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The Jewish Community of Sefwi Wiawso, Western Region, Ghana….



For centuries, a community located in a rural and remote area of Ghana known as the Sefwis, have been practicing a religion unique to any of those around them. Only in the last twenty years, did they discover that the religion they’ve been following all this time was Judaism. They also discovered something even more profound: They weren’t alone. Millions of people around the globe were following the very same religion.

From the Four Corners of the Earth takes us through the Sefwis’ journey of self-discovery – not just the journey of their past, but the journey they are about to embark on: their very first trip to Israel.

Kofi leading services in synagogue


Our first phase of production will focus on the Sefwis' telling their story - their journey of discovering their Jewish roots. It will also paint a vivid picture of their life today. We will explore how Judaism has shaped who they are, their understanding of the world and their place within it.
We will have a small 2-person crew on this phase of production which will take place over 3 weeks.
Our first phase of production also includes key interviews with experts in African Jewish history and past visitors to the Sefwi Wiawso community.

Please read the rest of this text and watch the film clip via:

Modern mainstream Judaism has been practiced in Ghana since a group of people from the Sefwi tribe has established ties to worldwide Jewry in the late 20th century and have thus received educational materials about modern Judaism and vital texts such as Tanakhs, Siddurim, etc. The community traces its return to normative Judaism to an individual known as Aaron Ahomtre Toakyirafa.[2] In 1977, Toakyirafa had a vision that the Sefwi people, a tribe of which he was a member, were one of the Lost tribes of Israel. He believed that the Sefwi practiced rituals and had a theology that was unlike that of the surrounding population. He concluded that these customs were of Hebraic origin. For example, they avoided the consumption of pork, or pig-like animals, and observed a day of rest on Saturdays, which also happens to coincide with the Jewish Shabbat. Additionally, males were circumcised 8 days after birth, a custom that is identically practiced by Jews all over world.[1] The custom of separation of man and woman during female menstruation was also observed among members of the Sefwi tribe. More recently, the community, largely based in Sefwi Wiawso and Sefwi Sui has been receiving a steady flow of Jewish visitors from the worldwide Jewish community. These visitors have been bringing Jewish objects and educational materials and many have been writing about the community, bringing them to the attention of Jews the world over.

It’s interesting.... a lot of what’s written above [pertaining to Jewish custom], is very mainstream –Ghanaian.

" For over a hundred and fifty years, a pocket of Ghana’s population located in the Western Region were following customs that differed from the majority: circumcising boys eight days after birth, holding the sabbath on Saturdays rather than Sundays, separating women and men during times of menstruation. Whether by sheer fluke or through some unrecorded cultural exchange, it happens to be that these customs are also held by Jewish people. Further reading suggests that these customs arrived in Ghana with the migration of “crypto-Jews” from Ivory Coast (Ghana’s neighbour to the west) over 200 years ago. The crypto-Jews of Ivory Coast were said to be migrants from Mali fleeing persecution around 400 years ago."

"For many decades, the Jews of Sewfi believed they were the last remaining Jews in the world. It was not until the late 1980s, that one of the Ghanaian men travelled to the capital of Accra, and ask the government officials whether there were other Jews. The Ghanaian Jews were surprised to discover there were millions of other Jews in the world. The community had to travel to the Ivory Coast, to contact the Israeli government. The Israeli embassy provided the community with one Torah Scroll and a single siddur, prayer book.
During the late 1990s a man by the name of Michael Gershowitz from the Tifereth Israel Synagogue in Des Moines, Iowa arrived at the Ghanaian community to learn about their history. Through support of Tifereth Israel, Gershowitz was able to provide the Jews of Sewfi with an additional 200 prayer books. In honor of the Tifereth Israel Synagogue of Iowa, the Sewfi community has named their synagogue "Tifereth Israel" in honor of the generous Des Moines congregation.
On March 26, 2004, Bar Dahan was the first Ghanaian to become a Bar Mitzvah.
The community's goal is to build a Jewish school for the children of Sefwi. Recently, 40 acres have been acquired from a local tribesman, but not enough funds have been produced to start construction. Some of the children have learned Hebrew songs and phrases, but are forced to go to local Christian schools due to the lack of a Jewish one.
In November 2012, after a four-story mall collapsed in Accra that killed three and injured over 50 people, the Israeli Air Force sent a plan carrying medical personnel, engineers, and communication experts to help Ghana pick up the pieces of the tragedy. A Magen David Adom team was also sent to the region.
Also in November 2012, the Israeli government lent $217 million to the University of Ghana to build a 600-bed teaching hospital in Legon. Once completed, the hospital will feature state-of-the-art trauma and emergency services, a heliport and internal medicine department, Surgery, Obstetrics and gynaecology, pediatrics, cardiology, heart surgery, and medicinal imaging. The Sheba Medical Centre in Tel HaShomer, Israel will provide assistance to ensure that Ghana's new teaching hospital measures up to global standards in medicine and health. The facility will provide Ghanaians and people in the sub-region the opportunity to access excellent medical care in Ghana."

To read more about this fascinating community visit here:


Sign Posts....Ghana


  Anointed Hot Kenkey, Eat it and Be Blessed!!!!  

 Flush after Use.....


National Orientation..
I am Proud to be Ghanaian… be punctual to work and appointments…  

Please respect yourself and use this facility very wisely. Always shut the door during and after use of this facility…  


I stumble upon the above signs via: -and had to share… Enjoy xx

Fairy Dust Cakes: Making the Yummiest Wedding Cakes in Ghana….

Just Lovely......


Fuschia with some bling.....


Mini Rich Fruit Cakes

Bride & Groom Personalised Fruitcakes....

Orchid Simplicity


There’s really no such thing as ‘wedding season’ in Ghana, –but February is pretty popular!! -And for those in the know, Fairy Dust Cakes in Accra –is the number one, go-to cake maker du jour for wedding cakes in Ghana!!! Celebrated by Ghana’s stylish elite, Fairy Dust Cakes’ uber yummy, elegant, trendy cakes are the best-in-show… You can check out the rest of their portfolio via their Facebook page at:!/FairyDustCakes

Update: Beloved Ghanaian Actress Nana Ama McBrown is Out of Intensive Care……

According to viasat1 News online, beloved Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown, who was involved in a car accident on Wednesday is said to be in stable condition, –and out of intensive care –Amen. Ghana Rising sends her lots of Love and a speedy recovery!!!  You can read all about it via:

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Breaking News: Beloved Ghanaian Actress Nana Ama McBrown is Involved In Car Accident…

Title: Breaking News: Nana Ama McBrown Involved In Car Accident
By Ghana Web / Dated: 30/1/13
Nana Ama McBrown 1 can confirm that beautiful and popular Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown, has been involved in a horrific car accident on the George Walker bush highway at Lapaz, a suburb of Accra Wednesday morning around 2am.

According to’s Eugene Osafo-Nkansah who reported from the 37 Military hospital in Accra, she has been admitted at the Surgical ward but the cause of the accident was immediately not known.

Speaking to her boyfriend, Maxwell Mensah who was with her in the car from a movie location, a vehicle crossed them on the highway and all of a sudden they found themeselves in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Maxwell Mensah has had his arm broken, but Nana Ama at the time of filing this report was still being attended to by doctors.

The state of her condition is immediately not known.

The 38-year-old award winning Ghanaian actress born Felicity Ama Agyemang has since been admitted at the 37 Military hospital.

Nana Ama was born in Kumasi and grew up in Kwadaso.

She attended Peters International school, moved on to Melesota International and then to Central International. She continued to Kwadaso L.A. J.S.S, completed and went to Prince of Peace Secondary School all in Kumasi.

Later, she attended the College of Business intending to become a secretary.

In 2007, the movie Asoreba co-starring Agya Koo and Mercy Asiedu, turned Nana Ama into a household name. Since then, Nana Ama has slowly built a strong following by releasing a slew of critically acclaimed movies.

On 15 July 2007, Nana Ama was enthroned as the Nkosuohemaa (or ceremonial queen-mother of development) of Assin-Basiako near Assin-Fosu in the Assin North District of Central Region, Ghana

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Nana Ama McBrown is in our thoughts and prayers..Xx

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Mobilia Accra, Ghana....

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Justices at last for young rape victim….

Deeba after his arrest for multiple rapes in the UK...
Photo Source: Gh Hot Gossips at:

Title: Deeba, a Ghanaian musician remanded for defilement and assault Dated: 21-1-13
Accra Jan. 18, GNA- A Ghanaian musician, Akyeampong Deeba aka Richard Nimoh was on Friday remanded into Police custody by an Accra Circuit Court charged with five counts of defilement and assault.

Deeba also known as Deeba Kofi Akyeampong, Richard Nimoh Deeba and Deeba Kofi had his plea reserved by the court presided over by Mr Ebenezer Osei-Darko.

Deeba who was taken to court to be remanded pending his extradition to the United Kingdom has been accused of defiling an eight-year-old minor and assaulting a six-year-old minor all in the United Kingdom.

Mr Kofi Kwakye, counsel for Deeba, prayed for bail because the Police contended that they were now going through the documentation process in order to extradite Deeba to the United Kingdom to face trial.

The court however turned down the bail application and remanded him to reappear on February 7.

The facts presented by the prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police Cletus K. Abadamalora, were that Deeba resides at Weija in Accra.

Prosecution said in December last year, INTERPOL Accra received a request per an arrest warrant from INTERPOL London to the effect that between 2004 and 2008 while living in the UK, Akyeampong Deeba had a relationship with a Ghanaian woman who had two daughters aged eight and six.

Prosecution said Deeba and his Ghanaian wife subsequently had another two children. The couple however lived separately for the first few months but Deeba visited his wife's home to take care of the children while she (his wife) was for night shifts in the UK.

According to prosecution, this continued till September 2008 when accused retuned to Ghana to pursue his musical career.

Two weeks after Deeba's departure, the eight-year-old minor told her mother that while she was out of the house, Deeba allegedly on several occasions invited her into his bedroom, made her watch pornographic movies, kissed her, applied baby oil on his manhood and had sex with her.

According to prosecution the victim stated further that Deeba also had anal sex with her.

Furthermore, prosecution said the victim said Deeba after each sexual act, put sanitary towel in her panty to avoid the evidence of blood stain and he also hid the bed sheet after the act.

Prosecution said Deeba threatened to beat her if she disclosed the act to anyone.

According to prosecution between June 1 and 4, 2008, Deeba assaulted the younger sister when the six-year-old girl tried to satisfy her inquisitiveness about what was happening to her eight-year-old sister. This led to a cut on the six-year-old girl's head.

Prosecution said a medical examination carried on the eight-year-old minor revealed that he had suffered from extensive damage of her hymen as a result of vaginal penetration.

Deeba when confronted by the victim's mother denied the allegations.

Prosecution said the victim's mother however reported the matter to the Police in UK and a warrant was issued by a Northampton Shire Magistrate for his arrest.

Based on that, prosecution said on January 15, this year, Deeba was arrested at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and in his caution statement denied the offence..
***Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: This demon possessed case has left me speechless…. But I’m hoping that the Ghanaian community –at large, will learn from the way the [civilised] British government has hunted down and pursued this member of the human race called Deeba…
Note to mothers, single mothers and all those lonely women out there…..
I’ve been on my own …coming up to nine years, –and I’m truly blessed and never  feel lonely –Amen. I never do, as I have sooo much going on!!!
I guess as a Christian, I learnt a long time ago that when God asks something of us, it’s for the best –and my having my precious, gorgeous, intelligent, Blessed son out of wedlock, –with a man I thought I knew but didn’t really know, –was a massive mistake (not that my son is a mistake –God forbid. He is the right son with the wrong man –but that’s a different story).
The thing is, once you have been married and devoiced or had a child with someone and are now on your own, you have to wise up!!! . You have to work out what went wrong. You have to learn from it.. You have to love yourself or for some, learn to respect yourself.. .
And when you learn to love yourself, the first thing you find out is that –NOT JUST ANY MAN WILL DO!!!!
And when you receive this revelation, you learn to chill out and stop perusing or jumping from one man to the next..  
You also learn that you need to truly know the next man that you allow to come into your life. Yours and your children’s lives are precious –after all!!!
And to truly get to know the man you intend to be in a relationship with -next, you have to spend time with him, get to know his character and if you are anything like me, -find out if he’s a paedophile or not –no???
Years ago I watch a sad true story about a pro football or baseball player –who was sexually abuse as a very young boy by this mother’s new boyfriend. This famous and successful player described how his trusting mother left him and his siblings alone with this monster at night to go to work (yep –very similar to the above case) –and how he was made to keep said abuse quiet –and how the abuse continues to affect him to this day..
This story –may have aired way before I had my son, but as I felt it sooo deep in my soul, I have let the abused man’s and Oprah Winfreys’ words -concerning said episode guard me for life.  
The thing is it’s not just loneliness but desperation and poverty that drive many single mothers into relationships with men they don’t really know!!!
Some of us have struggled for sooo long, that when a man shows us some ‘love’ or money or makes promises to help us or whatever, –most of us leap head first -without truly doing our research!! Do you know this man? Do you know his past or his family’s history or are you tooo lonely, too tired, too desperate to care?? If you one of those women who finds it hard to be on your own, pray, do something, set up a business, join a class –and whilst you are bettering yourself –the ‘right’ man will come –but you’ll still have to get to know him –to make sure he’s the one without your kids…until you are sure he’s not a monster. –And even then, you have to watch him like a hawk (laughter)….
I’m not saying that blah is to blame for what happened to her daughter (God Bless, heal and deliver her) –but this must be read as a cautionary tale!!!  ….We need to get to know people before we move them in –full stop… The thing is… demon possessed paedophiles, –don’t have, ‘I am a paedophile’ written on their foreheads... Plus, there are also those men who hate other men’s children, –and they may mistreat your children, maybe not sexually but physically… *Regardless, –get to know an intended before you introduce them to your children –I beg….
 P.s Please note that Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas was involved in helping INTERPOL Accra and INTERPOL London in making said arrest possible...

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Music: Ghana’s [few]….. Hot Talents for 2013…..

Elorm Adablah aka E.L

EL - Turn the Lights Down (Official Video)



Jupitar - Moneybox (raw)


Itz Tiffany - Akyee Wo (Caught Up)

Lady Jay

Lady Jay x Beyonce cover "I Miss You"


Lousika - Get Money(Official Video)

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I was thinking about Ghanaian talent or the lack of, when my mind wondered to who/whom would represent Ghana at this year’s BET Awards, -and I got all emotional.. We just don’t get it –do we???
I was also thinking about how D'Banj seized ‘our’ Azonto and made it his ‘own’ and took his Oliver Twist single global, –can you Adam & Eve it??? How on earth we Ghanaians can give the world the ‘Azonto’ and not have ONE musician hot or brave or talented or connected enough to capitalize it…is beyond me!!!! Still, I don’t blame D'Banj and now Wizkid also has an Azonto tune out, -for taking our hot beats and running with it. –Because if no one of Ghanaian origin has what it takes to serve it, –then why shouldn’t they???
*I really don’t know if it’s a case of very little talent, I don’t think so –do you, or it’s a case of not having the right promoters/managers/money/connections or whatever (s) in Ghana’s ummm, music industry!!!
Anyway, like I said…it got me thinking… about the guys…them.
Anyway, you all know that I’m picky, ok, not picky or choosy, just all about real talent (when it counts –wink, wink). -And if truth be told, I’m still all about Jerry Anaba aka Okomfo Kwadee, Kwaw Kese and Scizo (of rain, rain fame).
These cats might be quiet right now –but they are/were hot, gorgeous, talented, respected and loved!!  –And whilst they might be taking-time-out, –sort of, -well Kwadee seems to be, and Kwaw kesse is sort of quiet right now –and Szico only really had that one hot hit (Rain, Rain –remember), -they all had/have that X factor thingy!!   –Still, I’m thinking that it has to be about Ghana’s latest ‘Bright-Young-Things’ –right!!!!!
Do note that I respect and acknowledge Tinny and Samini, -both are gorgeous and talented but are they what BET’s looking for?
Also, I love and respect the likes of Ayigbe Edem, R2Bees, and Mugeez –and I’m over the moon that both D-Black and Sarkodie have had their turn, ….but I can only really think of two brothers that I feel can serve it, BRING IT –and take their talent (and hot selves) global, –and hopefully get to represent Ghana at BET –this year. –They are: Elorm Adablah aka E.L (of One Ghana and Kaalu fame) and Jupiter…
These two brothers are uber talented, relevant, look good (not like they’re eating fufu everyday), note how E.L looks like a male model –and Jupiter wastes no time in taking his top off at every opportunity –but mostly, they are- unafraid, believe in their s**t and so do I.
They truly have what it takes to make it outside of Ghana/Africa/the black community and to heat up the mainstream!!!
As for ‘our’ ladies it’s even worse… But I’m thinking….now that BET has nominated the likes of beautiful (and uber elegant) South African singer, Lira –they have most definitely opened the doors to female artists from Africa, –and whilst we don’t have many known female MC’s –Ghana is full to bursting with beautiful talented girls…Only, they haven’t been discovered yet!!!
The thing is, whilst a female MC might be hot in her home town, Kumasi -say, if you and I don’t know about her, –nobody really cares –do they?  Why established musicians/managers/producers aren’t out there scouting and looking for talent nationwide in Ghana –is beyond me!!! Plus, as I’ve stated before, –even the ones that are scouted, aren’t managed properly, don’t look good or lack talent…
Still there are three gals I truly believe in 2013, –and feel they have what it takes to succeed!!! They’re hot, talented, have the X factor, –and can represent Ghana on any level –right now!! They are: Tiffany, my little man loves her, Lady Jay and Lousika!!!!  

“EL's debut album Something ELse is finally available on Itunes, amazon and bandcamp! The powerful collection of azonto/dance and hip hop tracks guarantees favourite songs for everyone.” For more info about Elorm Adablah aka E.L visit:

Jupitar is playing in the UK at IF Bar, East London, Ilford on the 2nd Feburauy 2013…For more info or to know more about Jupitar visit:

For more info about Tiffany visit:

For more info about Lady Jay visit:!/ladynancy.jay

For more info about Christelle Akua Sika Amankona aka Lousika visit:



Akataasia: Ghana’s latest fashion label du jour……

The 4-in-one reversible blazer!!!!! functional, reversible, HOT and guaranteed to turn heads. its a MUST HAVE!!!

Snap happy! in my Akataasia Blazer. from

In NYC, is the Canary Reverse by Akataasia

This is what the Akataasia Canary Yellow reversible Blazer looks like from behind. Light up your day anytime with an Akataasia Canary Yellow Blazer.

Bianca Walker of & spotted in NYC wearing her Canary verse by akataasia

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Pokua Mensah: e-tv ghana #newsreader #enthusiastic journalist
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Sandra Ankobia (fashion 101) rocking Akataasia Royal Denim blazer.

Details rock! Especially on the Akataasia Canary Yellow Blazer as worn by me.

Military themed pants.....

“Akataasia clothing is a celebration of life and freedom in fashion. The importance of living life and not just existing.” Akataasia

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: If you needed any more evidence that folk back home [Ghana] are having more fun than we are, then you only have to visit Akataasia, Ghana’s latest fashion label du jour’s tumblr at: to see!!!

Even a Saturday spent at the latest pop-up boutique at Accra’s premier shopping mall, brings about a level of joy that’s just doesn’t exist in snowy England –right now, and certainly not at Brent Cross, where I went to buy Jojo new school shoes –a couple of days ago!!! Good for them!!!

The Akataasia fashion label is new to me –but I’m already a fan. Their impressive collection of quirky, eclectic, on-trend pieces feels like someone has taken Ghana Rising Blog and is trying to turn it into a fashion brand!!! –Really, it’s beyond cute..

I especially love their blazers. For more info visit:!/Akataasia or call 0246550559, 0204354913 to order…