Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bolga baskets -the next ‘It’ bag…

When the likes of Michelle Obama is seen shopping with a Bolga basket -you know its on its way to becoming an ‘It’ bag…so I’ve been uber surprised that those in the know in Ghana haven’t capitalize on it. As always its taken an outsider, and a very nice one at that to do what we should be doing for our sisters in Bolgatanga, northen Ghana -bring exposure and hopefully, a real demand for these lovely and environmentally sound bags. Its important to remember that the above communities make their living from subsistence farming, weaving and shea butter production.

This insightful film is by Terri-Lynn Kalhagen from Oregon in the U.S.A and you can read all about the wonderful work she is doing in small rural communities in Ghana to build clean water wells and much more via:

These lovely baskets can be bought in UK and the links are as follows:

Bolga baskets from Akoma Skincare -baskets start from £9.99

Designed for a number of uses, our Bolga baskets are hand crafted, lightweight and attractive. You can use them for shopping, picnics, tending to plants or as a safe place to store your favorite Akoma Skincare items.

With so many choices, it will be easy to find just what you are looking for. Each basket is very lightweight, yet extremely durable and designed for years of use. You can avoid collecting and disposing of paper and plastic bags by using these baskets for grocery shopping or for a trip to the local farmer’s market. Our purses and handbags make wonderful, unique gifts for friends and family. Choose a fruit basket for a colourful display on the dinner table!

Bolgatanga Baskets - African Market Baskets £32.00 From

We are delighted to have these gorgeous baskets from the Maata-N-Tudu Association in northern Ghana. It was created to support the women of this region to improve the quality of their lives through education, loans and mutual self-help. Many of these women live on less than US$1 a day. We have paid a much higher rate for their baskets than they are able to get in the local markets so all baskets purchased directly help to improve their lives.


  1. I love this picture of Michelle and I REALLY love Bolga baskets. I sell them in the Unites States at a small shop and at I'm also interested in West African textiles, so if anyone has good weaving contacts please contact me.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Maybe she'd like a recycled Bolga basket, being into environmental conservation and all. They're from G-lish Foundation in Ghana:

  3. If You want to start retailing bolga baskets, you can buy it from we sell bulk and ship direct from Ghana.