Monday, 25 July 2011

Fashion: The Glam Boudoir

I stumbled across this pretty pink clothes shop called The Glam Boudoir via Facebook and just had to share...enjoy x

The Glam Boudoir
LOCATION:East Legon (a few metres from Senam's towards the traffic light)
TEL: 0244 677 545

With hues of rich beautiful purples and pinks and a glamorous setting displaying feathers, pretty ruffles and frills,crystals,chandeliers and everything glamour, the glam boudoir is not your regular boutique. From the doormat to the fitting room, to the french maid who meets you with a wide smile -and is at your beck and call waiting on you, glamour can be felt everywhere -and ladies will feel like a true diva with our wonderful customer service.

The Glam Boudoir offers...

*beautiful glamorous setting and an ambience that makes you feel relaxed while shopping
* wonderful customer service and competitive prices
* superior quality unique merchandise that will surely turn head
The glam boudoir is here to glamorise all divas and fashionistas above and under the garment.We are here to do one thing....TO GLAMORIZE YOU and everything that is you!

As a one-stop shop for the glamorous woman not only does the glam boudoir stock beautiful trendy and unique clothing,shoes and bags and other fashion accessories but we also stock intimates like lingerie,shapewear-(body enhancers and shapers),beauty products like cosmetics,fragrances and hair products etc.

We go the extra mile to stock interesting little discoveries we call 'she finds' and these are basically products ranging from bra accessories(like strap cushion),fashion faux pas fixes( like clothing tapes),foot care products(like insoles and shoe rub relief tapes)and other interesting finds.

Our space is also available for professional and personal fashion shoots for which there is a charge.We undertake interior design assignments as well through our interior decor company.

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