Friday, 7 August 2009

Art: Akan Terracotta Funerary Head at African Art

"Most Akan terracotta images were made by women. The people of most areas recognises these terracotta heads as portraits. Until recently, many ethnic groups in the southern parts of this area commemorated deceased family members and royals with terracotta figural sculpture. Heads such as these, often broken from full figures, or from vessels with figurative elements, all had funerary contexts."(African art .com)

For serious collectors of Ghanaian Art [like Zetha Annan -a tireless promoter and collector, -and myself...very soon!!] -why not visit African art .com. They have a unique collection of Akan Terracotta Funerary Heads -and prices start from £295.00 [for newer pieces]. Please visit:

Please note, these Terracotta Funerary Head were not randomly created -but were made in the image of the deceased, -and are therefore -accurate depictions of our ancestors,-and so very important, -historically. I just hope that we have enough of these beautiful, delicate, historic pieces in our museums [in Ghana] -before we start selling 'the family Silver' to foreign private buyers....................xx

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