Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Objects of Desire: Bespoke Jewellery by Ahenze Accessories



"Ahenze accessories a brand name for jewelleries and accessories handmade in Ghana. We have a modern shop that showcases the finest jewelleries made in wooden beads, glass beads, ceramic bead, quality plastic beads, pearls and canes from around the world." Ahenze Accessories

Paulina says: I'm loving the above gorgeous handmade pieces by Ahenze Accessories, especially the delectable yellow set. For more info or to purchase any of the above visit Ahenze Accessories via: http://www.ahenze.com/



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  4. Thanks so much Paulina for choosing my product on your blog. This is a push to do better and keep the hard work on relentlessly. Ahenze Accessories appreciates this..please contact me Paulina.

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