Wednesday, 22 December 2010

HAPPY CHRIST BIRTHDAY 2010 …..And a BLESSED 2011 to you all.

What can I say folks, what a year. Some things gained/achieved, some delays, some pain (real pain) but mostly beauty, -the beauty of the realisation that what mattered last year no longer matters, that the dreams that didn’t come true will mos-def come true next year …but mostly –that without God, -we can achieve –nothing. I pray Gods love, his truth, his Blessings, his grace and his guiding arms around you….Big love, Paulina xxx

And to see us through CHRIST BIRTHDAY 2010 and into the new year…the very special Guvna B, a MOBO award winning UK based, gospel artist of Ghanaian origin, singing the heart-felt 'I Need You' with the highly talented Cynthia Erivo. I truly love this brother and believe that 2011 is his and your –year (Amen).. So enjoy! For more information about Guvna B or to buy/download his music visit:

Monday, 13 December 2010

Asamoah Gyan in FourFourTwo Magazine…

It’s good to be Black Star’s Asamoah Gyan -right now! Young, good looking and fit, a 13 million pounds deal with Sunderland, two goals against (my favourite football team) –Chelsea, and now a recording artist –what’s not to love? You can read more about Ghana’s favourite son in an interview with FourFourTwo magazine, their November 2010 Issue (its still available).

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ghana Rising Hearts Papa Dee

I’ve had my beady eyes on Swedish/ Ghanaian rap, ragga and dancehall artist, Daniel Wahlgren aka Papa Dee for sometime and thought it was about time we celebrated this talented and stylish guy… for more info please google him –I sooo can’t understand the Swedish language… xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

Fashion: Christie Brown’s latest collection’s fierce….

(Photo Credit: New African Woman Issue 7)

Looking for the ever illusive copy of the latest American Vogue –I saw the latest copy of New African Woman, -sneaked-a-peek and guess what, I ended up buying it. As you all know by now, I don’t tend to go near so called ‘black publications’ especially ones aimed at the African ‘anything’ –because even though they claim to be about Africans, I feel they only celebrate one or two African countries –and I just don’t have the time! Anyway, this particular issue is totally inspirational and jammed packed with GH’ers –including: international make-up artist -Ashley Avorgah, singer -NaNa Asante, actress –Belinda Owusu, founder of UK’s Mission Dine Club and the first black woman to become a Dame in the UK –Dame Betty Asafu-Adjaye, -and an insightful interview with Ghanaian/Lebanese actor –Majid Michel. But my favourite piece in Issue 7 of New African Woman is an editorial featuring Christie Brown’s latest collection ….it’s fierce! For more information about Christie Brown visit:

Friday, 3 December 2010

Ehalakasa Poetry Talk...on 5TH DECEMBER 2010 at Nubuke Foundation, East Legon..



Poetry is the Movement! Ehalakasa is the Name!  Come and experience









***For more information telephone Sir black on (+233) (0) 207388236 or email:

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Photographer: Sal Idriss

(Credit: Tricky (Adrian Thaws) © Sal Idriss / National Portrait Gallery, London)....Did you know that Tricky's a quarter Ghanaian via his late mother, Maxine Quaye?

There is a certain feel about the work of Kumasi born photographer, Sal Idriss that truly captivates, -I hope to work with him someday. Currently working in the music and film industry capturing images of black figures in mainstream culture like artist -Chris Ofili, architect -David Adjaye, the late great Malian photographer -Malick SidibĂ©, politician –Paul Boateng, fashion designer - Joe Casely-Hayford and actress - Sophie Okonedo (to name a few), he has also worked for publications like: the Guardian, The Times, the Mirror, GQ magazine, Mojo, Scotland on Sunday and ES magazine –and the likes of; fashion house -Commes Des Garcon, the National Portrait Gallery and City Hall.

Idriss has just completed a moving exhibition of his work entitled ‘Famous For The Wrong Reasons’ –a photographic exhibition aimed to educate and deter those vulnerable to gun and knife crime; inspired by the artist’s own experience and a tribute to his brother Nassirudeen, who died in 2007 as the result of an unprovoked knife attack in Islington, a few days before his 17th birthday. ** I’m so sorry that I didn’t find out about this exhibition sooner, –anyway it is over but you can still view some of the photographs from this exhibition at:

**For more information about this fabulous photographers work visit:

Friday, 19 November 2010

Words of Wisdom: Dag Heward-Mills

"Delays occur in our lives because God wants us to experience certain tests. He allows us to be tested by delaying certain things. He searches us to know what is in our hearts. He wants to see our response to delays. Many good people become evil during the period of delay. Remember today that a DELAY is what will bring out what is truly in you! Deut 8:2. Be blessed"

**Yep, I know all about delays!… For more information about evangelist Dag Heward-Mills visit:

Friday, 12 November 2010

Art: Artist/filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu, artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye and photographer Kwaku Alston are all showing at Studio Museum in Harlem –right now…

Diplomacy III, 2009 by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

Artist and filmmaker: Akosua Adoma Owusu
Akosua Adoma Owusu’s work is currently showing at the Studio Museum in Harlem’s ‘Changing Same Show’ in their Video Studio and runs until the 13th March 2011).

Photography: Kwaku Alston
To be perfectly honest, I have no idea if uber photographer Kwaku Alston is Ghanaian/of Ghanaian origin or not -but I do know that he is talented and I hope to work with him -someday. I stumble across his work in the latest Issue of Marie-Claire magazine and was pretty impressed (plus my father’s called Kwaku –and they tend to be nice)…

Kwaku’s at the very top of his game and has photographed the likes of: Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods, -worked for hot publications like: The New York Times, Rolling Stone and Essence magazine–and advertising for: Coca Cola, Blackberry and Target, -and is presently showing at the Studio Museum of Harlem –as part of their Harlem Postcards - Fall/Winter 2010/11 show (showing until 13th March 2011).

**Ghana Rising favourite, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye is also showing at the Studio Museum in Harlem -her very first solo museum exhibition entitled ‘Any Number of Preoccupations’, organized by Associate Curator Naomi Beckwith.

For more information visit:
Studio Museum in Harlem
Address: 144 West 125th Street, New York, New York
Telephone: 212.864.4500
Opening Hours: Thursday 12:00 – 9:00PM; Friday 12:00 – 9:00PM; Saturday 10:00 – 6:00PM; Sunday 12:00 – 6:00PM

Monday, 8 November 2010

Good News: Ghana on track to halve hunger by 2015

According to the following piece by Melissa Britz Ghana is well on its way to meeting the Millennium Development Goal target of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, according to a study by Britain's Overseas Development Institute…yippee!  

Written by: Melissa Britz

Ghana is well on the way to meeting the Millennium Development Goal target of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, according to a study by Britain's Overseas Development Institute.

The study forms part of a series of profiles on countries around the world that, in the words of the institute, are "bringing to light key lessons to inform development work leading up to 2015."

It said in its study: "With agricultural growth averaging more than five percent a year during the past 25 years, Ghana is ranked among the top five performers in the world. This has contributed to major reductions in poverty and malnutrition ..."

The first Millennium Development Goal, that of eradicating extreme poverty, includes three target areas:

To reduce by half the proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day;

To achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people; and

To reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.

The report goes on to say that Ghana is largely self-sufficient with in staple foods.
Marc Hofer/UNESCO

Children at a rural school.
"Food supply has grown faster than the population has... At the same time, the real price of food has fallen. More accessible food meant that undernourishment went down to eight percent by 2003, from 34 percent in 1991. Child malnutrition has also declined, with the proportion of infants underweight falling from 30 percent in 1988 to 17 percent in 2008."

According to the study, some challenges, such as production efficiency and making agriculture environmentally sustainable, still remain.

The Overseas Development Institute is an independent think tank on development and humanitarian issues which says it "aims to inspire and inform policy and practice which lead to the reduction of poverty, the alleviation of suffering and the achievement of sustainable livelihoods in developing countries." THE END also looked at this story and has uploaded an accompanying film clip that can be viewed at:

Politics: Peter Bossman is elected the first black mayor in Slovenia…

Were making headway's folks, and as always, –there’s a Ghanaian involved. The following is more information about Ghanaian born doctor, Peter Bossman, known as the, 'Obama of Piran' who became the first ever black mayor in the whole of the Eastern Block on the 24 October 2010! Note, please remember Peter and all the other black pioneers -who dare to stand up –and be countered in countries like Russia, Poland etc in your prayers –because the aforementioned countries are not easy ooOO! Go Peter, Ghana Rising is very proud of you…

Peter Bossman becomes Eastern Europe's first black mayor
'Obama of Piran' elected in south-western Slovenia
By: Jo Adetunji / Dated: Monday 25 October 2010 /Paper: The Guardian

Peter Bossman and some of his supporters celebrate his victory in the Slovenian Adriatic town of Piran. (Credit: The Guardian)
A Ghana-born doctor nicknamed "the Obama of Piran" became the first black mayor in eastern Europe yesterday after he was elected in Piran, south-western Slovenia.

Peter Bossman, 54, said he was "happy and proud" to have been elected to the post after winning a second round runoff in the town with just over half the votes.

Bossman settled in Slovenia, then still part of Yugoslavia, in the 1970s after arriving in the country to study medicine. He decided to stay after marrying a fellow student from Croatia.

Speaking about his campaign, in which he said he would introduce electric cars to the town, Bossman said: "I based my campaign on a dialogue, and I think the dialogue has won."

But Bossman was criticised during the campaign for not speaking fluent Slovene, the country's official language, prompting him to say in an interview with Delo, one of Slovenia's leading newspapers, that a friend and professor of Slovenian had "offered to give me additional lessons".

However the new mayor, who runs his own private medical practice and is a member of Slovenia's governing centre-left Social Democrat party, said he had not suffered racial discrimination.

"In the first months after coming to Slovenia I felt that some people did not want to be with us [African immigrants]. But for the last 10 or 15 years … I have no problems at all and I think people no longer see the colour of my skin when they look at me," he said.

Slovenia has a population of around 2 million, the majority of whom are native Slovene, and immigration is more common from ex-Yugoslavian countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. There are very few black people living there. The town of Piran, which lies on the Gulf of Piran on the Adriatic Sea, has a population of around 17,000.

Vlado Miheljak, a political analyst, said the vote in Piran was a test of whether Slovenia was "mature enough to elect a non-white political representative." (Credit:

Is Linda Annan the most fashionable Ghanaian woman in the world?

As you all know by now, I like to be uber abreast of all that’s hot concerning the GH community –and it doesn’t come any hotter than Linda Annan right-now! I happily stumbled across the above photo of Linda in Essence Magazine’s October 2010 Issue and just had to google this fabulous fashionista… It transpires that Ms Annan is the editor and publisher of Obaasema Magazine and a blogger –just like me! You can find out more about Linda at: -For more information about the latest copy of Obaasema Magazine visit:

Television: Boris Kodjoe stars as Steven Bloom in NBC's spy drama Undercovers

I was wondering, -when will Undercovers reach these shores? For more information visit:

Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe on the cover of Essence magazine’s October 2010 Issue (with Blair Underwood and Lance Gross).... fabulous x

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Music: D Black Ft Kwabena Kwabena

I was pleasantly surprised to see a ‘facebook’ friend of mine on OBE TV this morning, and even more impressed when I heard his tune, ‘Somebody’ featuring Kwabena Kwabena, -it’s very touching and I can honestly say that I’m now a big fan of Desmond Kwesi Blackmore -aka D Black (plus, he not only looks like my little brother, but is also called Desmond)…Go Des... For more information about D-Black or to download ‘Somebody’ visit:

You can also download it here at:

Fashion: kanya King

“When I started the Mobo (music of black origin) awards 15 years ago, I was told that to be taken seriously, I should tie my hair back and not wear make-up. But that’s not me –I like my hair wild, and I like my femininity, and I’ve never gone without either.” kanya King
kanya King looking fabulous in The Sunday Times Style magazine, 31/10/2010 Issue…

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Please Note…....

I can no longer access my address folks! I can only be contacted/reached via my account –right now. I’m kind of gutted as I no longer have the various emails you guys have been sending me over the past year and a half, -anyway (as always), if you have any news, events or any other fabulous info/happenings concerning the Ghanaian community globally –do get in touch via my nanaaba address…

Paulina x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Fashion: Shirley Amartey

(Credit: All Photos Courtesy of Shirley Amartey)

Stylist Shirley Amartey has been on my personal radar for some time ….I love her on-trend, uber fierce styling and hope to work with her in the near future but in the mean time, I thought it was about time Ghana Rising celebrated this fabulously talented fashionista… can find out more about Ms Amartey at:

Monday, 4 October 2010

Hair: Vicky Boateng on the cover of Black Beauty & Hair Magazine

Vicky on the cover

It was sooo lovely to see the ever beautiful Vicky Boateng, a professional model and a favourite of Ghana Rising on the cover of Black Beauty & Hair Magazine’s August/September Issue. Avid readers of Ghana Rising will recall Vicky was voted one of Ghana Rising’s Most Beautiful Women of Ghanaian Origin 2010 ( For more information or to book Vicky for TV, Magazine, commercial or Ad campaigns please visit:

Hair: Johnnie Sapong opens The Studio….

Uber hairstylist, Johnnie Sapong has opened a new hair studio at Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Place, London, W1. A celebrity favourite, Johnnie has worked his magic on the likes of: Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miller, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt and worked with the worlds top creatives(photographers/stylists/MUA’s/models) for all the top glossies. Please note, booking is essential as all haircuts in this one seat salon is by Johnnie. Haircut costs from £350. Please telephone: 0844 412 7620 for further information visit:

Johnnie Sapong
The Studio
Lazarides Gallery,
11 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1HR.
Tel: 0844 412 7620.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ozwald Boateng ...the hottest ticket in town….

Ozwald Boateng with his father

Where do I start folks? Ozwald Boateng’s fashion show (the final show of London Fashion Week) was soooooooo hot last night! Uber star spotting opportunity, -the Odeon Leicester Square was bursting with ‘of-the-minute’ hotties like: Shingai (she is soo sweet), Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams, Amber Rose (she’s no longer dating Kanye West), Jo Wood, Piers Morgan, Mica Paris et al), the Ghanaian Glitterati including: the Boateng family, Reggie Ansah -the founder of Luxure Magazine, uber stylist – Bernice Brobbey and honorary Ghanaian, Actor and playwright, -Kwame Kwei Armah (to name a few) and London’s buzzing fashpack were all there to watch Ozwald Boateng OBE, celebrity tailor, celebrate his 25th anniversary with a 100-model-strong show featuring his latest collections for both autumn/winter and next spring/summer 2010/2011.

Personally, last night was fabulous on soo many levels! Firstly, the Collection was hot, the male models were hot, I got to catch up with old friends, see the ever gorgeous, Amber Rose -up close and personal for the very first and she didn’t disappoint, was very sweet, -and stopped for me to take her photo see above, –plus I got to see Ozwald Boateng walk onto the stage at the end of his landmark show with his father, and that …-was very moving….For more info about Ozwald Boateng’s latest collection please visit:

Soraya Khalil 4 United Colors of Benetton

(Credit: this photo comes courtesy of Company magazine)

It’s good to see Ghanaian/Jamaican model, Soraya Khalil looking so beautiful and happy in the latest United Colors of Benetton ads. Avid readers of Ghana Rising will remember that Soraya told us about her fabulous time as one of the winners of the Face of Benetton Competition in an earlier interview for Ghana Rising. You can read all about it here:

Ghana Rising is sending out big love to Soraya –and truly believes that it’s her TIME…Go girl xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Beauty: Hue’s Visage –selling the hottest make-up in Ghana…

Any sybarite worth her Jimmy Choo’s will tell you that high-end make-up –in fact all luxury goods are recession proof and to hammer this fact home, -is the newly launched Hue’s Visage in Accra. The stockist of yummy brands like: Mary Kay, Victoria's Secret, MAC, IMAN, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown products and much more, –Accra’s ‘It’ girls will no longer have to stock-up twice a year in various department stores in London, NYC or Paris et al. Please note that the good people at Hue’s Visage can also be called upon for all your make-up enquires beauty gift ideas and FREE make-up consultation. For more information please see their contact details below.

Contact Details:
Hue’s Visage
20 Shippi Link, East Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
+233 262703222

Note…you can also contact them via their Facebook page at:

Monday, 13 September 2010

Sports: Rachel Abba Yankey

Did anyone watch the English women’s football team last night? If you did, you’ll have seen the ever-fabulous, Rachel Yankey MBE –number 11 at her best. The following is a bit more about Ms Yankey, a player for Arsenal and England.

Rachel Abba Yankey, MBE (born 1 November 1979) is an English football player. She plays for the English side Arsenal, and for the England national team. She plays as a forward, and wears the number 11 for Arsenal and England. She is of Ghanaian descent, from her father's side.

Yankey began playing football with a boy's team, before joining Mill Hill United at youth level. Her playing career began at the age of 16, playing for Arsenal, when she spent a short time on loan with Laval Dynamites, a Canadian team, and then moved to Fulham. It was here that she was registered as the first professional female footballer in England. She joined Birmingham City before the 2004–05 season, and then, after being released from Birmingham, rejoined Arsenal for the 2005–06 season after a short spell with the New Jersey Wildcats of the W-League in the United States. She, along with England team mate Rachel Unitt, played for the Wildcats for the last seven games of the season, and helped them win the W-League championship.

Yankey is arguably the most famous female footballer in England, having modelled the last two new England kits, and appearing on the FA women's homepage header. She is also famous for starring in the BBC's online BBC Sport 'Academy Masterclasses' mini-series, teaching young footballers basic soccer skills.

In May 2009, Yankey was one of the first 17 female players to be given central contracts by the Football Association.[5] In August 2009 she was surprisingly left out of coach Hope Powell's 22-player squad for Euro 2009[6] with Powell believing that she didn't justify a call-up, and Yankey also did not get called up for the World Cup qualifiers against Malta and Turkey. But after a return to form with the Arsenal Ladies, she was recalled by Powell for the four-nation Cyprus Cup and won her 90th and 91st caps as a 76th minute substitute for Jessica Clarke in a 1-0 win over South Africa and as a starter in a 1-0 defeat to Canada.

Her return to form at both club and international level saw her being picked regularly again by Powell, and on 29 July 2010 Rachel Yankey became the second Englishwoman after Gillian Coultard to earn 100 caps during a World Cup Qualifier against Turkey. Yankey, who was captain for the night, scored a goal and played the entire 90 minutes as England won 3-0. (credit:

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hugh Quarshie on Who Do You Think You Are?

Honestly, the devil is a liar. Since I started this blog just over a year ago, my computer has been under constant attack –and whilst in the past; my computer fix-it man has been able to fix every problem –my Toshiba laptop is now completely died, can you believe it? And thus I find myself unable to put everything I want to write about on my blog… Anyway, did you watch last night’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC One? It featured the ever fabulous Hugh Quarshie –and had me captivated. Relaying mainly on oral history in Ghana, Hugh’s ancestors were brought back to life –in what I can only describe as the very best episode of this fabulous series. Hugh got to meet his ‘new’ family members in the village of Abe –and we all found out that researching ancestor from African and European heritage is possible; makes interesting viewing and is the best way to learn about our history…

The journey ends happily in Holland where Hugh meets his European family –and comes across written documents and some incredible photographs that I hope will end up in his ancestral village of Abe –or some museum in Ghana one day and discovers that his great, great, great-grandfather –not only loved his African family but left them all his worldly goods in his last will and testament. Hugh’s personal journey back in time –was touching, well researched and heartwarming –and I guess reflecting many Fantes and some Ga’s ancestral history. My mother’s maiden name is Spio and I have often wondered about her family and the role the Portuguese played in her ancestry!

For more about Hugh Quarshie’s incredible journey please visit:

To see some footage of Hugh Quarshie on Who Do You Think You Are? Visit:

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Observer Magazine votes A Sauvage as one of its AUTUMN Hotties ….

From hip-hop artist Kanye West, via Julia Roitfeld and Nicki Minaj –fashion designer, A Sauvage has been voted one of The Observer Magazine’Hotties in its AUTUMN HOT LIST…….x

Nothing Serious…Just Fun and Laughter from Twi Teacher……

Twi Teacher is causing a buzz! Only on YouTube for a week, Twi Teacher is already causing a storm –with over 1000 hits. Its been played on Ghana Radio by DJ Black On MyJoy fm, played on Radio Focus by Specialist Crew and DJ Ace Of BBC 1 Xtra –and I just had to share it with you… For more information about Twi Teacher you can follow him via twitter at:

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Slavery and Child Trafficking in Ghana’s Fishing Community

I'm incensed! I was under the impression that the Ghanaian government has made it illegal for adults to traffic children? But are they (the government) making sure that this law is implemented? Also, have these fishermen been told that they can be imprisoned for up to 25 years for Child Trafficking in Ghana? I am sick of this issue –and thought that since Oprah Winfrey exposure this matter on her show many moons ago -that we were making some headways, I guess not! You can read all about the estimated 7’000 children forced to work as modern day slaves in Ghana, -especially in Kete-Krachi in the Volta region, in the latest issue of Essence magazine (the August 2010 issue) –out now.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fashion: Edward Enninful

Not only has Ghanaian born, Edward Enninful styled: Mulberry A/W 10, Shiseido A/W 10, Aquascutum A/W 10, Emporio Armani A/W 10, Dior A/W 10 campaigns but he is the stylist responsible for one of the most talked about shoots this year, -the ‘We are The World’ editorial for American Vogue’s (big) September Issue. Its causing a fashion stir as not only is it shot by uber photographer Steven Meisel; or has the fabulous Pat McGrath’s doing her makeup thing but it features Brit model, Jourdan Dunn –who is back after a well deserved break looking after her new baby. I can’t find Edward Enninful website right-now but he is represented by Maxim Fashion Agents at:

Fashion: A Sauvage

2 Black and White Photographs: Photographed at ShowStudio
Wearing 000-6 from 000-1- 000-11

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl
Black and White Photographs by Adrien Sauvage
Wearing 000-11 from 000-1- 000-11
If you love fashion and are anything like me then you’d have heard lots about the latest ‘It’ designer called Adrien Sauvage. From glossy magazines to blogs –the air is full to bursting with buzz about designer Adrien Sauvage and his business partner, TV presenter George Lamb launching their first non-seasonal collection of radical and elegant menswear aptly named, A Sauvage.

I must confess, I’m pretty impressed and love the suave, sharpness of the A Sauvage menswear collection –and have been inspired by the glossy black & white images of ‘of-the-minute’ people like artist Richie Culver, actor Bill Nighy, rock’n’roller Coco Sumner and music guru Mark Ronson –above, wearing A Sauvage –shot by Adrien Sauvage himself for a project, called "This is Not a Suit," -But mostly, I’m really pleased to discover (via my mate from big PR guru firm: STARWORKS), that Adrien Sauvage is of Ghanaian origin. For more information about the A Sauvage collection visit:

** A Sauvage prices starts from £65 for Ties. Shirts from £165. Suits from £895 –and are available from Matches ( and Harrods (

Beauty: Benedicta Tweneboa-Kodua a future star...

**Ever since Ghana's beautiful Kate Tachie-Menson won, I’ve kept an eye on the M-Net Face of Africa website, –and even though I feel that Zambia's Lukando Nalungwe was the rightful winner (the finale took place in February 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria), I truly feel that Ghana’s Benedicta Tweneboa-Kodua is very special and should continue to pursue a modelling career (I would be happy to book her for fashion shoots). Does any one know what she's up to right-now? For more information about M-Net Face of Africa visit:

The winner of the 2010 Face Of Africa title is Zambia's Lukando.....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sam Sarpong Hosts 2010 BET Awards Pre Show

It was wonderful to see Sam Sarpong hosting 2010 BET Awards Pre Show (Behind the Scenes All Access) –he is fabulous.....

A Must Watch: Dizzee Rascal is a judge on Sky1's Must Be The Music....

Catch Dizzee Rascal alongside Jazz musician, Jamie Cullen and Sharleen Spiteri of Texas every Sunday on Sky1and Sky1 HD at 7pm, -judging the latest talents (from Britain and Ireland), –trying to impress and win a coveted career-boosting £100,000 cash fund and the chance to perform in front of a massive audience at one of the UK’s biggest and most famous music venue, Wembley Arena -in Sky1's Must Be The Music. For more information visit:

Tinchy Stryder in i-D Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Issue

[Courtesy of]

i-D magazine celebrated their 30th anniversary with a 200 Portraits collection of, ‘of-the-minute’ celebrities shot by uber photographer, Nick Knight including: Carri Mundane, Leona Lewis, Milly McMahon, Beharti Prinsloo, Giles Deacon, Tafari Hinds, S.C.U.M, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and our very own Tinchy Stryder. You can check out Tinchy Stryder being shot by Nick Knight via at:
**To keep up with Tinchy Stryder‘s goings-on visit his Blog at:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hair and Beauty: My HairLUXE

(Photos: courtesy of My HairLUXE)

If you are anything like me, -the beautiful images of soft, fabulous hair above will have you calling the good people of My HairLUXE for their Organic, 100% tangle free, 'Real Luxurious Human Hair Extensions' (Remy hair from South America and India) right-now. Based at NO 5 Labone Crescent, Labone, Accra (down the road from Wangara hotel) -My HairLUXE is a must visit for all quality hair extension lovers. For more information please kindly email the lovely ladies of My HairLUXE at: or call (233) 20 5664013. You can visit their Facebook page for further information at:

**Please keep an eye on the My HairLUXE website, -it is under construction -right now: