that life is a journey, and it is our responsibility to carry culture, identity and heritage throughout.

Cut from genuine leather with fashionable embossing of both Sankofa icons, the Sankofa bags come in Red, Black and Orange. You can own one of the limited Sankofa bags by placing your PRE-ORDER TODAY!

100% Genuine Leather
Waterproof Inside Lining

Order From:


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