Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ghanaian Princess: Nana Amoako

[Nana on the right in a beautiful green dress -with her twin]
It’s been some time since Ghana Rising celebrated one of Ghana’s many beautiful Ghanaian Princesses and it’s a joy to introduce you to Nana Amoako. Beautiful, ambitious and fabulously fashionable –Ms Amoako’s a Facebook friend and a future star. The following is an inspirational insight into the life of this special young lady -enjoy.....x

GR: Hello Nana, how are you?
NA: I'm doing great thanks.

GR: Thanks for the interview Nana -what are you up to right-now?
NA: Well at the moment, I work at ulta beauty supply and I’m also in regency beauty institute working -on my cosmetology license.

GR: Wow you’re so focused – what motivated you?
NA: My motivation is the wonderful feeling I get after I see -I’ve done a wonderful job on a client by making her feel as beautiful as ever [whether its new extensions, glamorous makeup, newly waxed eyebrows etc].

GR: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
NA: I see myself on billboards –with my face selling my [own] cosmetics, -and my own salon –with me as the boss. I see a new revolution when it comes to beauty. I see myself on commercials –with everybody wanting me to do their hair and makeup [celebrities, models etc].

GR: I look forward to your make-up line [I love make-up] –and of cause we’ll post it on this blog. Nana what do you do on your days off?
NA: I absolutely love makeup, its my favourite accessory. When I use makeup [on my face] in the morning -its like painting on a blank canvas! On my days off I like to shop, shop, shop -at the mall –it’s my favourite pastime.

GR: You live in Arizona, what’s it like -and does it have a thriving Ghanaian community?
NA: Arizona is very hot [haha]. I would much rather live in California, or New York - somewhere full of life! The Ghanaian community is very little here, in Arizona.

GR: I love your style -how would you describe your look?
NA: My look is very sexy, fashionable and playful. I pay close attention to what’s "in" this season -but I like to put my own twist on the outfits I wear -by putting my own little flair to it. I would call myself a major diva when it comes to my style –I like lots of colour, texture, and sun dresses.

GR: Name your favourite designers?
NA: I love GUESS, can you say FAB!

GR: You are beautiful –tell us your beauty secret?
NA: My beauty secrets consist of exfoliation treatments. I love to use honey and brown sugar on my skin; it gives my face a very youthful glow. Another beauty secret of mine is the cosmetic brand ‘wet and wild mega glow’, it gives my skin a glowing affect and makes my cheek bones stand out.

GR: Who does your hair, your nails and do you go to the gym?
NA: Because I’m a hairstylist -I do my own hair. I’m constantly changing it to different colours [haha, I love to change my look]. I get my nails manicured and pedicured as much as possible at ‘Nails and Spa’. And I dance and do yoga to keep myself lean and trim.

GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
NA: My hopes and dreams for Ghana, this is a great question! I hope to see more beautiful Ghanaian women, reaching for whatever dreams they have, and making it come true. I love anything that has to do with women empowerment and I want to see my strong African sisters do everything to make this world a better place.

GR: Nana thanks for the interview. God bless you and make all your dreams come true. x

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