Thursday, 23 April 2009

Beauty: Shea Butter at The Body Shop

“Shea butter is one of nature's great moisturisers. Ghanaian women have used it for centuries to protect their skin from the dry Saharan winds. So who better to buy ours from than the Tungteiya Shea Butter Association, Northern Ghana. An association of around 400 women from 10 villages, we ensure a fair price for their product. Since trading with The Body Shop the women have been able to dramatically change their lives with water pipes and wells saving hours of water collecting, better housing, medical care, food, and self esteem. Importantly, they are also able to give their children, particularly their daughters, the chance to go to school.” The Body Shop

Gentle (it is often used in baby lotion); it smells gorgeous, its warm and healing -Shea butter melts deeply into your skin -softening the driest, most callus and chapped skins. So remember, when you buy products containing Shea Butter from The Body Shop -you are not just looking after yourself -but others back home. The Shea Body Butter and Shea Whip Body Lotion are available nationwide from Bodyshop

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