Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Music: Push by Becca featuring King Ayisoba & Trigmatic

Wow a first for Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca on Ghana Rising who latest tune, Push is heating up the airwaves in GH -and features our fave, King Ayisoba, and another new name to our blog, -Trigmatic. I’m liking Becca new look. She looks sleek and on-trend and her natural hairstyle is divine. I’ve also recently found out that Becca is represented by Kiki Banson's EKB Records -a company that I’m afraid (an on going trend in Ghana) -doesn’t have a website. When will these so called music companies/agents in Ghana -up-their-game? I’m guessing that they are happy with their artists just doing Ghana and maybe -Nigeria? As you know, I like to come armed with all the relevant info but I honest to goodness can’t find -where folk can download Becca’s music (a wasted opportunity me thinks)…

P.s if you find the above missing info -do let us know so that we can support our talented sister. xx

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