Thursday, 12 June 2014

Photography: Ofoe Amegavie


Paulina says: Avid readers of Ghana Rising will be well aware that I started this Blog journey way back in 2009 -and I can now boast that with regards to fashion, beauty and photography --the crea-8-tives back home have grown and improved and some are way ahead of the pack, like Ofoe Amegavie...

Accra based Ofoe Amegavie's work has probably had the biggest metamorphosis, reinventing -and maturing from mere wedding photographer, to bonafide on-trend fashion /beauty/ still-life and portrait photographer -who is unafraid to experiment, play with lighting and the biggest test of all ---allow other creatives to do their thing, -resulting in some fabulous collaborations and incredible images with some of Ghana's best make-up artists and fashion & hair stylists...

In a country where photographers are sustained by weddings, Ofoe Amegavie's brave, pioneering, experimental verve, means he has matured from pedestrian, same ole, same ole cluttered -lets get everything in, harsh lighting, bad styling --in to: clean, organic, light, breathable --pared down confident photographer; ---a real testament to his willingness to learn, tenacity and a new eye for detail.

I'm truly loving Ofoe Amegavie's work, and feel that if he continues to think quality, exercise restraint, edit, dares to use real models (no compromise), good MUA's, hair & high fashion stylists et al; and not armatures who feel they have to cram everything into one shoot/photo, -then I see a very a bright future ahead for this maverick. For more info or to book Ofoe Amegavie visit:

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