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Chantelle Tagoe -More than a Wag.....

Chantelle Tagoe and Emile Heskey

**I was so impressed with Chantelle Tagoe and the other wags in the BBC’s ‘WAGs, Kids and World Cup Dreams’ last Sunday. Chantelle et al -showed the football obsessed public and wannabe wags that they are so much more than their: fluffy, airhead, high maintenance, shopaholic, fame-hungry and gold-diggers- image portrayed by the media. Better known as Emile Heskey's fiancée, –Chantelle; who is a TV presenter –was joined by: Jermain Defoe’s ex Imogen Thomas, Frank Lampard’s former fiancee Elen Rives, Jermaine Pennant’s ex Amii Grove, and Matthew Upson’s partner Ellie Darby, -on a 16 days journey across some of the most desperate areas in South Africa, -where they were challenged with social issues including: child rape victims, AIDS victims, street boys, poverty, prostitution etc. You can catch Chantelle and co in, ‘WAGs, Kids and World Cup Dreams’ this coming Sunday -on BBC Three at 9pm, where they work with the ‘street boys’ of South Africa

More info about Chantelle Tagoe and the BBC's ‘WAGs, Kids and World Cup Dreams’....
Title: Emile Heskey's fiancée Chantelle Tagoe brands footballers' wages 'ridiculous' / By Kate Mansey 9/05/2010

A top Wag has turned on England's World Cup football stars - branding their wages "ridiculous".
Emile Heskey's fiancée Chantelle Tagoe, 26, said: "Who needs £160,000 a week? You could probably build a school in South Africa for that."

TV presenter Chantelle, from Toxteth in Liverpool, added: "Football is such a popular sport everywhere in the world but I think the amounts they get are ridiculous.

"It would go a long way in places like South Africa where women are prostituting themselves for the price of a loaf of bread just to feed their families. It's heartbreaking." Chantelle has two young sons with Aston Villa striker Heskey, 32, who earns £50,000 a week. But some of his fellow England team mates are paid almost three times as much.

Chelsea's John Terry and Frank Lampard earn a basic of £136,000, Man United striker Wayne Rooney £120,000 and England captain Rio Ferdinand £100,000 a week.

Chantelle's comments come as she stars in a BBC documentary where she spent two weeks working in the orphanages of gangland slums just 15 miles from the World Cup stadium in Cape Town.

Chantelle, along with Frank Lampard's ex Elen Rives and Matthew Upson's partner Ellie Darby plus Big Brother star Imogen Thomas and Amii Grove - the exgirlfriends of Jermaine Defoe and Jermaine Pennant - spent two weeks filming for the BBC3 series Wags, Kids and World Cup Dreams.

Chantelle broke down when she met a teenage girl who had been raped by her own father. She said: "It was absolutely heartbreaking. She had contracted Aids from him. We had a little cuddle and cried together.

"It was definitely a wake-up call. I hope the money generated by the World Cup will filter down to the people who need it most." Chantelle, who lives in a six-bedroom mansion with Heskey and Jaden, four, and Reigan, two, organised a fashion show and raised £40,000 for charities and will revisit the Baphumelele Children's Home when she returns for the World Cup next month.

Chantelle, who appears on satellite channel Fashion TV, said: "I'm not what most people might expect of a Wag. I've been visiting my nan in Liverpool this week who has just come out of hospital - I'm not shopping all the time." [Credit:]

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  1. you are joking ? I have just watched a program on TV where she points out her decor in the living room.
    On the wall are huge portraits of both Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.
    She then goes on to admit she "is aware" of King. The woman has no clue who he was