Monday, 3 August 2009

Ghanaian Princess: Ashanti Ameyaw

Ashanti Ameyaw, looking flawless in an African print and white dress -with a chunky purple belt and clutch combo -on a night out with a friend.[Photo by RaeQkwan]

I believe that life is a beautiful and joyous journey and definitely -for the living, -so when I head about a sister -who was, -fun, ambitious and inspirational; -Ghana Rising just had to interview her. Ashanti Ameyaw is an incredibly beautiful young lady -who is the, 'life and soul of the party' and a model on the assent. We managed to catch up with Ashanti Ameyaw -on her return from modelling at, 'Ghana Fashion Week' -and the interview is as follows....................Enjoy x

GR: Hello Ashanti, how are you?
AA: Not too bad thanks.

GR: What are you up to?
AA: Well at the moment I'm doing a few shows in Ghana. I should be going back there [again] in two months time; and I'm at university, -studying Health Studies and Management.

GR: Ashanti, you have just returned from Ghana, -where you was modelling in Ghana Fashion Week. How was it?
AA: I loved it; -the people, the clothes. It was great. I'm ready to go back and do more shows because I loved it so much.

GR: Which designers did you walk for?
AA: [I walked for] so many designers that I can’t remember them all. There was KIKI, Kofi Ansah, Alan David and many more.

(Ashanti Ameyaw walking for Ivana Elle Couture at Ghana Fasion Weekend)

GR: Did you go to any hot parties in Ghana?
AA: Not really; because I was so busy working, -but the after party for the show was great.

Ashanti Ameyaw looking fierce
GR: Who is hot in Ghana right now?
AA: I'm loving Sarkodie at the moment, he is a really good rapper.

GR: Veeda or Mzbel?
AA: I don’t really know who Veeda is so I will say Mzbel.

GR: Ashanti, can you tell us about your background and how you got started in modelling?
AA: Well I started modelling when I was 19. One day I went to work and I saw a flyer about a fashion show; and they were looking for models, so I called them [then met up with them] and they loved my look, -so I got a place in the show. After that show, other designers got in contacted with me [to work with them], -and it all started from there, -getting more jobs after job.

Ashanti looking fabulous in a body-con dress
GR: Tell us about your most memorable modelling experience so far?
AA: Me going to Ghana, -for Ghana fashion week.

GR: Ashanti, you model and dance, what are your plans –for the future?
AA: To became the face of Africa, and hopefully have my own modelling agency in Ghana.

GR: I have seen lots of beautiful pictures of you wearing/ modelling Nkya designs, -name your favourite designers;
AA: Nkya, will have to be my first choice, -then KIKI based in Ghana, kofi Ansah and many more.

Ashanti in a fabulous design by Nkya
GR: You always look fabulous and 'on trend' {and it would seem from your photographs on facebook -that you love fashion} -how would you describe your look?
AA: Individual, unique, funky, bold and crazy.

GR: Who is your style Icon?
AA: Right now [its] Lady GAGA

GR: Ashanti, you are flawless. Tell us your beauty secrets?
AA: I don’t really have any beauty secrets but I use Iman foundation and make-up, then once in a while -I steam my face to freshen my skin. I also use Nivea to cream my body -it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I don’t use Nivea to cream my face, instead -I use a Ghanaian product called 'Cho Cho' cream, -which helps to tone up your skin. I do my own hair at home; I only go to the barbers to shave the sides, -and I do my nail once in a while [if not, I just paint it myself].

The beautiful Ashanti Ameyaw -looking flawless
GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
AA: What do I want for Ghana? I want the best for my country. I want a better 'Education System', better 'Health Care Insurance' [where people can go and seek treatments without worrying about cash, -because the cash in hand before treatment, ends up costing peoples lives]. I want our country to be the best place -for all of us. All the bribing -needs to stop. The government needs to see to this issue [urgently] because a country that allows you to use bribery to get to anywhere [you want] -is not a good country; -it also means that there is no law in that country [and for a better Ghana this needs to stop] -and we need more young people to get involve with the country -to bring new ideals [for a better Ghana]. I also want my own modelling agency in Ghana and hopefully other big things will come my way.

GR: Thanks Ashanti, Stay fabulous and God bless all your dreams.
AA: Thank you Ghana Rising for having me here today.

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