Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Spirit: 'Metanfo' by Bisa Kdei


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"No weapon formed against you shall prosper." Isaiah 54:17

"God said that He would prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies. That means the ones that tried to push you down, played politics, left you out or cheated you. God will make sure they see you promoted, elevated, increased and in a position of honour." Joel Osteen Ministries
Paulina says: Loving this inspired tune by my Facebook friend --singer/song writer/producer, Bisa Kdei and can't wait to see him on this side of the pond. I truly feel that we have the next big talent in Bisa Kdei -and must all get behind. Good to know High-Life is not dead... For more info or to download the above tune and more visit:

P.s We must all now join hands and pray the gold-diggers of Ghana and beyond away from bro Bisa as his star light starts to shine bright (laughter). Bisa --stay prayed up OoooOoo.. May all your hearts desires come true and God's blessings ---overtake you.. xx

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Business: Broll Ghana Discuss High Cost of Retail Space in Ghana

Title: Explaining the high cost of retail space in Ghana
Dated: 9-9-2014

Broll Ghana says, one key challenge in the retail sector in Ghana, is expensive rent, which could be attributable to the high cost of building and maintaining modern Retail Facilities to international standards.

Understandably rents being charged for shopping centres are higher than what pertains in street corners but the reason is that marketing expenses and maintenance of these facilities is particularly high. Additionally, high traffic areas also attract a higher premium.

Broll Ghana markets shopping centre space to various businesses and performs due diligence on prospective retail tenants.

Mr. Moses Luri, Head of the Retail Leasing Division said in an interview that the retail sector is also facing some challenges, which include an increase in Value Added Tax, Clearing challenges at the ports authority, and the high cost of shipping goods to Ghana.

Some of the international retailers already in the market include TM Lewin, Swatch, Levis, Puma, Bata, Shoprite and Game.

Other big name retailers expected to venture into Ghana are Mango, Sunglas Hut, Lufian, Edgers, and Hugo Boss. Currently Carefour, WHSmith, Debenhams, Polo, Aldo and Guess are also actively exploring expansion into Ghana.

According to Mr. Luri, Ghana’s Retail Sector has come a long way from the previous dominance of the informal retail sector where shoppers’ only choice was to go down to the local markets for all their shopping needs.  Now, various shops are springing up in neighborhoods where one could purchase convenient items. As the growth continues, larger supermarkets that provide parking, air-conditioned shopping spaces and a wider variety of goods are becoming more prevalent.

“There are several shopping centres planned for different parts of the cities of Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi. Some of the reasons that account for the increase in shopping centre investments are: demand from shoppers looking for convenience and true variety under one roof; the seemingly growing disposable income of the sophisticated middle-income group shoppers; and the push by international retailers to bring their brands closer to emerging markets like Ghana,” he said.

Mr. Luri noted: “the concept of Property/Retail Management is relatively new in Ghana. We have been at the forefront of educating property owners on the importance of outsourcing the management and maintenance of their properties, while the various developers and/ or owners concentrate on what they do best or on their core business – developing choice properties”.

Mr. Luri said because most investors are foreigners, they are exposed to the concept of property management and so they come into the market looking to build relationships with existing providers such as Broll Ghana to help them deliver a complete product.

He stated that understanding a particular geographical area and the social and lifestyle preferences of the inhabitants involves a careful evaluation of specific shopping centre designs and making a determination about how best to strategically locate supermarkets, food courts, banks and fashion retailers in the layout and design.

Other considerations include deciding on which stores should be positioned as anchors that will help attract customers to the facility.  Anchor stores are the most recognized brand retailers and are usually strategically positioned at the ends of the shopping center to attract people; they act as the pillars of the facility.

He said there is the need to profile potential retailers that would be best for the specific shopping centre being marketed. Also, it is important to consider the prospects a particular shopping centre will offer to various retailers and provide assistance to interested retailers to complete the various administrative requirements of the various developers.

Mr. Kofi Ampong, Broll Ghana’s Chief Executive Officer, said “when it comes to Retail management, Broll Ghana aims to ensure proper tenant mix so that most tenants will have some semblance of monopoly. This calls for proper market research studies to give a clear indication of which direction to take when marketing a centre.”

“Broll Ghana also helps to come up with marketing strategies which will cover Situational Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Tenant Analysis, marketing promotion plans, tenant matrix of opposition centres”.

Mr. Ampong added, “Broll Ghana’s philosophy is to maximize the value of a Shopping Centre by ensuring that it offers the best Shopping and entertainment experience thereby attracting the most purchasing power from the target market it serves.”

Mr. Luri said rentals of Retail facilities are primarily determined by the various developers or investors and Broll Ghana provides relevant market intelligence to help their decision making. “Rentals are on the ascendancy. The general trend shows rental activity escalating by an average of 5% on an annual basis”.

Broll Ghana was involved in the leasing of top-rated retail and office space in locations like Movenpick Hotel, the office component of the new Stanbic Heights. Broll was also actively involved in providing varying real estate services to some upcoming developments like West Hills Mall, Achimota Mall, The Junction Mall, Meridian Mall, The Exchange and Accra Waterfront, in and outside Accra.

In addition to Retail Brokerage and Property Management, the Company provides Valuations/Advisory Services, Residential Brokerage and Management, Facilities Management, and Corporate Real-Estate Services.

Broll Ghana’s clientele list includes but is not limited to – Atterbury/Sanlam (Accra Mall Limited, West Hills Mall Ltd), RMB Westport, Social Security and National Insurance Trust, SIC Insurance Company, Hollywood Developers, Primrose Homeowners Association, Hawkrad Construction, Polocourt Homeowners Association, Amerigan Resources, Ghana Heights, Ecobank and Check Point.

The company directly employs more than 70 people and indirectly employs several hundred through the various service providers. Broll Ghana also embarks on several social intervention programmes.

Broll Ghana for the past 4 years has been adjudged the best property/facilities management company and recently was awarded the Property Management Company at the Sixth Annual Ghana Property Awards ceremony held in November, 2013.

The annual award recognizes excellence in the property industry and is targeted at real estate companies, financial institutions, regulatory authorities, professional institutions and the public.

Broll Ghana is part of the CBRE Affiliate Network and its systems and procedures are benchmarked against the ISO9001:2008 standard – an internationally recognized and respected standard by all investors.



Friday, 19 September 2014

Business: African Luxury

Title: Luxury heavyweights eye Africa’s newly affluent
Dated: 19-9-2014

Sub-Saharan Africa was dismissed for decades by the luxury industry, and has attracted the attention of international heavyweights only in the past two years.

Hugo Boss, Estée Lauder and Ermenegildo Zegna are among those who have established retail outlets in Nigeria’s big cities, and others are following suit with the help of local partners.

Meanwhile, South Africa and Kenya, long-established shopping hubs for wealthy western tourists, have seen a boom in retail and mall developments that is prompting investment by the world’s largest brands.

But with natural resources fuelling economic growth elsewhere in Africa, could the luxury industry have found fresh frontiers for growth beyond its traditional strongholds?

A recent study by management consultancy Bain & Co would suggest so. It estimates that the continent’s luxury market is now worth €2bn, thanks to a 35 per cent rise in overall sales in the past four years.
“Our target customers are the emerging middle class, the established middle class and the affluent African consumer who’s probably extremely well travelled and brand savvy,” Sue Fox, managing director for Estée Lauder in sub-Saharan Africa, told journalists earlier this year.

As well as opening a crop of MAC stores in Nigeria, the US beauty giant also plans to enter Botswana and Zambia next year, It also has announced a move to take its fragrance brands into Ivory Coast, and has identified property opportunities in Mozambique, Angola, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

William Lauder, the group’s chairman, told the Financial Times that the rise in power of the global traveller – particularly from sub-Saharan Africa – had triggered the company’s push into new territories.
“In 2008, MAC opened a store in Paris’s Strasbourg St Denis, a neighbourhood with west African beauty supply stores frequented by immigrants and away from more traditional upscale precincts,” he says.

“Wealthy visitors soon spread the word and the brand garnered a cult status back in that region before Estée Lauder had even set foot in the francophone African market. That region is going to grow into a big business for us.”

A globetrotting moneyed elite from new African frontiers is also fuelling luxury flagship sales on the more upmarket streets of recession-mired pockets of Europe. For example, Gucci executives say privately that Angolan custom in Portugal grew 90 per cent last year – to represent just over half of sales there.

“I am hearing more and more about the Angolan appetite for luxury,” says South African retailer Hanneli Rupert, adding that there has been a noticeable rise in African frontier market spenders coming to South Africa to make premium purchases.

Industry experts also remain sceptical of a rapid rollout of retail operations in these countries in the near future.

While many western brands are combating this by holding “trunk shows” or private dinners to entice new clients, business growth will remain relatively modest until a greater on-the-ground presence can be established.

John Obayuwana, the founder and managing director of the Polo Luxury Group, says: “There are, and will continue to be, considerable challenges for western brands looking to enter the market beyond South Africa. Even in Nigeria there are big headaches, let alone elsewhere.” His company acts as local partner and intermediary for several luxury groups.

He adds: “First they have to deal with the government, with all the regulations, duty taxes, bureaucracy and even corruption that goes with establishing a business in these places. Then, you must deal with the absence of any retail infrastructure. It’s going to be really tough going for some time to come.”

Some investors think the solution to providing African consumers with access to luxury products could lie closer to home. In 2010, Actis, a private equity fund focused on emerging markets, acquired Vlisco, a Dutch company that manufactures and distributes patterned wax fashion fabrics.

Manufacturers and consumers buy them to create bespoke dresses in its exotic African prints.
The company has nearly doubled in size since it was bought, with two-thirds of its employees scattered across sub-Saharan Africa.

This unusual platform has proved extremely attractive to those looking to benefit from a large young African population and rising middle class.

Murray Grant, an Actis partner, explains: “There is a considerable consumer population emerging in Africa but it is scattered across 55 countries. What made Vlisco a sizeable business opportunity was the fact it had successful operations in so many of them.”

Ms Rupert says that she is noticing a growing trend for African luxury consumers looking to buy local brands or product.

“Beyond fashion ... there have been huge surges in demand for upmarket food and wines or home interiors with a strong African aesthetic.

“There is unquestionably a demand for Western luxury goods, but as the shopper base grows, so will a crop of homegrown contenders. It’s exciting to watch the market unfold.”


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Elkin Pianim & Kwame Acheampong Launch MoGoogi -Africa's premier online retail store...



"Shop now from international retailers and get your goods delivered to you in Ghana in 10 days. powered by" MoGoogi



Paulina says: As someone who has her Ghana Rising eyes on the hottest, most glamorous Ghanaians/Africans on the planet ---the name Elkin Pianim is like a,,,.....

Regular readers of La Ghana Rising Blog know all about the persona that is Elkin Pianim --if you don't ---google him!!!

The thing thing is....there was a time when black publications in the UK started and ended with Elkin Pianim --and it appears that the ever elusive pioneer ---now has the uber competitive world of fashion ---on his radar -dar-dar --now!!!

Elkin Pianim and another exciting name ---Kwame Acheampong have just launched MoGoogi --an online retail Hub which offers the best of British and international brands including: Austin Reed, AX Paris, DKNY, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Puma, Lipsy, Nike, Timberland, lacoste, Diesel, Adidas, Chinese Laundry and House of Fraser Homeware to fashionistas in Ghana... 

Promising convenience and variety, --you order in the comfort of your home --online in Ghana... pay via a Profpay account at [ensuring "secure payments and fast delivery"]... Your goods are then dispatched in London and delivered within 10 working days to your door in Ghana... whats not to like!!!

Personally, I like MoGoogi... I like its simplicity -and choice of garb and wish its founding duo ---every success.

Note, uber media mogul Rupert Murdoch's former son-in-law, Elkin Pianim and Kwame Acheampong have big plans for MoGoogi --they are eyeing up the Nigerian market --and thereafter, the rest of Africa.... Ghana Rising is watching..

For orders or more info visit:

Kevin Heart Does the Azonto................



Paulina says: Comedian Kevin Heart doing his errmmm own version of the Azonto on the Choice Breakfast show is ---everything. The joy this clip is giving me knows no bounds (laughter)... Would love to see Mr Heart in Ghana --someday soon.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ghana Rising Hearts: Chirlane McCray -The First Lady of New York City...

Did you know Ghana Rising's new favourite female warrior du jour, the uber incredible *First Lady of New York City* Chirlane McCray is of, "Bajan and St. Lucian descent, but traces her grandmother's last name to Ghana?

I'm not surprised are you??? We Ghanaian women are fierce lionesses, -and the likes of: Warrior Queen -Yaa Asantewaa, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Princess Laura Adorkor Koffey aka 'Mother Koffey', warrior princess -Yennenga and Jamaican National Hero -Queen Nanny et al...are all blood and kin.... 

I am very exciting about this *First Lady of New York City*!!! Chirlane McCray is unapologetically herself, unafraid and inspiring all women [not just the African-American woman] --and helping to rewrite black female history...
For more info about Chirlane McCray, The First Lady of New York City visit:

Ghana Rising Hearts Vanessa Williams......

Paulina says: Did you know...... when the ever beautiful singer/actress and First African American Miss America, Vanessa Williams took her ancestry mail order DNA test in 2013 -that she was partly of Ghanaian origin? The following is her complete ancestry result:

"For Williams, her genome revealed this mixture: 23 percent Ghana; 17 percent British Isles; 15 percent Cameroon/Congo; 13 percent Finnish/Ural/Volga; 11 percent southern European; 7 percent Togo; 6 percent Benin; 5 percent Senegal; 4 percent Spain/Portugal."

I'm now thinking................ when the Ebola spirit passes, -the government of Ghana needs to invite America's national treasure, Vanessa Williams to Ghana to visit her most prominent ancestors ...

To read more about Vanessa Williams' journey into her family's past visit:

For more info about Vanessa Williams visit:

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Architectural Digest: Sexy Airport City, Accra Ghana captured by Yaw Pare.....


Airport City, Accra Ghana captured by Yaw Pare...
Airport City, Accra. As of 31st August, 2014 taken by Yaw Pare...
Hilton and ofc blg Airport City, Accra 2014 taken by Yaw Pare...
African Sun, Amber Hotel, Airport City Accra by Yaw Pare...

Opeibea Building taken by Yaw Pare...

New Mosque under construction, Nima ---taken by Yaw Pare...

Marina Mall & KFC in Airport City, Accra Ghana --taken by Yaw Pare

New Apartment Complex, Airport Residential Area shot by Yaw Pare...

Paulina says: Sneak a peek at the above photographic gems by Ghana Rising fave, Yaw Pare!!!

Airport City, Accra Ghana is rising out of the ashes like a phoenix -no? With soooo many fab buildings under construction -including the Hilton [one of three structures I truly can't wait to see completed and opened] ---Accra will be unrecognisable in a couple of years time!!!

I am truly crazy about One Airport Square [second photo] by Mario Cucinella Architects!! I remember blogging about One Airport Square in past posts.. and it still remains probably the most innovative of all the new buildings -no? You can read more about it via:  ---

Also, can you believe the magnitude of the new mosque? I had no idea this building was happening n Accra -did you? Apparently its been built with Turkish money -should be very interesting when completed.

The only niggle --and its a small one, why are we still afraid to build skyscrapers in Ghana?? -I would love to see some mind-blowing tall glass structures in Accra -and I know you feel the same...

To view the rest of Yaw Pare's delectable photos of Accra's changing skyline visit:

"Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe." Sumner Redstone


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ghana Fashion & Design Week [GFDW] 2014 postponed until 2015


#For Immediate Release.Friday, August 15, 2014

Ghana Fashion & Design Week (GFDW) 2014 Event Postponed to the year 2015.
Accra, August 15, 2014Ghana Fashion & Design Week®  (GFDW) regrets to announce that this year event scheduled for 24 – 26 October 2014 has been postponed to the year 2015, following the Ghana Government directive and ban on all international conferences and gathering in the country issued yesterday for the next 3 months to avoid recent health risks in the West Africa Region.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this new turn beyond our control may have caused to all involved in this year’s event.

The anticipated event will return fully in its glory in 2015, bigger and better with new additions to the platform’s activities yet to be released.

We are excited about the progress of this industry in Ghana, and across the whole of Africa. And, are positive that any challenges that the country, and Africa are currently facing will make the continent even stronger and better as it continues to develop and grow through this millennium.

2015 will be a new year, and a very special year for GFDW event. As with every challenge comes growth, so will this phase lead to even better heights for the GFDW event, and all Africans affected in one way or the other during this period.

More information on event plans for GFDW 2015 will be made available on the GFDW website and across all its social media platforms. We are already excited!

We welcome interested participants, partners and sponsors who wish to take part in GFDW 2015 to reach out to us using the below contact email information or through the GFDW website.
The future is bright for Africa, we remain positive, encouraged with great excitement!
We look forward to GFDW 2015 with new surprises and interesting developments. See you at #GFDW2015! Thank you. Source:

Jog on 2015.....................
"To all our Global Fans (:-) Fashion Weeks around the globe takes off with New York Fashion Week this week. We thank you for all your support! We are excited to tell you #GFDW will be back in 2015 with some very exciting plans! Stay tuned, and watch this space whilst we keep your alive with new creative inspirations, event updates and design ideas." GFDW


Paulina says: I've known for sometime that GFDW has been moved to 2015.....but was waiting on a reply from a message I sent them via their Facebook page ---and as you guessed it, ------they didn't reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless, I felt its only right to alert Ghana Rising's elegant readers that due to the reason(s) stated above ---Ghana Fashion & Design Weeks 2014 has been moved to 2015...

For more details about Ghana Fashion & Design Weeks 2015 visit: http://www.ghanafashiondesignweek.