Thursday, 1 October 2009

Business: 'Believe Begin Become' -Business Plan Competition

"Believe Begin Become is designed and managed by TechnoServe and funded by the Google Foundation and Ghana’s private sector. Our aim is to help you grow your businesses into successful, self-sustaining companies that create jobs, revenue and wealth. We bring a vast network of business and financial services and experts to the table as consultants, trainers, judges and sponsors. Together we are contributing to the growth of Ghana’s private sector and you could be a winner this year."

Since Sheila Ocansey won the, 'Believe Begin Become' competition in 2007 -this wonderful business plan competition/opportunity has gone from strength to strength. 'Believe Begin Become' is a business plan competition (BPC) developed by TechnoServe to support and grow new businesses in Africa. It is an incentivize, practical training and business development program to help entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into fund-able and implementable business plans. The program is currently being run in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Swaziland. Rated by The Financial Times -as one of the top five NGOs for corporate partnerships, -TechnoServe’ is a powerful organization that works with private and Public partners [like; The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,, Microsoft, Lenovo, Standard Bank, The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and Cargill] -to provide; education, financial support and programs that transform lives in a Sustainable way [helping our people to break free from poverty through entrepreneurship]. This year TechnoServe and the -joined forces again to bring this dynamic competition to 20 budding entrepreneurs in Ghana.
If you have a creative business proposal, an entrepreneurial drive and the willingness to work hard -to turn your business in a success -and become apart of Ghana economic growth -then why not apply for next year's 'Believe Begin Become' competition. For more information please visit or email or call Katherine Pasternak at 021 773875/024 4322524 or Shika Acolatse at 021 763675/024 4623772.


  1. Such competetions should be organised regularly to encourage young enterprenuers and giving them chance to grow.

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  2. I totally agree with you, –in fact I believe that all Multi Nationals in Ghana should offer this scheme to budding young entrepreneurs in Ghana...

  3. This is an opportunity for young entrepreneur specially in the places of Ghana and some parts of Africa where poverty is a big problem. The business plan competition will make people believe that they can start their own business is a simple way.