Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kumasi Rising: Why not check out Kumasi and stay at The Golden Tulip Kumasi City -on your next trip to Ghana….

If you thought Ghana was a one city state, think again. Kumasi is not only buzzing with salsa dance classes (salsa is all the rage in Kumasi -right now) or the savvy, -out to find one of its many goldsmiths to commission a ring (to their own specified) but with its very own Golden Tulip Kumasi City -those who used to routinely head -straight to Accra are now going straight to Kumasi and staying at this elegant hotel.

A close friend of mine, another broni, broni Ghana gal -well that’s what they call us (I don’t know why) has for the first time in her life, bypassed Accra and is now in Kumasi and she's from the Cape Coast! I’m truly inspired as I don’t really think about Kumasi. I do on the other hand always think about northern Ghana as I want to do some fashion shoots there.

Well what can I say, big up Kumasi -its time we put it on the map, otherwise Ghana will be a one city state -and that’s sooo not good for tourism. Anyway she is staying at the Golden Tulip Kumasi City and loving it. She said that her room is lovely and clean, that her bed has a bounce to it (the bounce is soooo important) and the sheets are cotton -fabulous, as some of us can not sleep in poly-cotton sheets never mind that material that is pretending to be cotton when we all know its polyester (you know, the one -its everywhere in Ghana). Plus the pool is a proper big one and is fabulous for those of us who like swimming. I hope to also check out this hotel -soon. But in the mean time, the above images and her evaluation will have to do. For more information or reservations visit: http://www.goldentulipkumasicity.com/
Golden Tulip Kumasi City
Rain Tree Street
Post Office Box KS 5191, Kumasi-Ghana
Telephone no: +233 32 2083777
Fax no: +233 32 2083711
E-mail: info@goldentulipkumasicity.com

More Info:
“The Golden Tulip Kumasi City is the right place for guests seeking luxury hotel experience. We successfully blend consistent international standards with the distinctive culture of our location, with 160 rooms, we offer guests various room types according to their requirements. Our spacious standard rooms are well equipped with modern facilities and have a lovely decor. All standard rooms have key cards and wireless connectivity.

Our Superior Rooms have been designed to ensure the comfort of our guests, with a great view over looking our magnificent pool, our guests are assured of a relaxed and exciting stay.

Our executive rooms are luxuriously decorated, spacious and well equipped with a flat screen television to enhance the pleasure of our guests.

The Golden Tulip Kumasi City provides apartments for famillies and long stay guests. Each room has a kitchenette, a living room, a balcony overlooking our beautiful gardens.

Our Presidential Suite has been elegantly furnished and has a spacious bedroom, living room and a dining space. For both the leisure and business traveller, our rooms provide the required comfort.”

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