Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fashion: JayDee Suits are made to fit you -perfectly

“As online men’s stores are steadily rising, the suit apparel becomes more impersonal in its style and quality. The idea behind Jaydee Suits is to offer a well fitted suit the same service and quality that is normally provided at a considerably higher cost. Such privileges include personal measuring, individual consulting and personal suit deliveries, just to name a few. The focus of JayDee Suits is to find the right balance of a design and cut that compliments the look of the client rather than predominate it.” JayDeeSuits
**I remember when menswear was boring falling into two segments, the cheap ill fitting ready-to-wear or the uber expensive and uber exclusive Savile Row suit…boy times have changed! A pioneer of the elegantly made-to-measure suit, Jay Dee Suits offer the savvy man-about-town the perfect fitting suits and coats including: tuxedos, classic blazer style coats, three button collarless jackets, classic pinstripe suits and contemporary slim fitting suits, -without the need to re-mortgage your house. Prices start from $220 (within Germany) and $280 (internationally. To enquire about the above looks visit:

More Information
Born into a family that already has its foot in the Tailoring business in Ghana, West Africa, Joyce was inherited with the passion for designing clothes from early on.
She began her career in Fashion Design when she joined a school for tailoring after German high school. After a few years as a pattern tailor she attended a renowned Fashion Grad School in Duesseldorf, Germany’s most important Fashion metropolis.
When asked why she turned away from the commercial fashion business, she says “Most designers focus on clients that rather spend lots of money on brands than on uniqueness. I always wanted to dress those who cared about individuality, even if that means that my name would never make in any Fashion magazine.”
After graduating as a Fashion Designer in 1996, she soon became aware of the difficulty for some members US organizations such as Masonic Lodges and the NAACP to fit the European suit cut. Thus, she focused on developing clothes that would reconsider these problems.
At first she focused on female apparel but soon she discovered her passion for designing men suits. “Women judge men by the way they dress, and, trust me, there’s nothing more admiring for us than seeing a man in a perfectly fitted suit.”
She soon built up a large cliental of people who ordered their custom-made suits from her, often just approaching her with an idea on their mind or a page out of a Fashion magazine. “When I design a black business suit for a client, I make sure it represents him and not somebody else”, she says. “Meeting the client personally gives me the opportunity to get a feeling for his preferences and his body shape, often in less than five minutes.”
In 2008, Joyce introduced her own suit collection, dedicated to the sophisticated men of Jazz. Next to promoting her own suit line and providing her service as a Tailor and Designer, she designs uniforms for Masonic Lodges and other fraternity groups.
She is currently working on her second collection and an exclusive female suit line, which is planned to be introduced by spring 2011.

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