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Ghanaian Women Love: The Most Popular High-End Skin Care Brands in Ghana.....

Paulina says: Like all good Ghanaian girls I am no slacker when it comes to my skin care game, we come from the land of Shea & Cocoa butter after all...

Years in the fashion and beauty industry means I've been lucky enough to have sampled some of the best, most innovative, cutting edge, some uber expensive -some more reasonable -of the lushest luxurious creams and potions out there... And I can tell you from experience ---the most expensive face creams aren't necessarily the most effective, just think the healing powers of the ordinary Ghana Shea butter!!!!

I must confess, I'm a bit of a brand snob when it comes to my skin care regime [as if you didn't already know] but three years of living on less money than I have in my whole entire life means that even I have had to compromise ---- and the years of PR's sending me [or anyone else for that matter] £300 face creams are a distant memory --Crème de la Mer anyone (mercy)!!!!

Thus, now that I buy my own face cream (mercy) and what-have-youss, I've had to become more savvy, meaning ---what I now demand (more than ever) --- is real value for money without forgoing the glamour that comes with applying high-end luxe face creams -do you get me!!!!

So I've found myself trying out brands via places like T.K.Maxx and buying Boots No.7's yummy skin care brand & must-have Make-up range.

But..... there are certain finds that I will never forgo... and they tend to always be in my beauty closet regardless of finances -like anything Anti-aging by Murad.

I'm also crazy about Murad's 'Clarifying Body Spray' --its antibacterial, thus is really good for treating and preventing blemishes...and their 'Refreshing Cleanser' --good for removing make-up..

Another brand you'll always see in my beauty closet and most Ghanaian women is uber hair brand Mizani. Less pricy than Moroccanoil -but no less luxurious, Mizani is a hit. Right now I'm clean shaven [omgoodness some of you will really recognise me now] --so the Mizani 'Defyne Wax High Definition & Hold' you see --is used to keep my eyebrows in place --as-you-do [insider secret].

Another insider cult fave that I'm never without is 'Friction de Foucaud - Energizing Body Tonic'.. Good for things like prickly heat et al, this fab tonic is now sooo hard to find in chemists [in London anywaysss] that you either have to fly to France or order online.. (

NIP + FAB is a lovely brand I discovered via T.K.Maxx -and its truly fab. I'm very pleased that its now stocked in easy to get to places like Tesco's -as their 'Detox Blend Body Scrub' is to live for.

Note, faves like REN Clean Skincare's Moroccan Rose Otto range & any thing by uber sensitive skin gurus --Eau Thermale Avène --are a must....

Other notable beauty products like [my old] Fashion Fair's 'Oil Free Perfect Finish Cream to Powder Mocha' and my new Estēe Lauder's Double Wear 5N Deep (Neutral) concealer....are found in most of our beauty cupboards -right?

So looking through the rest of my mess above [this is only one side of my double fronted beauty closet -never mind my dressing table thingy] -you'll spot: Clarins' -I love this brand and have used it forever -and I'm never without their 'Hand and Nail Treatment Cream'.

At the moment I can't sleep without applying Clarins' 'Super Restorative Night Wear ---which goes on at night over my Boots 'Protect & Perfect Night Cream', or my straight from Ghana pure Shea butter or Elizabeth Arden's 'Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum' --and is perfect for all skin types....

As youssss can see, like you --I love my beauty products and love trying out new creams & potions -and of course there are brands like Dermalogica that I've loved and used in the past that I would whole heartedly recommend ---but who wants to pay excess baggage and cart all the above goodies to Ghana? Not me and not you --sooo the following are a few of the most popular high-end skin care brands and their respective stockist in Accra, Ghana.... Enjoy x

Exclusive Brands Perfumery @ Marina Mall
Good for: Clarins [Skin Care]
"Clarins Group is a French luxury cosmetics company, which manufactures prestige skincare, makeup and fragrances products."
For more info about Clarins visit:
To buy Clarins skin care range in Ghana head to Exclusive Brands Perfumery situated on the ground floor at the Marina Mall in Accra Ghana.

Niobe Salon & Spa

Good for: Murad [Skin Care]
Murad Skin Care Products: To understand Murad, the company, you have to begin with Dr. Howard Murad, the man. A visionary in the science of skincare, Dr. Howard Murad leads the way in research and product development. As a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UCLA, he is one of the country's foremost authorities on internal and external skincare. A true pioneer in new concepts and technology with an unending commitment to improve the health and vitality of clients and their skin, Dr. Murad literally changed the face of the skincare industry.

Good for: Mizani [Hair]
In Swahili, the word MIZANI means balance, and from this single word came the inspiration for MIZANI products - superior, salon-exclusive hair care products created for curly hair. Each MIZANI formula, whether used alone or in combination, gently works to balance the forces of beauty and chemistry, ultimately creating radiantly healthy hair. The MIZANI® Cleansing and Conditioning System works to Let you bring your hair into balance by combining the exact amounts of moisture and protein. Dryness, brittleness and breakage are eliminated from all hair types as MIZANI® restores what nature intended - wonderfully healthy hair

"Niobe is a unique upscale Salon and Spa, located at the prestigious African Regent Hotel, East Airport, Lizzy Sports Complex, East Legon, Accra and our latest branch at the Royal Senchi Resort Hotel, Akosombo, Ghana offering only the very best in personal care and comfort."

For more info about Murad Skin Care Products visit:

Black Cotton Natural Hair & Beauty Salon

Good for: Dermalogica Products [Skin Care]
Dermalogica is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances) that would improve skin health. 100% customized to each individual’s skin health needs. It’s one results-driven treatment… that’s different every time!

"Black cotton reflects the modern non-stuffy salon alternative. The moment you walk through our doors, you enter an atmosphere of total luxury and indulgence. Red carpet treatment, complimentary drink. luxe décor, first class service are all part of the Black Cotton experience.
Kickback in style and unwind with friends at our über-hip, ultra-plush nail lounge. Our VIP hair suites are the perfect escape for pampering worthy for an A-Lister. Lather lounges, with ergonomic chairs, laid back comfort. What’s there not to love?
Our in-house lounge combines the comfort of your living room with the vibe of an Accra hotspot. Enjoy the glam, calm atmosphere while surfing on the net or just relaxing."

For more info Dermalogica products in Ghana visit:

Extra Info...
To buy 'Friction de Foucaud - Energizing Body Tonic' in Ghana is not possible right now but you can stock-up on your next visit to Ivory Coast via:
06 BP
2552 Abidjan 06
tel : + 225 22 41 1824



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