Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fashion: Wear Ghana


“WEAR GHANA is focused on building a world-class brand here in Ghana that Ghanaians will patronize over and above other world- famous brands.

WEAR GHANA is the very definition of personality couture. We believe that we are all what we wear; and that clothes do speak loudest. More than just another fashion house, we are Ghana's foremost Image and Personality Consultants, specializing in clothes and accessories that turn people into loveable brands. We are a team of young, innovative enthusiasts who like to break barriers and do the impossible. We make history each day with fabrics, buttons, stitches, shapes, colours, patterns and a can-do spirit. We have always believed that as proud as we are as a people with a truly rich cultural.” Wear Ghana
Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: It all sounds soooo very interesting and as you can see, the clothes above speak for themselves. Will be keeping my Ghana Rising eyes on this young brand –and so should you. For more info visit:

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