Sunday, 8 June 2014

Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu urges Ghanafuo to clean up before the rain comes....

"We are entering the rainy season and there are floods in most parts of Ghana. One of the main reasons for these floods is our poor sewage system and throwing of rubbish into gutters and our surroundings... @sisterdeborah urges you on to start cleaning your community and surroundings now before the rains come." Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu(

Image/Text: Gh one (

Paulina says: Very proud of Ghana Rising fave, Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu aka Sister Deborah for this sound initiative and wisdom.

Only just stumbled upon these words of wisdom ---way after seeing photos of the floods in our sweet homeland Ghana, -I only wished I had posted this earlier -as I'm firmly behind this massage...

In fact we (Ghanaians) don't have to wait until just before the rainy season -the streets of Ghana must be kept clean at all times.... So let Deborah Vanessa inspire you, get out there in your community and make a difference. Kudos Deborah Vanessa!!!

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