Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fashion with a Heart: Of Rags

The Mixed Matched Dress -$65.00
The bottom of the dress is meticulously sewn together by the Of Rags team out of scraps from seamstress shops in Accra. Made with a mixture of imported cotton and linen, each dress is mixed and matched uniquely. This item comes straight from Ghana. There is a 6-8 week delivery time.

The Scrunch Top Skirt -$20.00
Made with care in Ghana, the 100% cotton Scrunch Top Skirt can be worn in two ways and two colors are available. One size fits most.

***New to Ghana Rising, this sustainable fashion label is now firmly on our radar. Bring much needed employment to our people back home, Of Rags is a “fair trade fashion cooperative that combines elements of New York style and Ghanaian fashion into unique, artful clothing as a way to globalize the localized,“ employing seamstresses at fair trade living wages. Of Rags’ growing fan based is a true testament to their uber on-trend designs. To order the above pieces please visit: http://ofrags.com/

We venture to change the world at the most profound level.

Many of the problems of the developing world addressed today with foreign assistance will likely return tomorrow when the recipient communities cannot operate the programs themselves. This is due to a focus on poverty reduction, rather than on wealth creation. The essence of Of Rags is wealth creation and empowerment from within the community by providing jobs and opportunities. We strive for every member of our team to take ownership over our individual roles and the founding values of the organization in order to truly make a lasting impact.

Of Rags is a fair trade fashion cooperative that combines elements of New York style and Ghanaian fashion into unique, artful clothing as a way to globalize the localized. Established in September 2009, Of Rags is the vision of J Branson, an American social entrepreneur, photographer and musician, and RAAM, a Ghanaian designer and artist in Accra. The organization has quickly grown into a line of clothing available for sale in Ghana, in person on the Sustainable Fashion College Tour throughout the east coast of the United States and over the internet shipping around the world. The organizations employs seamstresses at fair trade living wages, and plans to work with new design partners, first in Ghana and then around the globe in a cooperative structure.

A fundamental component of the organization is our commitment to reinvest 40 percent of the profits from clothing sales into public health and education initiatives in the same communities where our clothes are made. The idea is to leverage Of Rags’ support alongside the resources of the communities in order for participants to craft the initiatives as their own. Of Rags is putting this idea into action through our partnership with the West Africa AIDS Foundation to help fund and operate a pioneering peer education program on HIV/AIDS. We also aim to sponsor and coordinate a series of symposiums on fair trade and citizen empowerment targeted at youth communities in both New York City and Accra.

Why choose to achieve systemic change through fashion? Fashion is an industry with the power to impact a large group of people in a small amount of time. Not only is fashion an excellent vehicle for communicating and spreading ideas but it is also a model that thrives on change. With your help we hope to set a trend. As opposed to shopping at low prices for more than any one person needs without regard for where a piece of clothing came from, who made it or how it was made, we hope that we can make it fashionable to stop and think about the true value of a product–to think “OR we can live sustainably, meeting the needs of today while ensuring the future needs of tomorrow.” If we can set this trend then we will not only change the way that we as a global culture consume, but also the way we produce. Ultimately this will end the need for development. (Credit: http://ofrags.com/)

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