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Ghanaian Princess: Lawrencia Abena Asiedu

Photo one: Lawrencia Abena Asiedu (left -in a gorgeous blue dress -accessorised with a fabulous gold clutch), King Cordles and Thelma Boateng.
Photo two: Lawrencia Abena Asiedu (left -in a sexy black lace dress and another gorgeous clutch) with friends.

“I am a person that enjoys life. I am extremely -people orientated and believe that you should live life to the fullest, tomorrow is never promised.”
Lawrencia Abena Asiedu

“I believe Ghana has the potential to be the number one country in Africa, -we are nearly there.”Lawrencia Abena Asiedu

You only have to visit the fabulous, Lawrencia Abena Asiedu's facebook page to see that she is a very popular 'girl about town' -and if you are at a party and she is not there -then it's just not hot -enough. But don't be fooled, this former Miss Ghana UK contestant, -is also a spiritual girl and counts going to church as one of her activities. I caught up with Lawrencia last week.

GR: Hi Lawrencia, how are you?
LAA: I am fine thank you; just extremely exhausted with my final year project, -that I'm completing at university, -its hard work !

GR: What are you up to?
LAA:At the moment I am ridiculously busy with uni, I am in my final year studying a BA Honours degree in Media & cultural studies with sociology. As you can imagine; -I am so busy, so it is really hard to have a social life, -let alone a love life. I have really enjoyed my course but I am happy that it is over. This is where life begins for me, it is like a new chapter. I am also an aspiring actress, who is attending acting lessons at, 'The London Bubble Theatre' in Bermondsey (South London) -and it is fantastic (experience).

GR: Wow Acting. How is it going?
LAA:Acting is one of my favourite passions in life. It is amazing how you can play a different person, and be creative with that character. You would do things that you as a person would never do. It's a bit like having an alter ego, like Beyonce being Sasha Fierce. I call my alter ego, Imani, -and Imani is crazy and extremely outlandish on stage -she is not afraid to speak her mind. In some ways, -I am very similar to my alter ego, but in other ways -not. Although at this current moment, the acting has taken a back seat because of university -I hope to attend more acting lessons after I finish. I would love to pursue it as a career. I am also a writer, so I do have a few talents up my sleeves you could say.

GR: I have seen your photographs on your facebook page, and it seems you are always out and about -a bit of a party girl?
LAA:I wouldn't necessarily call myself a party girl. I enjoy life, but who doesn't? I love life. I love meeting new people. I am a person that enjoys life. I am extremely people orientated and believe that you should live life to the fullest, tomorrow is never promised. People tend to say I am the life and soul of the party. When I go to Ghana on holidays; and I hear my favourite tune,- I'm like oh my god that's my tune and start dancing, [and] everyone is looking at me, like I'm crazy. I am an individual and not afraid to show it. However I do attend church regularly, some people have said to me ' you are a Christian, why do you feel that you have to go to parties to have a good time? ', to a certain extent I do agree but I am still young, I want to enjoy my life but on the other hand, do the right things and carry myself in a respectful manner.

GR: I love your style -how would you describe your look?
LAA:Thank you, I have a diverse and versatile look. I am a fashion orientated person. Working Part time in the shoe shop -Kurt Geiger, and seeing different styles -has strongly influenced me. My style is simple and not over the top. I always believe people should make an effort, [as I always say to my mum], 'you don't know who your going to meet'. I do believe what you wear and the way you carry yourself -dictates your personality. My look in the day is very simple, -leggings (every woman knows you cannot go wrong with leggings) -with a nice simple top and my cute little shoe boots and a big bag. I am a huge handbag fan (come to my room, and you'll find it full of bags. In the evening, I like to keep my look sexy but subtle. My saying is, 'if you want to look sexy, you don't need to expose your whole body (to look sexy). I believe it is the way you carry yourself.

GR: Who are your favourite designers?
LAA:Believe it or not -I'm into high street labels -such as, Topshop -but if we are talking designers, -I love Herve Leger (those dresses are amazing, body con can do wonders). Gucci has some amazing dresses, I think Vera Wang is also amazing.

GR: You are a beautiful girl. Are you high maintenance?
LAA:Thank you -that is a big compliment. Growing up (during my teen years) -I never felt beautiful. Unfortunately for me, when I was at primary school, -there were these two boys who used to taunt me and bully me - it was so awful. They used to call me 'pizza face', 'Grease lighting' and 'Afro Jaffro'. Looking back now, I can laugh at it -but back then it was so horrible. I used to have pimples which made me insecure. But my confidence has grown -as I have grown up. I am finally learning to love and accept myself. I believe [that] in this world, if you don't love yourself, who can love you? Its a hard and difficult process , but it is about accepting yourself and seeing yourself for who you really are. To all the young girls - feeling unloved or unattractive -remember that flaws are extremely beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own way. I do not like my nose, but it is a part of me, -and, you cannot run away from yourself. Love yourself in a humble way. Back to my beauty routine, I am very particular about my skin. I use St Ives face wash and Scrub -it does wonders for your face (and is a must have for every woman). After that, I use Cocoa butter for my skin (another must have). For beauty products, I live by MAC -it does wonders! So yes, you could say I am high maintenance! As my mum says, 'wo pa life paa' !!!!

GR: Your hair is gorgeous -who does it -and do you go to the gym?
LAA:Thank you. My hairdresser -Sandra does my hair. She is based in Mitcham and I cannot live without her. She is fantastic, -she does literally everything. I have no time for the gym -fortunately, I am naturally slim and slender, so it is not needed!

GR: Good for you, but on to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana ?
LAA:Whenever, I'm asked -'where are you from', -I automatically say Ghana. They then ask, 'were you born there' -and I say no, I was born in London. I believe that I have a strong connection with my culture and heritage. Being British and Ghanaian has shaped me as an individual, -and given me certain values, and attitudes in life (that I can pass onto my children). The [next] generation -has completely changed, which is a beautiful thing, -because when I was younger, it seemed like a negative thing to be African (nobody seemed proud of their roots). 'It was cool to be Jamaican'. We have now got to the stage -where, to be Ghanaian -is appreciated and respected. It seems like Ghana is the new Jamaica! We have so many rising British Ghanaians putting Ghana on the map -such as Sway, Freema Agyeman, June Sarpong, Tinchy Stryder, -even Miss Ghana UK 2008 Nicola Sackey. They are all positive Ghanaians -I look up to, and they make Ghanaians feel proud. Through university and facebook -I have meet so many British Ghanaians -who are aspiring entrepreneurs; designers, singers, presenters etc, (they are all rising stars of Ghana)-and this is beautiful. I feel proud to be a British Ghanaian and Ghana has come a long way. I have many hopes and dreams for Ghana. When I travelled to Ghana, I saw many under privileged Children, -in my family and outside (in general). There are a [numerous] orphaned children but very few resources. It seems like it is not an issue in Ghana, but to me, -I believe that children our the future. Children are beautiful and significant assets to the world and I believe that there should be more resources for the Ghanaian children. I would love to start a charity, -where Ghanaians from all over the world -can help children in Ghana. That is one of my projects. I also believe that the road laws in Ghana should be stricter and taken more seriously. Unfortunately, I lost my uncle Freddie Ayim (who was a personal secretary to Jake, foreign tourism minister during Kuffour's regime) -in a horrific car accident and -I believe we lost a shinning star in Ghana. Also, high profile actress, Suzy Williams -died in a road accident -too. There needs to be a stop to it -and this will only happen when the laws are tougher. I believe Ghana has the potential to be the number one country in Africa, and we are nearly there.

GR: Thank you sweetheart and God Bless all your dreams.
LAA: Thank you and God bless our homeland.

Ghana Rising is confident that Lawrencia has what it takes to conquer the acting world and are excited for this beautiful rising star...Go Lawrencia....xx

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