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Business: The World is talking about Made-in-Ghana Kantanka Cars....

"The whites believed in themselves and got to where they are now. They are no different from us. We all stayed in our mothers' womb for nine months." Safo Jnr, Chief Operations Officer of the Kantanka Group of Companies

Title: Ghana's talented but ignored inventors

A father and his pilot son in a country with no history of manufacturing are making products that will stun the world.

Accra, Ghana - Imagine having a television set that comes on after an effortless clap or by blowing air; picture yourself in a car that is engineless and starts with a simple push of a button tucked to your dress; or a change-over-machine that speaks and tells you where exactly a fire or electrical fault is in your home.
This is not fiction. It is not magic. It is not happening in Europe or Asia and not even in the United States. These products are being manufactured in the West African nation of Ghana.

The brains behind this is Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, owner of the Kantanka Group of Companies. He is naturally gifted. A genius. An inventor and a philanthropist. He has no formal or sophisticated technical background. He imagines, dreams and creates at will. He lives in his own world.

It takes about 45 minutes from Accra, the capital, to reach his "city" at Gomoa Mpota in the central region of Ghana. It is set apart from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan Accra. His flag - blue, red, yellow and white stars embossed on the blue hue - constantly flies at a junction on the highway you reach after going past beautiful green landscapes that lead to his location.

It is a large tract of land. The buildings are huge. The ambiance is engaging. It has a natural touch and feel, complete with tortoises - the oldest is 40 years - and a porcupine, evidence of Safo's love for nature.

Engineless car
A large African map showing a picture of Apostle Safo spinning a ball imprinted with pictures, a huge star beneath it and a miniature aircraft welcome visitors.

It takes close to two-and-a-half hours to tour his complex in a car. His son, Kwadwo Safo Jnr, a commercial pilot who acquired his licence at age 19, welcomed Al Jazeera. He is the group's chief operations officer.
After driving past the tortoises, the first point of call was a workshop where a chopper was being manufactured alongside a hand-made engineless five-seater vehicle.

Safo Jnr said they will ensure there is no risk in test-flying the chopper and explained how the engineless car will work.

"The non-engine vehicle does not rely on a combustion engine to move, but an electric motor powered by rechargeable batteries," Safo Jnr told Al Jazeera.
"The batteries can be recharged with solar energy or electricity. As you drive the car on the road, it converts the energy from the sun into mechanical energy which powers the car.

"We do everything here. For the engineless car it is only the lights and the tyres that were bought. Everything else from moulding [parts], among others, was done by our local people."

A peacock bade us goodbye from that section, then three zebras smiled at us as we drove on an untarred road towards the colossal buildings on the outskirts. They are four in all, neatly painted and look abandoned when viewed from a distance.

The structures serve as the assembling plants for the yet-to-be unveiled Kantanka range of commercial vehicles - sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks.

Although some car parts are imported, assembling the more than 1,500 pieces for a car and spraying are done by about 20 young men between the ages of 16-25 years. Amazingly, they have no formal training in building a car.

"Most of them are junior and senior high school leavers. The people who are actually racking their brains here to make things work have never been to school before," Safo Jnr said.

Six to 10 cars can be assembled and be ready for the road in a day. Four had been completed and tested by the time Al Jazeera visited. It is hard to tell they were actually assembled in Ghana, save for the Kantanka crown and inscription at the back.

Market plans
"We are hoping to increase the number to 12 or 15 daily when we go commercial soon," Safo Jnr said.
"We have delayed ... going commercial because Africans and Ghanaians in general have the perception that once it is from Ghana, it is not good - durability is not assured, safety is not guaranteed. So we have decided to use the products ourselves and make sure they are good to go and standardised before we hit the market.

"I was in Brazil about six months ago and I was in tears. The whole of Rio de Janeiro was packed with Marcopolo buses ... and these are buses that were assembled and made in Brazil.
"They patronise it. In India they encourage made-in-India vehicles - like Mahindra - and that's my dream to one day see Kantanka cars on the streets of Accra, Kumasi and all over. I will be fulfilled," a visibly euphoric Safo Jnr pointed out in his office fitted with a locally made air-conditioner that is switched on and off by slotting in a card.

The card in the air-conditioner, explained Safo Jnr, works like one used for an ATM. It is programmed to start the air-conditioner, regulate the temperature and can tell the time when the unit should be turned off. It is multi-functional, he said.

Difficult questions
While hugely ambitious and a potential source of pride for a country that is only known for its gold, cocoa and lately oil, the Kantanka project still raises major questions. Who, for example, will buy SUVs in a country where the average income is $1,400 and where just about everyone drives a used car? Do the carmakers perform crash tests, and will they meet the high standards of cars made in Europe and Asia?

"We will be doing that in the course of our manufacturing process," said Safo Jnr, referring to crash tests.

The cars will be "affordable" and middle-income earners will be able to buy them. "We know the market and we can assure you that Africans will be able to buy our cars," he said.

In some countries projects such as this attract financial assistance from the government. But Ghanaian governments upon governments seem to have ignored the "Star of Africa", as Apostle Dr Safo is called by the people of Ghana.

Not even his self-made Limousine dubbed "Obrempong", the speaking change-over-machine, or a range of flat-screen television sets made with wood covers that respond to a simple clap to come alive, increase or reduce volumes have fascinated the government enough to support one of their own.

Determined to succeed
The Safo family is undaunted though.

"Most of the promises they have made, they say they are in the pipelines. I'm sure African pipelines are very choked so the water is not flowing. Not even the corporate world has shown concern … We are still hoping," said Safo.

"We have had several offers from Asia and Europe, but we turn them down because we just want to stay in

Africa and make sure that whatever we are doing here we'll be able to achieve our dreams.
"People tell us that we are wasting our time because we won't get anywhere. But we pay no attention to them, rather we make sure that we prove them wrong by meeting targets that we set for ourselves."

The US-trained young pilot is optimistic about the future. For him, it is a matter of trust and belief in the African.

"The whites believed in themselves and got to where they are now. They are no different from us. We all stayed in our mothers' womb for nine months ... If you cut a white and a black man you get blood. The only differences are our names and colours," he said.

"So we should believe in ourselves. We must reduce the talking and put in work."

Credit: Al Jazeera

Paulina says: As regular readers of La Ghana Rising Blog will attest, I've been blogging about and celebrating Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo and his Kantanka cars -forever, and its soooo good to finally see the world's media sitting up and taking notice.

Still, I'm intrigued, --now that the world is watching Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, owner of the Kantanka Group of Companies and his made-in-Ghana cars/inventions --- will Le Ghana's government wake up and get behind said venture?

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"The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone, is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away." Alysia Harris


Rapper Sarkodie's 'SARKCESS' ALL WHITE PARTY' at Django Bar

Sarkodie with Reggie Rockstone and Pappy Kojo..... Sark's hair is fabulous -looking very good, very smooth.

 Best hair on the night...... Note, plenty of rough hair at this party..

 Beautiful girl --Lovely complexion, ok eyebrows.... If she darken her eyebrows, keeps the eye make-up and does nude lips --she will pop paaaaaaaaaaa...

Tattoo King...

Rapper D Black


All photos come courtesy of Talk of GH []

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SOS Ghana: Free Dominic Owusu

Please click on the following link, ---read ---and share. Thank you. ***Please note, this is not for the heartless in Ghana. ***Please don't feel the need to ask me why you should read or share or care.
Note, I'm just a simple human being who feels that sentencing a poor man to five years hard labour for stealing three bunches of plantain in **our** sweet homeland Ghana is --excessive --especially when the likes of *preaching* child rapists [we all know who they are] are set free... Medase


"There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people." William Adama


For The Chicest, Freshest Flowers in Town -Head to Flowers and More Ghana Ltd





"Around 10 years ago most Hotels in Accra had no flowers, artificial flowers or non tropical flowers like carnations and chrysantimum - from South Africa or Holland - displayed.

This was a wake up call for me. I had a little flower farm in the Volta-region just for the love of flowers, I collected and collected....tropical flowers of course....and one fine day I realised, I had a lot of beautiful tropical flowers and all the Hotels in Ghana had none or almost none......

It took some time and guts from my side to connect the two loose ends with each other and - very slowly - I started to approach hotels and people started to approach me....

This is my Flowers and More story....Flowers are my passion and I feel like the luckiest person on earth to do what I do.

Ghanaians are not flower lovers by tradition but there is definitely a change going on in peoples perspective about fresh flowers, especially young people L O V E my arrangements and this is wonderful to observe.

My goal is to attract anybody who can see the beauty and at the same time is looking for something different." Edith Bendig



Paulina says: Ever wondered who/whom the likes of Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, The Royal Senchi, Ghana's top wedding planners and Accra's most fashionable turn to when a simple bouquet won't do? Edith Bendig and she comes highly recommend.

With a client list which reads like the who's-who of Ghana, Edith Bendig and her professional team of florists at Flowers and More Ghana Ltd based in East Lagon, Accra are officially the go-to florist for high-end floral masterpieces..

Uber talented, and with an eye for detail, --whether you are after something dramatic, sculptural and grand or chic and bijoux for work or home, -team Flowers and More Ghana Ltd will create a work-of-art to suit you and the interior..

Note, Flowers and More Ghana Ltd also, "supply our dear customers (individuals/groups) with beautiful arrangements for their birthdays, offices, homes, Parties, best wishes for friends and family, festivals and ceremonies etc."

For more info or to commission any of the above arrangements and more -visit:

Objects of Desire: Aya Morrison Wallets

Price: POA

Paulina says: Its good to see beautiful made-in-Ghana wallets that are outside-the-same-ole-same-ole-box. Mixing sexy tough leathers, animal prints, bold Ghanaian wax print cloth and funky fasteners, -these must-have Aya Morrison wallets make the perfect gift. For more detail or to purchase any of the above -visit::

Fashion: Horseman Shoes opens stand alone store in Kokomlemle, Accra Ghana......


Paulina says: A congratulations to team Horseman Shoes who now boast a stand alone store -located on Stanfas street, Kokomlemle, Accra Ghana (Near ProCredit)..... For more info about Horseman Shoes new store visit:

Food: For the hottest chicken in Ghana head to Yard Bird, Accra...



 Stylish architecture ---21 Spintex Road Accra, Ghana

"Looking for a great place in Spintex for a nice lunch or dinner? Check out Yard Bird, near the Coca-Cola round about." Yard Bird
 ***I am crazy about this stylish map ---it took elegant peeps to commission this -no??

"Yard Bird, 21 Spintex Road - The newest fried chicken joint in town!" Yard Bird
Paulina says: Its opened folkssss..... Ghana's premier uber stylish, top quality --good ole honest fast food joint is now opened!!! Another incredible venture from the stylish team behind Santoku Japanese Restaurant & Bar, -Yard Bird is conveniently located at 21 Spintex Road, Accra Ghana -next to the Coca-Cola Round ---and is proving an absolute hit. Fried chicken has never looked soo good. For more visit:

Talk of a National Airline -Captures Ghana's Imagination...

"AM TALK: Ghana’s dreams of having a National airline again, gets closer as transports ministry signs memorandum of understanding with Price Water Coopers to server as transaction advisers for the project." Joy News

Paulina says: [Read between the lines.]  This is a lovely idea -no???? -But we all know present and past governments have all had lovely ideas before and we are still to see results -no??????
Why don't we wait ----until we start seeing real evidence of the above. For more info visit


Elikem Kumordzi and Pokello Nare do Matching Fashion.....


Paulina says: Of all the things to stumble upon via one of my favourite Facebook pages -'Wally British' [I class the Jamaican comedian as ---the last of the great Coromantins] -a photo of last years BBA's couple du jour, Elikem Kumordzi and fiancée Pokello Nare!!!

Looking very, matchy-matchy; in their caramel and black garb, she topped it off with a Louis Vuitton Trevi Damier bag -and he with what looks like Timberland boots.

Personally, I love this look. They look in love, sexy and uber cute...Good for them I say...

Photo Credit:

Good Afternoon Vietnam.................


Paulina says: It is a truly beautiful day in London..... I feel sooo Blessed as I make what I've been given; little to some, many to many --beautiful.

I thank Papa God for this Blessed day. I thank him that you and I made it -today -Amen!!!! I thank him for my daily bread, and declare that ---today is the day He has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it --Amen.

I ask also for the forgiveness of my sinssssssssssssssss, for the onesssss I know, and the ones I know nothing off [as I know there are many --mercy].

I bind any weapon that has been fashioned against me and mine!!!! I bind curses that have been spoken against me and mine.

I uproot any alter that has been built against me and mine, -be it in Anomabo or Mpraeso or anywhere else in Ghana/world -and no weapon formed against me and mine shall prosper in the mighty Name of Jesus -Amen....

I loose the 'Will of God', I loose success and I loose freedom from fear ---into me and mine's lives today in the mighty Name of Jesus -Amen.

For Matthew 18:18 promises me and mine that whatever *I Bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever I loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven -Amen...

I plead the Blood of Jesus [my Lord, my Christ, my Saviour] -over me and mine in Jesus Name -Amen.

Lord you are *My Refuge* and me and mine have made you our *Dwelling Place* and we know that from your promises in Psalms 91 that no harm will over take us -Amen, thus, I pray the *Hedge of Protection* around me and mine...-- the very same hedge you put around Job Lord... Amen..

Finally, I place me and mine in the *Palm of your Hand* --knowing that nothing can snatch us from there --and humbly ask in the Mighty Name ----[that's s above all names] --JESUS, that this prayer -not come back void --Amen.


I would like to say a big thank you to all La Ghana Rising Blog's regular readers --and wish you a Blessed day. My Jojo's been at his daddy's for a couple of days, I've been looking at how I can monetise certain opportunities --and trying to take it easy, ----as you know, setbacks and not being where you want or feel you should be is-not-for-the-faint-hearted kraaaaaaaaaaaaa...  Also, my email's been broken into again????? Crazy -no???? Anyway, I'm off to buy the only treat left in my life right -now, my weekly purchase of fresh flowers [and yummy candles] ---and some yummy bits to cook with, -as I've become a chef of sorts (well thats what I am in my head right now --laughter).  x


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"I am currently under construction -thank you for your patience."

Paulina says: "I am currently under construction -thank you for your patience."

This is perfectly me. Take it or leave it.

A Must Watch: Voltic Ghana....................


"Quality in a Bottle. Documented, Authenticated and Certified. Bringing together nature's richest resource and man's superior expertise, to produce the highest standards in purity, taste and natural refreshment. Voltic... Filtered by nature, bottled at source." Voltic Ghana

Title: Voltic Ghana appoints Philip Redman as General Manager

Voltic (GH) Limited, producers of Voltic Natural Mineral Water, has appointed Mr. Philip Redman as General Manager in charge of operations. Phil joined SABMiller (Plc), Voltic’s parent company, in 2012 initially in charge of innovation and he was later promoted to Senior Portfolio Strategy Manager.

He worked closely with a number of the SABMiller businesses across Africa to develop portfolio and category strategies that will support the growth of these businesses for the next 5 years.

Prior to SABMiller, Phil was the Strategic Marketing Director at Honeywell (ED&S), a world class manufacturing organisation.

As a strategist, he brings on board a vast experience in the African markets from his work across Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa and Nigeria.

His in-depth knowledge and understanding of business growth strategies as well as his expertise in leadership with manufacturing organisations will also be incredibly valuable to Voltic (GH) Limited.

A statement signed by the Managing Director of Voltic, Mr. Gregory Metcalf noted that “Voltic continues to perform well as the market leader in Natural Mineral Water category. We have recognised that Voltic’s continued growth and increasing sophistication have brought about the need for more direct and focused leadership. In Philip Redman we are delighted to have secured a leader with a great track record. We are confident that under Phil’s guidance Voltic will achieve even greater heights and remain the Natural Mineral Water brand of choice by Ghana’s discerning consumers.”

Philip Redman holds an MBA from the London Business School and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol, UK. He is also a keen cook, an ardent rugby player and has travelled extensively across Africa.


Paulina says; I wonder if Ghana's about to see a big PR/marketing drive from Voltic Ghana as their competitors up-their-game[see past post]????

Whatever the appointment of Philip Redman as General Manager means --as Fela Kuti [I think] said, -water doesn't have enemies.....and we all love good clean water -don't we???

Still.........I wonder if these bottle water companies in Ghana make provisions to collect said plastic bottles back ----

Anywaysss, Ghana Rising will be watching what this appointment means for the *clean* bottle water industry in Ghana...

Will this be the beginning's of a water war? I guess, we'll have to wait and see... For more info visit:


P.s I've had to fight for the contact info as it pertains to Voltic Water Ghana -this morning!!! To be honest, I tend to leave stories where I can't find contact information!!!!

The thing is...........I'm no longer shocked when I can't find contact details for businesses in Ghana ---as most businesses are below par, lacking imagination and are content to sell only to their family and friends (sooo ordinary, soo true). But for a mega [professional] company like Voltic Water Ghana, or is it Voltic Natural Mineral Water, or Voltic Water Limited, or Water Voltic or whatever -to not have it website (its under construction) or its *real/official* Facebook fan page not pop-up first in any search engine --is unacceptable. Thus, I'm guessing that's why Philip Redman has been promoted to General Manager ------well, he has his work cut out!!!!!

Still ----if he reads my aforementioned comments -----he'll know to start with their website and FB page.

Note, I stumbled across two other Voltic Facebook fan pages before I came across their real authentic FB fan page -can you imagine??????????

If I was a customer looking to buy **real*** fresh bottled water in Ghana -I would have given up and gone to their competitor or like Accra's most fashionable are now doing, --shipping in artisan water --you know the ones...................

Anyway, they better be grateful that ***Kwasia-for-Ghana-number-one*** has enlightened the world with their real contact details.... Maybe they can start by sending my daddy [EL, Accra] a batch of their best (laughter)...

Good News: Missing Sudanese model Atuai Deng is found in a NYC Hospital --

Paulina says: God is good!!!!! You know.......I think that sometimes people forget that even beautiful people -models et al deal with everyday things, be it the loss of a dream, heartache, rejection, mental health issues, war, sadness or whatever... And they also have the right to heal from it, or get to a place of self love or whatever...

I feel that regardless of whatever took the ever beautiful Atuai Deng to hospital, she will know today -----that God loves her, the world loves her -even a crazy single mother blogging away in north-west London loves her ---and she will draw strength from it.

I now can't wait to see Atuai Deng back on the catwalk ----I would *pay* good money see that show. God Bless you

Anywaysssssssssss you can read more about the latest Atuai news about via:

Monday, 18 August 2014

SOS Africa: Is beautiful Sudanese model Ataui Deng missing? According to fellow model Damaris Lewis -she has been missing for over ten day......


Paulina says: I'm praying that somehow this sad piece of news is not true.... Whatever the situation --I'm praying for the safe return of uber beautiful NYC based Sudanese model, Ataui Deng-Amen.

Like most fashion lovers -I've had the pleasure of watching the spectacular rise of supermodel Ataui Deng in one of the most competitive [and some might argue -the most racist] industries on the planet --and have been moved and inspired. Thus, I'm hoping that this is all some sort of misunderstanding...

I'm trying to find out if her model agency has released a statement but I can't find any. The only piece of info I've had today, has come from my NYC based Facebook friend who has confirmed that Ataui Deng has not been seen for [at least] a week... Please share this -and lets find our sister Ataui..

If you have any information about Deng’s whereabouts, please call the NYPD’s Missing Person Squad at 212-684-7781, or email:  Thank you.

U.S. Government-Funded Initiative To Boost Ghana's Energy Sector...

Title: Ghana: U.S., Ghana Sign Compact to Transform Power Sector
Dated: 18-8-2014

Press Release
Washington, DC — The Millennium Challenge Corporation signed the largest U.S. Government-funded transaction of President Obama’s Power Africa initiative—designed to double access to power on the African continent—with the Government of Ghana. The Ghana Power Compact invests up to $498.2 million to support the transformation of Ghana’s electricity sector and stimulate private investment. Secretary of State John Kerry and President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana spoke at the compact’s signing ceremony, which was held during the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit at the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C.
The five-year compact is designed to create a self-sustaining energy sector in Ghana by reforming laws and regulations needed to transform the country’s power sector. The Ghana Power Compact is expected to catalyze more than $4 billion in private energy investment and activity from American and global energy firms in the coming years. The compact will support improved management of Ghana’s entire power system, providing a more robust framework for private investment as well as a more competitive process for the procurement of power from independent producers. It will address challenges in distribution, generation and access to energy in Ghana. Ghana will invest $37.4 million of its own funds in the initiative making the compact a total investment of up to $535.6 million.
“MCC’s Ghana Power Compact takes a system-wide approach to transforming Ghana’s energy sector. The compact invests in projects focused on distribution to make the country’s power utility financially viable and capable of attracting private investment while it also funds initiatives supporting greater energy-efficiency and cleaner renewable energy. These investments will provide Ghanaian homes, schools and hospitals with the access to the reliable electricity they need to thrive,” said Dana J. Hyde, MCC’s chief executive officer.
MCC will make an initial investment of up to $308.2 million, including funding to put the Electricity Company of Ghana, the country’s main distribution company, on a sustainable path, help the utility meet current electricity needs and upgrade infrastructure to reduce outages and improve service. A second tranche of up to $190 million in funds will be made available if Ghana accomplishes a set of reform targets set forth in the compact.
“This new Compact with the MCC demonstrates the growing cooperation between Ghana and the USA. It will benefit millions of our people and contribute immensely to the achievement of my 'Energy For All' objective,"‎ said John Dramani Mahama, Ghana’s president.
Thousands of micro-, small- and medium-sized businesses in Ghana, many operated by women, do not have legal access to electricity. The MCC compact will also provide funds to reduce the barriers to legal connections for these enterprises.
Read statements of support for the Ghana Power Compact from American and global energy companies here.
For Power Africa’s first, five-year phase, through 2018, the U.S. Government has committed more than $7 billion in financial support and loan guarantees, in addition to the expertise of 12 U.S. Government agencies. With the compacts it is developing with Liberia and Tanzania, MCC ultimately plans to invest about $1 billion to support Power Africa.
MCC is an innovative and independent U.S. agency that is working to reduce global poverty through economic growth. Created by the U.S. Congress in January 2004, with strong bipartisan support, MCC provides time-limited grants and assistance to countries that demonstrate a commitment to good governance, investments in people and economic freedom.


Paulina says: Some good newsssss... Caution, may the monies go where it should......

Object of Desire: Morning Glory Blue Cropped Jacket in Raw Silk by Bello|Edu

Price: POA [Price upon application]
Details: SS14CJ001BLU, Beaded detail on bodice, Fully lined, 3/4 Sleeves
Available from:


Paulina says: As the weather in London gets moody, -and colder, feast your eyes on the above uber elegant, uber luxe, day-to-night sexy, beaded cropped jacket by new Accra based high-end fashion house, Bello|Edu...

I'm loving this must-have jacket, and can see it as a future classic -as a staple in fashionable wardrobes. Note, I don't know much about the stylish duo behind Bello|Edu --but I'm beyond impressed with their aesthetic, their eye-for-detail, and just how stylishly on-trend and luxurious this line is ---and will be keeping my Ghana Rising eyes on said label. For more info visit:

"Simplicity is not a simple thing." Charles Chaplin

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"Not my circus, not my monkeys." Polish Proverb


Justice, Law & Order: Free Dominic Owusu

Title: Man jailed 5 years for stealing plaintain
Dated: 17-8-2014

A Tarkwa Circuit Court has sentenced Dominic Owusu, a 50-year-old electrician, to five years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing three bunches of plantain.

The convict, who was recently released from prison for committing a similar offence, pleaded guilty.
Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Florence Tawiah told the court,presided by Mr. Justice Samuel Obeng Diawuo, that the complainant,  Mr Franklin Kwesi, is a security officer at a branch of the Ahantaman Rural Bank ,at Tarkwa, while the accused resided at Aboso in the Prestea Huni/valley District.

She said on July 3, Philomina Baidoo, a food stuff trader, returned from a business trip late in the night and left three bunches of plantain in the care of the complainant, who was then on duty at the premises of the bank.

Chief Inspector Tawiah said the complainant placed the plantain under a table on the pavement in front of the bank and took shelter in the security booth.
She said at about 4pm, the complainant did not find the plantain when he went out to the pavement to look for it under the table.
Chief Inspector Tawiah said while the complainant was searching for the plantain, she saw Dominic in front of a shop opposite the bank with a loaded fertilizer sack beside him.

She said the complainant confronted Dominic and demanded to know the content of the sack.
Chief Inspector Tawiah said the accused, sensing danger, confessed that he stole the three bunches of plantain and hid them in the fertilizer sack.

She said the accused led the complainant and some witnesses to the spot where he removed the plantain from their stalks where they found three stalks there.

Chief Inspector Tawiah said the complainant, with the help of the witnesses, arrested the accused and handed him over to the Police.

Source: GNA


Paulina says: Its not everyday I confess this ----especailly as someone who loves my community very much, dot, dot......I'm Blessed to have been born in London,, dot, dot, there ----I've said it!!!

In England, we still believe everybody has a background/story/circumances/influences etc etc, whether foriengers agree or not.. There is still a level of compassion -something I used to believe about us Ghanaians, --but slowly but surely ----it seems years of incompetancy, rubbish governance, rising poverty and unrelenting unemployment has taken the heart out of Ghana -and we are now treating our 'own' --the majority poor ---anyhow!!! Infact if you are part of the majority poor, and do not have access to a member of Ghana's ruling classes -you've had it --as we say in north London...

Reading the above trite has made me sick. In England folk would have looked into this mans circumstances.... Is he well, does he have learning difficulties, --does he have a family? Is he able to look after himself etc etc?

He was in prison previously, -is he a career criminal or just not well???? The little we do know about him is that he is honest --he did confess --no?

Its funny --ok not funny, but very telling that Ghanaian judges let preaching child rapists off but sentance poor people to five years in jail for stealing plantain....ah den???? Thank God for God --these unfeeling judges will get theres in full -Amen. But in the mean time --we need some of the humans in Ghana --just one or two of those in power who still have hearts to look into this bloodc***t of a case and sort it out ---what kind of justice it this?

They need to release this poor man immediately.....with immediate effect.....What kind of bull & s**t and spiritual underground games are going on in Ghana? If this is justice --I don't want to know!!! And if stealing plaintains is considered news worthy in Ghana -with the likes of Ebola looming very dimly [I hope] on the horizon ---then our sweet homeland Ghana is in serous trouble.....

The level of Kwasiasem coming out of Ghana is begining to grate......

Love & Wellbeing: Don't look for good/honest/real Ghanaian man on *Dating Sites*

[Mr] Kwasiasem
General details
I am:
Seeking a:
Zip Code:
In my own words: am a guy looking for penpals from the whole world specifically women or ladys
Words & Source/Credit:

Paulina says: Looking for the Love of your life? Are you after the love of a good/honest/real Ghanaian man? Do not look on *Dating Sites*...... You have been warned...

Note, if you leave the comforts of your warm cosy home in London, NYC, Ottawa or wherever to meet a man called Kwasiasem in Ghana ---out of desperation or loneliness or whatever --especially when the kwasia man in question has made it very clear that he is major *kwasia-sem* -and is only looking for, "penpals from the whole world specifically women or ladys" --not friendship, companionship, love, or your happiness etc etc --please don't complain. And certainly, don't tie all Ghanaian men by the same kwasia brush --they have enough issues without you adding scamming-lonely-heart-ers to the list ---just saying.

Some advice ---note, his *blatant* name (people must google the meaning of names/words when they stumble upon names and words in foreign language -especially if the language is foreign to themselves etc etc) --but the man was tooooooooooo lazy to even give the intended-sss -a paragraph or two about himself........  If you are a grown woman getting duped by young men in Ghana in search of love ---its your own fault -sorry.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Object of Desire: The Blackstar Bamboo Bike

"Blackstar bikes are designed in Holland and made in Ghana using locally sourced bamboo. Priced £700. Men's -and women's design available." Evening Standard 

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Africa Rising: Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance

Harambe entrepreneurs Idris Bello, Okendo Lewis-Gayle (founder and chairman), Rumbi Mushavi, Rakhee Shah, David Ly, Suzana Moreira, Rapelang Rabana, and Sam Imende. Photographed at the Antico Caffè Greco, in Rome.

Title: Continental Lift
Dated: August 2014

Harambee is Swahili for “Let’s pull together.” And the flourishing Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance lives up to its credo. The brainchild of 31-year-old Okendo Lewis-Gayle (second from left)—born in Costa Rica, raised in Italy, educated at Southern New Hampshire University—the organization targets African-born twentysomethings from elite schools who have dreams of starting business ventures and socially responsible projects in their native lands. Discouraged by the frequency with which foreign executives tend to swoop in to run new companies, Harambe persuaded large firms such as McKinsey & Company, GlaxoSmithKline, and Standard Chartered Bank to provide grants, pro bono services, and expertise to its members and their start-ups. The result: a 31-country assembly of 225 bright young entrepreneurs, a handful of whom will participate in events surrounding a presidential summit for young African leaders in Washington, D.C., this month.

After a Vatican forum not long ago, Harambe associates met to network and swap stories at Rome’s oldest bar, the Antico Caffè Greco. Among them: Nigeria’s Idris Bello, who oversees tech incubator Wennovation Hub; Zimbabwe’s Rumbi Mushavi, who works with a poultry-farm initiative that provides jobs and sustenance for H.I.V.-positive women in rural Uganda; Kenya’s Rakhee Shah, whose successful fashion label is carried in boutiques in Hong Kong and Spain; Senegal’s David Ly, who leads an app-development firm; South Africa’s Suzana Moreira, who has set up a mobile-commerce service; Botswana’s Rapelang Rabana, a “mobile learning” pioneer; and Kenya’s Sam Imende, who co-founded Enzi, a made-in-Africa footwear brand. Says Bello, “We’re not a think tank—we’re a do tank.”

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Credit: Vanity Fair Magazine

Dizzee Rascal Plays Kempton Park Racecourse on Saturday 6th September 2014...

"Kempton Park Racecourse is delighted to announce that the British rapper, song writer and record producer Dizzee Rascal will perform live after racing on Saturday 6th September, promising racegoers a truly great evening of entertainment.

Two summers ago the rapper famously performed his hit single “Bonkers” during the London 2012 Olympics Opening ceremony, to an estimated TV audience of nine hundred million people.
It’s hard to believe it has been ten years since Dizzee first burst onto the British music scene with his Mercury prize-winning debut album ‘Boy in Da Corner’. Since then he has established himself as one of the UK’s leading solo artists, with his music offering a unique blend of Grime, Garage, Rap and Hip Hop genres. He has also enjoyed ground breaking crossover success in his collaborations with DJ’s such as Calvin Harris for the UK hit single ‘Dance Wiv Me’, rewriting the UK Garage and Brit Rap rulebook.

Having released his fifth studio album, aptly entitled “The Fifth” last September, which includes collaborations with other leading solo artists including Robbie Williams, Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and, Dizzee Rascal is certain to provide unrivalled entertainment with a dynamic and energetic display as he performs his extensive list of UK hit singles.

Adult - £30 -Winner Package - £40 -Children (5-17) - £20  -Children (0-4) - FREE.."
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Fashion: Adwoa Aboah 4 Aldo......

Paulina says: Ghana Rising fave, beautiful model Adwoa Aboah is starring in mega shoe guru -Aldo's A/W 2014 campaign..... For more info visit:

***Credit: Model: Adwoa Aboah. Photographer: Alasdair McLellan. Stylist: Sarah Richardson
Hair: Akki Makeup: Lucia Pica