Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Local News: Samini opens *Dance Stardom* Restaurant & Pub in Dansoman.....

Paulina says: About two weeks ago [I think] --Joy News (ABN Sky 290) showcased the opening of dancehall artist Samini's latest venture and I promised to blog about it ---but I didn't catch its name and when I googled --there were no images of said venture.

So......... fast forward a couple of weeks [I think] --and Team 'Talk of GH' have uploaded photos of said launch!!!  

Accra based Samini --who has ventured into the hospitality industry and opened a restaurant/pub/nightclub called Dance Stardom in Dansoman, Accra Ghana -seems to have hit-the-zeitgeist on the head. 

With even Ghana's leisure class struggling with jaga-jaga-water-power-and-fuel-issues --*Dance Stardom* which doesn't pretend to be anything its not --is proving a hit; and has become the go-to-hub for the locals in Dansoman --especially up and coming singers who are invited to get up on stage and show the crowd their musical and dance talent..... 

So, I'm thinking......could *Dance Stardom* become the place to be for aspiring recording artists to be discovered in Ghana????

Anyway.......a big well done to Samini and a huge congratulations from La Ghana Rising Blog.

Credit: Thanks to Talk of Ghana for uploading the above photos..
For more info about Talk of GH visit: https://www.facebook.com/talkofgh


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