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Fashion: An interview with Ernest Osei (Catwalk Trainer)

Ernest Osei is a character. Happy, positive and the 'life and soul of the party' -Ernest is a catwalk-trainer -and created history, -when he became the first ever male model in Ghana to walk the catwalk in female attire and High Heels. I love this brother -he is so happy and his positivity is infectious. Enjoy this wonderful insight into the inspirational world of Ernest Osei -a very modern Ghanaian man with a heart of gold.........xx

GR: Hi Ernest, how are you?
EA: Am good thank you. And you are looking sweet hahaah?

GR: Ernest I can see that you are a character, tell me about yourself and how you became a Catwalk Trainer?
EA: Mmhh, Ernest is a simple person; lovely and respects all[people], -is down to earth and very assertive. How I became a Catwalk Trainer....I always love to see girls walk with power -and the fact that you walk and people look at you... So 2 years ago, I decided to look for a model agency, and become a model with the hope that someday -I will be a trainer. I did and had to go through an audition for an up coming event. After the audition, the CEO of the Agency asked me To work for him, -and train the Models because I had the Talent -and the ability to work in high heels [better then the female models].

GR: I'm sure that like most Ghanaians; your parents wanted you to become a doctor or a lawyer -what was their reaction when you became a Catwalk Trainer 'extraordinaire' [in an industry dominated by women]?
EA: Honestly, my parents wanted me to be a journalist [I have a diploma in -Broadcasting and Journalism]. And although I liked it, -it was not as much as I love fashion and modeling. So I had to talk to them and at a point they saw that, it is what I want to do -so they supported me, -besides, I became what they wanted. I become [and was doing well on the airwaves as] a radio presenter.

GR: By the way, I have seen photographs of you on the catwalk and you look fierce. What are you saying to the crowd [in your mind]?
EA: Hahahahaa, honestly -every model must have a look that is different from the way they look on normal days [and a look that makes them different from all other models]. And to the people, being the first male model in Ghana to come out with High Heels [on] like that, -I had to make them know -that I mean Business, -and I take my work seriously.

GR: I know you love to party. Describe the perfect night out in Accra?
EA: As much as I love to party; my perfect night will be, -having dinner by the pool side [at the Golden Tulip -which I love doing] -to enjoy the music [being played] and sweet peace around me as I eat, -because I love food too hahaha.

GR: Sally Kanbonaba Kleyn or Confidence Haugen?
EA: I love them Both because they are making Ghana fun!!

GR: Who is hot right now in Ghana?

GR: Veeda or Mzbel?
EA: Mzbel

GR: Ernest you work with some of the best models in Ghana -name your favourite Ghanaian model(s)
EA: I will go for Jocelyn, Seth and Nicola [Miss UK Ghana].

GR: Which one of them has the best walk and why?
EA: Nicola Sackey [Miss Ghana UK] because modeling is all about selling the clothes you have on -and posing to take good pictures. But it's so sad, most models think of themselves and forget the importance of the whole business. But with Nicola, you get all that you need. She sales the clothes with power; attitude, -and has a good pose for pictures and I love her for that.

GR: Apart from modelling and your work as a Catwalk Trainer -what are your other passions?
EA: Now, I'm more into administration and I love to Sing; Dance, cook and spend time at home with my family.

GR: Name the best dressed man in Ghana?
EA: Myself hahahahaha .. OK I will give it to Chris Attoh.

GR: Describe your style Ernest?
EA: I love African clothes -made [especially] for me and no body else, with shoes and black trousers. It makes me feel great and powerful and mature too.

GR: Name your favourite designer(s)?
EA: In Ghana, I Love Atta kofi Moda [which is coming to Ghana soon]; Allan David, H O E by Patric, B'Exotiq by Bee and Royal Denis. When it come to outside designers -I love D&G and Gucci.

GR: On to more serious things Ernest. How is President John Evans Atta Mills doing -thus far?
EA: Hahahahaha to me he is doing his best. I'm not so much into polities but I think he is doing his best.

GR: There are so many issues effecting Ghana [and the rest of Africa] -what really gets your goat?
EA: Child Labour and Poverty.

GR: What are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
EA: I believe in Ghana. And I Believe in the people [in this country] and I hope that we will see the ability in us, -and use them to develop our country. It takes one person to start. And if I can -we all can.

GR: Ernest you are so happy. What's making you smile?
EA: I love to smile and it has being wonderful talking to you and I hope I can teach you some few lessons on catwalk. hahahahaah

GR: Thank you for this wonderful interview Ernest and I look forward to some lessons on the catwalk!! God Bless all your dreams -stay Blessed................xx
EA: Thank you too for your time....

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